There’s a Method to my

madness — available online and completely fat free!


Makes me So HAPPY!


  1. Their stainless steel polish has changed my life. No kidding.
    Also love their dryer sheets.

  2. I’ve been using the handwash, all-purpose cleaner, and floor cleaner ever since Target began carrying their products. I would never use anything else.
    Bonus, I don’t have to worry about cleaning around my toddler b/c there are no harse chemicals!

  3. I just bought their new sweetwater soy candle. Smells so fresh and clean! Love all their stuff.

  4. Did you know that they now sell the Method candles, spray and outlet plug-ins at Target??? I noticed it last week and I was so happy that Target is expanding their collection of Method products for sale and filled-up my cart! Now you don’t have to pay shipping!! :)

  5. Oh my..I love method!

  6. Oh my goodness…LOVE the MEthod stuff! I get all mine at Target!

  7. i love to clean when I’ve got method to clean with! :) isn’t their stuff to die for?? LOVE IT! :)

  8. target has this stuff and it rocks. love the candles!

  9. I love Method cleaning products – thanks Stacy for being an enabler on the home scent products! That green is my happy color!

  10. erika hayes says:

    hi stacy!!!
    i love this stuff… U me and a trip to Target! i LOVE THAT PLACE!

  11. Emily Lautenbach says:

    I went to Target today and saw all of the method aircare on clearance- 15% off. I’m terrified that I won’t be able to get them anymore! I hope they aren’t being discontinued at Target, or even WORSE discontinued altogether!

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