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so .. I’m going to try [keyword] to post a couple of new blogs every week or so — just for fun. I got to chat with Brenda Birrell today — she hired me to teach moonlight madness classes, after I stopped selling Close To My Heart in January 1997. She let me sit in her backroom and work on Core Composition. She once told me "Your name is going to be very familiar someday." I love Brenda. I love that she believed in me. I love that she has given so many people a place to start. I love her simple style and her fun products. I love that she now has a blog! 

If I post your blog on mine, I’m going to send you my little BIG questionnaire — so everyone can come for a visit and read your answers!

So go say Hi!

Brenda Birrell
Gretchen Schmidt


  1. stacy!!! thanks so much for coming to speak with us canucks at love2scrap tonight!! you’re one classy chick!! thanks for the inspiration you always give!!
    warm regards,

  2. Suzanne Balvanz says:

    I’ll blog about ya!!

  3. OK, stop by and see what I blogged about when you and I ‘met’ a couple years ago in Missoula.

  4. what a great idea! I am always looking for new blogs to read, especially ones that focus on a person and their art. I need to get my own blog list updated, as I have found some great new ones out there recently. And I would just like to say that, although I have had to temporarily at least, go on hiatus from my DD BPS class, I LOVE what you have done over there and I hope to be able to come back in the future. As Donna says “you rock!”

  5. I’m new to blogging and lovin’ it! Here’s mine:

  6. Hi. My name is Beth and I am a blog-addict. I kenw I had a problem with reality tv and now this whole blog thing has just added another twist to it. Here is my blog, but I must admit that I have not been diligent about it’s completion. I am a teacher so it will be much better in a few weeks!
    Love your blog, Stacy, love BPS, love Simple, love your philosophy, and your willingness to share it all with virtual friends!

  7. Okay, so now I’m posting to apologize for the two mistakes in my last post – I should have had my red teacher pen out to edit before I excitedly posted! Mea culpa…

  8. Stacy – it’s me Sheri the one that helped you once with Scrapbook Pictures, not sure if you remember or not, but I just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying your blog! You asked for us to send you our blog links – so here you go!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Here’s mine, Stacy! I, too, love Brenda. I have been in the Pebbles Orem store in 2001. Very cool!

  10. I guess I should link my blog, shouldnt’ I? lol..

  11. Hi Stacy!
    Cool feature!
    I’ve had something I’ve been wanting to mail/email you but I don’t have any way to get in touch with you! Can you let me know your email??? Thanks! :)
    mine is:

  12. Finally got my own copy of your book this week and have been devouring it each night before bed. LOOOOVVVEE it. Now I can see why it’s been so hard to get. I’m already working on page ideas and giving up my chronological funk. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. Hi Stacy. Just saw you on DIY Scrapbooking this morning. You were making a theme album called, “My Life”. Inspiring as always.
    Here’s where you can find my blog.

  14. Hi Stacy
    My blog=
    Greetings from the Netherlands…

  15. I love reading you blog because it always has uplifting happy things in it!

  16. this is so cool
    your blog is so inspiring
    I love how you keep things fun!
    my blog is
    Have an awesome day!

  17. Of course, I’ll blog all about you… already did a short while ago, actually! :) Here’s the blog addy, but I have to say I’m a dummy and dont’ know how to post the actual link… maybe a cut-and-paste… I’ll try and if it works, yay! And, if not, you’ll actually have to type in the addy! LOL

  18. Oh, and P.S. I soooooo remember Brenda’s name from when I got started in “official, archival” scrapping! :) Way back when! Even bought Core Composition and called the 800# on the back an spoke w/you… must’ve been ’98 or ’99. Then met you at CTMH convention in ’99… so, yeah… I remember when there were not blogs (and for that matter, when there were no PCs and laptops and… well, suffice to say, I’m old! LOL)

  19. How fun! I love checking out new blogs! Looking forward to the next ones…

  20. I love your blog Stacy as well as you and everything you do :)

  21. Hey Stacy,
    Love your blog, and check it daily! Thanks for being such a boost of joy and fun. You have helped me embrace the fantastic blessings of everyday life – so much to be thankful for and so much to capture in scrapbooks and projects.
    My blog is for our adoption adventure:
    I am trying to bring a bit of joy and to others who are on this path as well as encourage myself and my family and friends as we’re on this new adventure.
    I think blogging is a different form of scrapbooking – as you like to say, combining a memory and a photo :o)

  22. love those stamps, love your blog! You are so inspirational, and have been for a long time in the way that I scrapbook. Thank you for that!

  23. Great idea, Stacy! Hope to chat with you more sometime soon!

  24. such fun! thanks, Stacy!

  25. love finding new blogs via fave blogs…it’s all about the connection, right? Thanks for being such an inspirational “conduit”!
    my blog:

  26. Stacy…I love your blog! You can click on my name to check out mine!

  27. i would love for you to email me with the little BIG questionaire.

  28. Hi Stacy! I’m up for BOTW too and would love to answer your questions!
    My URL is in my comment registration!

  29. I just recently took the plunge and started my own blog after receiving so much inspiration from you and Donna and Ali and Cathy. Thanks Stacy!

  30. your blog is on my sidebar.. love you to death!!!!! I think SS should have a BLOGGING kind of feature in the mag.. I have some cool ideas.. email me.. let’s talk!

  31. I am ready to answer the BIG QUESTIONNAIRE.. bring it on!
    btw, just met CZ this past weekend.. I blogged all about it!! Love her!

  32. Hi Stacey! Just started my own blog too :) When/if you drop say “hi” that goes for everyone! lol

  33. i’d love to do your questionaire.
    i love the happiness on your blog!!!

  34. I stop by often to read your blog but don’t post comments very often. Need to do that now that I have a blog and LOVE getting comments myself! Thanks for being an inspiration. Love all you Simple gals!! Off to read CZ’s new book…

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