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We’ve made some changes at Big Picture Scrapbooking – nothing earth shattering yet, but several improvements that will help you find what you need easier and help us serve you better.

BIG changes are coming, and I just have to say how much I love these girls — this partnerhsip. Paula and Kayce are amazing complements to my crazy ideas. They work so hard to make each step along the way a reality and I want them to know how much I appreciate all that they do!!

First three people to correctly identify four of the five changes at Big Picture Scrapbooking, will get HAPPY MAIL from me!

p.s. We couldn’t make any improvement or changes without you and your feedback. Thanks for your support!!


  1. Ok, let’s see what I can see…
    the Take Classes page has a new layout;
    the class supply lists are available before the class starts (through a link from the class descriptions);
    Beth Proudfoot has another class!!!!!!!;
    Get Free Stuff includes “Give Us A Try”, a free class based on your book, Ms. Stacy!
    I hope I actually ‘got’ the changes….
    Just returned from CKU-A and was Cathy Z’s TA. The woman rocks. And every student in that album track double-rocks. (rocks squared?). The music rocked. And the entire CKU staff rocked, rocked, rocked.
    But I am seriously sleep-deprived. Must lie down now….
    Sarah S.

  2. Let’s see…I’m kind of a newbie – I just registered for my first classes this week, but it seems like 1) feedback comments from those who have taken classes 2)an expanded schedule for Donna’s class, 3) another link to your Altoids tin class from Free Stuff, 4) an expanded ability to see what’s required for each class before you sign up and 5) ability to promote product or service in the newsletter (but that might have been there before). Thanks for all you do!

  3. Cat Geiger says:

    I’m gonna give it a try!!
    Fun & Happy Circular Pics of the teachers!!
    Circular Icons on the “free stuff page”
    New Class by Beth Proudfoot-Color Me Happy!
    Class supply lists you can download before your class begins!
    Thanks to Making Memories and scrapworks on the “get free stuff page”.
    Maybe a new FAQ page?
    More info on Donna’s class too…
    hope I got some of them right…looks great-can’t wait for your Family Fun Library Class!! :)

  4. Stacey Meredith says:

    Totally guessing here…
    1. access a supply list for each class from a link in the class description
    2. Added new info on the “take classes” link??
    3. if I miss a download I can send an email to the administrator & request the materials
    4. monthly class calendars ;)
    5. it’s growing and expanding just like you said it would!
    Although I probably didn’t get the answers right, I’m more and more excited and impressed by the site. As a web designer who often has to roll out sites in phases, I know that things take to to completely flesh out. I’m proud of you and your BPS team. You have done a great job keeping us informed and building a truly unique site.
    Thank you!
    Stacey M.

  5. 1future class listing was listed diffrently,
    2menu titles changed
    3free class moved to free stuff area so it’s easy to find
    4share your thoughts seems to be set up diffrently.
    5early supply lists

  6. 1) There is a “get free stuff” section, and the free class has moved here. And it is also listed under “take classes” section if we forget.
    2)Updated class section with a monthly calendar. And it’s expanded so that we can see where we should be going and where we have been!
    3)Class supply lists are available.
    4)We can read other people’s thoughts and comments (scary…LOL).
    5)Updated FAQs section
    6)Updated Donna Downey section
    7)More fabulous ideas and inspiration from the Big P team!

  7. This was a tough one. But since I usually visit the website often, I think I have four of the five changes:
    1. Circular Layout
    2. Testimonials
    3. Class Calendars have been changed
    4. Donna’s class description has added a monthly schedule
    5. The Welcome Page (This is a guess, but it I just read it again and it looks awesome! And maybe has had a change?????)
    I love the website and just took your Colorful You class. I also cannot wait for the Family Fun Album class. Sorry to be gushing, but I met you in Iowa City, and had a fabulous time. I have been so far ahead ever since my “Stacy” experience.

  8. I totally posted earlier but after searching really hard i found more.
    6 There is no more 6am-7am chat with DD
    7 DD dates are under class info
    8 Share your thoughts is set up differently
    9 Circle Pictures. *which is so cute*
    10 description on how the classes work, is nice and clear.

  9. I am so excited! I know a lot of people have posted the changes they see so I probably don’t have a chance at “happy mail”, but I am so pumped that Beth is doing her class again. This website is making me go broke!!! I am patiently waiting for the Family Fun Class! Yippee.
    Changes – just in case I get a chance at happy mail.
    *Supply Lists (thank you thank you thank you!!)
    *The Welcome Page is revised
    *The Class Page is redesigned(looks so good)
    *Get Free Stuff Page (love that)
    *Share Your Thoughts (actual words from Big Picture people)

  10. I can’t wait to sign up for Beth Proudfoot’s new class which was just added. I’m happy we can now see the supply list before we sign up for the classes. I love the color coded monthly calender! The new circular pictures of the “girls” and on the free stuff section rocks. Stacy your missing from the class schedule, when will you be teaching another class? Soon I hope!

  11. Site looks even more awesome! Here’s what I noticed:
    1. Added a “Get Free Stuff” tab with extra goodies!
    2. The Take Classes tab is in a different format with circles instead of square format.
    3. The Share Your Thoughts includes comments people have sent.
    4. Access to Supply Lists
    ps-had my lemon poppyseed cookie yesterday (shared it with a friend so only 240 calories for me! and it was de-LISH!)

  12. One of these days I will see a cool post like this in time…and you wouldn’t believe how many times I check your blog in one day! :)
    Congrats to the winners! How cool! And love the changes!
    While I love Beth’s new class idea, still hoping to see the “Power of 10″ come around again!
    Outside of God, my family & friends…think these classes are the best thing in my life! LOL! Just too exciting and fun!

  13. 1. under Free Downloads you now have Take a Tour and Give us a Try.
    2. The class descriptions all have a supply list
    3. The 1 lesson classes now have a posting gallery and are available to download for 2 weeks rather than 1 week
    4. There is a new free class from you.
    You are doing a wonderful job with big picture scrapbooking. I have taken 4 classes including Donna’s year long class and I just keep finding more classes I want to take all the time. Thanks!

  14. The welcome letter has been reformatted or rewritten; the navigation menu has changed; the “Take a class” page has beeen redesigned and so has the “My account”

  15. hey there,
    I’m probably too late, but here’s what I found:
    1. Circles for instructor’s heads
    2. Circles for free downloads page
    3. New “Welcome” message.

  16. oh, & a new highlighted project (accordian album) of your boys in the welcome page.

  17. 1. future class listing was listed diffrently,
    2. menu titles changed
    3. free class moved to free stuff area so it’s easy to find
    4. share your thoughts seems to be set up diffrently.
    5. early supply lists
    please tell me tara whitney will be teaching a class????

  18. Lisa in PA says:

    Hmm, Ill give it a shot
    1- get free stuff has link to the free class
    2-share your thoughts has feedback posted and link to leave more
    3-the my account screen now has listing of upcoming classes that came be registered for.
    There are links to classrooms and supply lists.Also a link to post pics to photo gallery for your registerd classes.
    4-link to purchase the book at SS website
    5- the take classes screen has new format and links to class info and supply lists. Looks like registration dates are opening earlier ! yeah.

  19. Ok, I’m game, let’s see…
    1.The Free Stuff page has been overhauled
    2.The Class opening page has been revamped as well
    3. The Monthly calendar is new
    4.The Share your thoughts page now has quotes by students, instead of having to search the old message board style set up.
    I have no idea if these are truly new or if I am just noticing them now, but I figured I’d give it a go!

  20. 1. removed the listing of everyone’s comments that have been submitted and now only show a few.
    2. cute circles of teachers faces on classes page
    3. included more links to “free class”
    4. You can get class supply lists before the class starts (LOVE this one!)
    5. get free stuff link on home page

  21. Mom2Nick says:

    I have noticed a few things —-
    - The classes are vertically aligned
    - The instructor photos are now circles instead of squares
    - The get in the picture section has different questions
    - The share your thoughts page lists what people are saying

  22. I didn’t read everyone elses…so I’m sure someone else has these!!
    1. Get Free Stuff/Give us a Try
    2. Share Your Thoughts — You can see the comments
    3. Take Classes — You can click the link right by the faces!
    4. Get in the Picture — added new questions (updates) and internet connection (I think!!)
    5. The picture at the top is new for “share your thoughts and get free stuff!”

  23. 1. The questions on the get in the picture are a little more specific.
    2. Give us a Try on the Get Free Stuff section.
    3. The circular mat around the pictures on the classes section.
    4.You can now see comments on the share your thoughts section.
    5. some of the pictures are different in the heading section.

  24. Let’s see…
    * changed the color of the lower right quadrant to this nice shade of blue
    * can see supply list when you click on a class (except for DD’s class, of course) even before the registration date. Before, only people who registered for the class can see it. LOVE THIS!
    * can now register for a class directly from the TAKE CLASSES button. LOVE THIS also since sometimes I cannot remember what the class is about from the registration page. In the future, could you link to the Class description when you’re in the registration page, too?
    * go directly to Stacy’s blog when you click on READ MINE. Before, you had to click on Stacy’s name.

  25. Leslie Pugh says:

    I just wanted to post and tell you that I love all the fun new changes at Big Picture Scrapbooking. I’m looking forward to talking one of the classes and trying out this whole new way of learning! I also recently finished reading the book from cover to cover and felt so inspired and excited to change things up a little and look at my system in a whole new way. Thanks for all the ideas.

  26. Kay Gregory-Clark says:

    Well, I emailed my comments to the wrong place last night. Darn!
    Changes I’ve noticed so far:
    1. “Share your thoughts” page has definitely better presentation of comments
    2. AND answers immediately following. Great!
    3. New Color Me Happy class and supply list posted ahead of time. Yes! A suggestion I was going to make myself.
    4. “Get free stuff” new page with easy links
    5. Under “Read my thoughts,” direct link to your blog (not sure if this is really new; can’t remember).
    A great site just keeps getting better! By the way, I’ve downloaded and printed everything so far and placed it into a special binder (even designed a spine label and cover page after copying the graphics from the site). It’s so colorful and I love having it and the Big Picture Book sitting right next to my “nest” chair, where I have my morning coffee and take my breaks. It is SO INSPIRING!
    I had fun shopping yesterday, looking for a couple things for my tags collection. Found a silver “I love scrapbooking” charm and small silver letter “K” at Hobby Lobby–and even better, got them for half-price! (they were in the jewelry section, where I was looking for the jump rings)

  27. Alison P says:

    Probably too late, but I’ll give it a try. 1. – The home page is different (the text), 2.) there is a free stuff page, 3.) the photo on the nav bar changes on the free stuff page and share your thoughts page 4.) the newsletter page/text is different, 5.) the share your thoughts page has letters/compliments on it (btw, I totally second the comment about Beth’s class…so excited to see she has another one!).

  28. Ok, So I am REALLY late, but I’m giving it a shot anyway. LOL
    1. We can read the feedback that people leave and get a reply from BPS.
    2. We can download a class supply list before signing up for a class.
    3. Beth Proudfoot has a new class (which I signed up for) :-)
    4. Monthly class calendars are posted.
    Well, that’s all I can think of. LOL

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