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Last night, I’m reading to Taft and Trey and we got to talking about Easter. So, I say ask, what’s the real reason we celebrate Easter? Taft says "The Easter Bunny" to which Trey responds, "No, Taft it’s Jesus’ resignation."

Personally, so glad Jesus didn’t resign — and that He in fact followed through in a very personal and powerful way.

I love this Holiday. The preparations, the anticipation and the chance to sing some really great hymns. Did I mention the food. Easter is becoming almost as delicious for me as Thanksgiving. My dear friend MaryRuth emailed me a recipe for baked asparagus today. I was right in the middle of work, when this image [click
] suddenly filled my mind with anticipation. Ham with pineapple glaze, orange rolls,
hashbrown potato casserole [I need to give you that recipe too,] baby
sweet pickles, olives, deviled eggs and some kind of yummy dessert. I keep
think I’m going to create a traditional Easter dessert, but I haven’t
done it yet — let me know what you do.

Then later today I was visiting a friend, and she had this cool magazine out on her table and I recognized the cover image — this delicious looking cake with strawberries from the  webpage that MR sent. My friend then tells me it’s FREE — well, needless to say, when I get home, I go back to this site and sign right up!

Taft keeps opening the fridge and asking to see "the eggs" I took these really silly pics — but I’ll have to post tomorrow, cause I’m feeling way tired all of a sudden. Actually, I can’t do that — I’m flying to Portland for an all day meeting [very excited btw.] Man, I really need to go to bed, plane leaves at 6:00 and I’m not packed. Please tell me I’m not the only one that does stuff like post to her blog when she should be packing —

Here’s to deviled eggs in two days!


  1. mmmm food!
    ok, i think you need to make PAVLOVA (an aussie sensation!) your easter dessert tradition. easy to make and looks oh so artistic and professional – impress one and all (plus you sound really exotic making australian food)
    beat 4 egg whites until stiff
    add 3/4 cup white granulated sugar (gradually)
    mix in 1 tbs cornflour & 1 tbs white vinegar
    spoon it onto a tray covered in parchment paper (so splodge it on and then spread around to make a big blobby kind of circle – like a pizza base)
    bake in oven for 45 mins at 250F
    cover the top with whipped cream and decorate with fruit such as sliced strawberries, kiwi fruit, passionfruit etc.
    so YUMMY!!!

  2. I so totally do the same thing…last week my plane to Boston was also leaving at 6:00 a.m. and I was checking e-mail just one more time before going to bed (and like yourself I wasn’t done packing)…hope you get to finish up and have a great trip! I got to say I just noticed you added Wayne Dyer’s book to your sidebar….I love his books! He just wrote a new one called “Inspiration” and it is another amazing book! If you like POI, you’ll love “Inspiration”

  3. Karen Greenfield says:

    I think the worst not-packed-ahead story I ever heard was about one of my husband’s colleagues. He’s an English prof at a private university here in Tacoma. She was due to fly home to New Zealand and when her ride came to pick her for at 4 am for a 6 am flight, she was repainting her living room….she felt it would be nicer for the people renting her house for a year if the paint was fresh. She wasn’t packed either…..had lost her ticket and her passport had expired….amazingly she got to where she was headed!

  4. How could you miss with angel food cake???
    Make some yummy fruit sauces, some whipped cream, and let everyone mix & match to suit their taste.
    Personally, I think it is always a good idea to include angels in a celebration…
    I hope your Easter is moving and magical.

  5. We normally have some type of strawberry shortcake… simple and yummy!
    I *love* the Krafts magazine… talk about good and simple cooking! A personal favorite of mine and I am not one to say no to free, lol!
    Happy Easter Stacy!

  6. okay I’m on the computer and I should be showering to take my kids to gymnastics but i can’t not check my blogs! Hee Hee. I’m sure I’ll be blogging right up to the point I leave next week too.

  7. Should be on the road (or at least getting there) with 2 kids to see a friend and I’m in pj’s checking your blog :)

  8. Stacy – The Kraft magazine rocks. They always have cool ideas for each season and holidays. As a busy mom, I love it and you will too!
    By the way, three weeks until the mini marathon in Indianapolis. Thanks again for the challenge. I think I’m almost ready to go. 15K race this Saturday and then we’ll do a 12-mile run two weeks before the half marathon.

  9. We have coconut cake for Easter dessert. And, this year we are also having chocolate-dipped Strawberries.

  10. Oh yes..the Kraft mag in the mail is one of the “good things” to me! Me and my 5 year old page through it together deciding what looks good and what to try! So fun! Glad you discovered it!

  11. I love asparagus! Thanks for that recipe! I’m thinking I need the orange roll one too! ;) Love that Kraft Magazine!

  12. Madeline says:

    Thanks for the recipe, it sounds yummy…Traditional Easter desert is homemade NY style cheescake with fresh strawberries..along with all the other Italian goodies…
    Happy Easter to you and your family

  13. Ann Skaehill says:

    Love your outlook. Love your humor. Love your willingness to post about the things that move you and mean so much to you. Happy Easter, amazing lady.

  14. Oh, ya. I forgot to tell you they have a magazine. I discovered it when we lived in Spokane. LOVE the magazine. Love love love it!
    Hope you have an awesome Easter.
    p.s. seriously Trey keeps getting cuter and cuter… I keep thinking that he’s going to grow out of his cute little Trey-isms and yet they still keep coming. Thank goodness!

  15. I am making a lemon curd cake from Epicurious.com. Love that website. The sl. yellow color of the cake and freshness of the lemon remind me of spring. Happy easter.

  16. Happy Easter to you, Stacy! Love it–”Jesus’s resignation!” Although I guess he’s kind of right, he did say, “It is done.”

  17. The Kraft magazine is one of the best kept secrets, but no longer! I have kept each issue for the years I have received it. Well worth it.

  18. I love that KraftFoods magazine. It has great ideas in it and usually arrives just when I am in need of some great ideas for dinners! Hope your trip went well!

  19. Have to post and ask what is the status of the Family Fun Library class at BPS? I’m anxiously awaiting it, and will be traveling over the next 3 weeks. Just want to be sure I’m near a computer when it does become available. Can you give any kind of update? Timeline?
    I’ve been a chronological scrapper and am waiting for this class to take the “leap” away from that.
    Thanks so much!

  20. Have to post and ask what is the status of the Family Fun Library class at BPS? I’m anxiously awaiting it, and will be traveling over the next 3 weeks. Just want to be sure I’m near a computer when it does become available. Can you give any kind of update? Timeline?
    I’ve been a chronological scrapper and am waiting for this class to take the “leap” away from that.
    Thanks so much!

  21. love the kraft magazine! my daughter (17) is learning to cook from it too!
    thanks so much for the asparagus recipe too – i’m trying out new foods and this is one i’ve been avoiding!
    don’t feel guilty, you’re not the only working mom to put off packing (laundry, dishes, etc) for a little down time! enjoy!

  22. I love the Kraft magazine! Especially the “Dinner at Hand” recipes…love the idea of just grabbing one thing from each column in the recipe and coming up with a respectable dish!

  23. on that traditional easter dessert… Something I make is a twist on my aunt’s death by chocolate. Since I don’t care for *gasp yes it’s true* Chocolate… I came up w/what I call a Blonde Bombshell… and it’s delish and everyone loves it.
    you need 2 tubs of cool whip, 2 pkgs of instant butterscotch pudding (prepared normally), caramel icecream topping, (hersheys is the best) crushed toffee pieces (available in the choc. chip aisle), and a yellow cake.
    You bake the cake like normal, then crumble about 1/4 of it into the bottom of a glass truffle dish. Then spoon over the butterscotch pudding, and smooth it around all over the cake. Then spoon a generous portion of whipped cream over the pudding. Then drizzle caramel over the cool whip. And sprinkle w/toffee pieces.
    Repeat layers till truffle dish is full, last layer should be cool whip, caramel and toffee pieces, then let set overnight for flavours to meld together.
    Delish I promise and everyone LOVES how pretty it is… you can’t go wrong!

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