Exercise …

Here are some words to think about for Wednesday …

What answer
to the meaning
of existence
should one
require be-
yond the right
one’s gifts?

                WH Auden

Do something today that you are really, really good at. Do it because you can.

Speaking of exercise — check out the photo-album I set up for pictures of you accomplishing your "Push Yourself" challenge. I’ve already heard from Amy and Katie – Go Girls!!!!!

I’m still running — how about you?


  1. Still running & lovin it, but have a ways to go. I’ll do it!

  2. not running….but running to Target right now…and I am REALLY really good at that! :-)

  3. I’m running 12 miles tonight in preparation for the Mini Marathon in Indianapolis on May 6. Boy, am I ever pushing myself!

  4. Lisa McParland says:

    Stacy, I just got my BPS book in the mail today, and I had to tell you how excited I am just after reading the first few pages. You inspired me to get “the big picture” in just 3 pages. WOW! Anyway, after reading the introduction, I started flipping through pages and of course stopped at your marathon album. It made me cry to read your journaling. There is something about that seemingly impossible 26.2 mile race that truly evokes every emotion you have. I, like you, felt that strange need to run a marathon. I think because I was never truly great at any sport, but I could run, and nobody else in my family could. Running just became “my thing”, and it is such a part of who I am. There is nothing like the experience of that first marathon…crossing the finish line is just the icing on the cake. And the cool medal…what else could I ever do that I would “win” a medal! Thanks for your honesty you share through your books and your journaling and thanks even more for your inspiration.

  5. Still running and totally in the groove!! I must thank you again (for the zillionth time) for giving me the push I needed to do this. I feel so much better and my pants are even fitting better!! yay me! :) I’ll send you a pic of me crossing the finish line when I run my race on Memorial Day!

  6. ok, not so much running as hoping from project to project – does that count?
    The thing I did today that I am very good at is writing a business proposal and job quote. It’s not that flashy, but it is something I know I do well, and I feel proud when I look at my finished reports.

  7. Stacy you are going to be at the Expo next week in Sandy? COOL!!! I am going to be there with a bunch of my Utah girls. My New England cohorts are unable to join me. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for you and say, “HI”

  8. Ceci O Hurtado says:

    Slow in the training!!! but keep working while weather allows me here in Frankfurt.
    where or how we can see your photo -album??
    I just finished one for my husband after he finished her 4th marathon in 3:40hrs!!! I joined him in his last training session (5km)and I loved it!

  9. Still running. Trying for over 20 miles/week. My race is June 3rd! 5 miles…will send you a pic when I finish!!
    Thanks for the push!!

  10. Thena Smith says:

    I’m back to “walking fast” several miles each week…does that count?

  11. I am walking and playing tennis again!!! YAY..this is such a huge step for me…I haven’t done tennis in 13 years and walking I haven’t done consistently since 2001. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  12. I’m on the treadmill daily at this point. realized that I am supposed to be at a weekend crop the same date I set for my 5K in June so I might move it a weekend and see about getting my dh or ds to join me! :D otherwise, won’t a nice brisk walk get me energized to scrap?? ; -)

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