Go Simple!

My new issue of Simple a couple of days ago.

I love getting a NEW issue in the mail.
I love that this issue features Beth Proudfoot in her article writing debut [pg. 121!]
I love that this issue spotlights simple scrapbooker Rebecca Cooper [pg. 114.]

I love that our editor in chief, Lin Sorenson wrote an article about scrapbooking without photos — a good reminder that our memories don’t need photos to be celebrated [pg.69.]

I love, love, love our visual calendar [pg. 117] I hope you are using it to plan fun times and inspire new memories.

I love that today, Amy Stultz sent me pictures of her best friend’s little boy showing his friends his picture in the magazine [see pg. 90.]


How cute is this?

I love working with the SS team. You all work so hard and I so appreciate all you do!
You put together a great magazine!!!


  1. What darling shot of Amy’s boy! Just too cute! I can’t wait to get this issue too…looks totally AWESOME as always! :)))

  2. I received mine the other day and I was thinking that I loved all those things about the issue too. When I discovered Simple Scrapbook several years ago, it opened my eyes and changed how I felt about scrapbooking. I love this hobby and all the people that contribute to the magazine. I love all the people I’ve met because of this hobby. I love Big Picture Scrapbooking too! Thanks, Stacy.
    Sometimes I feel like a stalker because I know so much about the regular contributors to SS. I know the names of your kids, spouse, and pets. I know your thoughts and feelings and likes and dislikes. I appreciate that you all are willing to share your pages with us so we can grow and learn. You are my friends and I’ve never even met any of you!

  3. OOoooo I can’t wait to get mine! time to go “stalk” the mailbox!

  4. I received mine a few days ago and love it. I loved Stacy’s review of the magazine, but she did not mention her awesome Father’s Day album. It is so very cool. I really want to make this album and it said that SS was going to put more of the pages online, but it is still the March/April Issue…so I will just have to wait. Thanks for the review of the magazine’s contents.I love it and will always love it!

  5. ohh…sounds like a great issue! Love the cover. and so excited for to see Rebecca!
    and how cute to see those boys poring over the magazine :)

  6. Agreed, it’s a wonderful issue (as always!). My only complaint is that there’s not a new one *every* month :)

  7. I just got mine Saturday, and have already poured over it several times. LOVED it!!

  8. Jean Vogler says:

    Stacy?!?!?!?!? OMGosh!!!!! Here I go looking up your name in Google, just for fun, and Holy Herd of Cows! You’re famous! What hole have I been living in for the past 10 years??
    It’s me, Jean Herker (now Vogler), your little Laurel from Chicago. I’m now in San Antonio, married with kids. You can check out my blog– thevoglers.blogspot.com
    So how the heck are you? And WHERE the heck are you? Are you still in Utah? Email me, woman!!
    Jean :)

  9. oh,
    how ADORABLE are those pictures?
    such joy and tenderness!!
    i cannot WAIT to get my copy!

  10. The little boy showing his friends – ok, that was just too dang cute! I grinned from ear to ear after reading that. Thanks for the “too happy” pick-me-up. Your attitude is infectious – there should be more of you people out in this world…at least a couple more in my neck of the woods. Keep smiling! :)

  11. love the photo of the boy showing off his picture in the magazine ;) Thought I’d pass along that I added your blog to the our growing scrapbooking blogroll at simplyscrappin.com/blogroll.asp. Love your blog!

  12. Michelle says:

    The pictures of those boys huddled over the magazine is adorable. So cute.

  13. Such an awesome issue…loving it ALL!! Those photos of Amy’s little boy are priceless!

  14. Am LOVING my issue and laughed through the tears at your forgetting poor Trey’s baseball practices, yikes, woman!! Don’t you just hate that nagging feeling you are forgetting something??

  15. Love the new mag, and I’ve only had time to look at the cover :-) Beautiful!

  16. Madeline says:

    Got mine yesterday, on my third read thru. I just love, love this magazine. The pictures of the little boys is so cute. TFS

  17. what cute pics! :) I love it when my kids get so excited about seeing themselves :) Such a great reward!

  18. …And I love that my layout is in this one! (Write from the Heart – “The Longest Summer”). So fun!

  19. Love your magazine and I agree with Angi that the only thing wrong with it is that it doesn’t come every month.
    Those little boys and the copy of the mag are so dang cute.

  20. Mom2Nick says:

    I love EVERY issue of your magazine. Are there any future plans in having the magazine go to 12 issues a year?
    Congratulations to Beth on her debut article – she is always so inspiring.
    Keep up the good work!

  21. priceless.
    i so appreciate SS and i have from the beginning. : ) i love it and i know it will continue to grow.

  22. I was away in Banff Alberta this past weekend, (to the mountains on vacation) and so excited to see “Simple Scrapbooks” magazine… that I bought it and when I came home, is was the VERY SAME issue I had bought earlier in the month. That would make me wither a die-hard scrapbook fanatic or completely crazy! Oh boy!

  23. Rachel G. says:

    The pictures of the proud little guy showing his friends his new found stardom, makes me smile & want to cry at the same time! Those pics are so darn cute, I want to scrap them! That would be too darn weird though!
    I do so LOVE this hobby we share:)

  24. My kids have been sick all week, been fighting it off myself. Nothing but yuck in my house, and then, I open my mailbox and what do I find? Yeah! My new “Simple” I can’t tell you how that perked up my day. I’ve had a scrapbook page sitting on my dining room table begging to be finished but I must heal the sick first. If I can just get them to sleep I will dive into my most favorite mag with a nice cup of tea–to help fight this bug. Thank you, Stacy.

  25. I am expecting mine this week and cannot wait!

  26. OK mine arrived today and I am super excited because I have a LETTER in it!

  27. these photos make my whole face smile…that’s what this scrapbooking is all about to me! What a gift to the little guy! Keep the good stuff coming…you inspire us!

  28. Those are the sweetest pictures- that’s what it’s all about! :)

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