How Cute is My Mom …

When I visited her in early April, she showed me an ad from "O" magazine featuring a black and white skirt from Sag Harbor. She had me look it up online and see if I could find where to buy it.
No luck — she tucked the ad in her purse and said "I’ll find it."


We all went shopping in AZ over the weekend and well, guess what? She found her skirt. In Kohl’s btw. We snapped her holding up the picture and the prize! Now there’s some shopping savvy for you — getting exactly what you want, in spite of a wait.

Love her!


  1. She sure IS cute…and love her skirt!! It was so fun meeting you when you were in town at the convention…can’t wait to make me one of those cute little trial size sharpie holders you were sporting!!

  2. She’s adorable. I see where you get it. I love the skirt and that she’s such a savvy shopper. A woman after my own heart.

  3. Your mom is way too cute. You have the same smile.
    And that skirt is beautiful. Kudos to mom for being patient enough to get just what she wanted. I absolutely do not have that kind of self-control.

  4. Too cute! She needs to sign up with the Fashion show that dresses people from magazine ads…I can’t think of the name of it..With Finola Hughes…Love the skirt! Az has some awesome boutiques too~ :)

  5. Mary Ann says:

    That is the sweetest picture!! She looks so proud of her find.

  6. Your mom is cute as can be and she didn’t settle for something else. How awesome and is does she always hold steadfast to her goals? GREAT INSPIRATION! :)

  7. A shopper after my own heart…my kinda gal!!!

  8. Wow you gotta love that!! She is super cute!!!

  9. how cool! great skirts come to those who wait!

  10. that IS a gorgeous skirt!

  11. Oooh… I almost bought that skirt at Kohl’s last week! Glad she found what she wanted!

  12. I must get to Kohl’s as I LOVE that skirt. Your mom has fabulous taste. And she’s quite stylish too!!

  13. deb munn says:

    Go mom!! Very cool!!

  14. Suzanne Balvanz says:

    your mom is beautiful. It’s easy to see where you get your joie de vivre from.
    Speaking of moms, MY MOM is coming to visit me. I have not seen her in 6.5 YEARS. She has not even met my two youngest children. Should be an sdventure. I know I’ll have LOTS of pictures to post. Guess what I have as her welcome gift: A SCRAPBOOK of her grandkids!

  15. Go Mom!! What a shopper and so gorgeous!!!
    So glad to be back visiting your blog (been on long long holiday!!)

  16. Kelly K says:

    Totally cute. And if she REALLY loves it, Target has som cute bedding that would match it – it’s black on white though ;)

  17. Darlalou says:

    So funny! I just got my Better Homes and Gardens mag today and there was THAT ad for THAT skirt and my little lightbulb in my head went … “THAT IS HER MOM’S SKIRT!! THAT IS THE ONE!” hee hee! So funny!

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