I don’t do it …

I get asked a lot how "I do it all" — just for the record, I don’t. I don’t do it all — I think the secret is realizing that just because you don’t [or can't] do it all, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. I’ve decided that since I never get everything or even most things on my list checked off, I might as well add more. This might seem conterintuitive, but it works for me.
Last night, I knew I wasn’t ready to start this crazy week. I probably should have stayed up and done some calendaring or organizing. I should have finished my two layouts, due today.  Instead, I went to bed and set my alarm for 5:00 — when it went off, I turned it off and slept until 6:28 — at which point the guilt of "sleeping in" pushed me out of bed. I read my scriptures, which always helps my perspective and went for a jog, which always improves my outlook. When I got back, I ate cold cereal with my boys, raced them to get dressed, started laundry, cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed up Easter grass in four different colors. As I did, I thought of yesterday, how it was supposed to rain and it didn’t. How after church we drove up to our new house and took pictures and then spent the evening with good friends enjoying an Easter feast.

The thing is, life is good. It’s busy — but it’s really, really good. I spend my days running around frantic. But I’ve learned [in large part because of my scrapbooking] to stop every now and again to notice some small evidence of an abundant life.

I’m in my office now and I’m going to do what I can to catch up. What do you say?
Here’s to Monday and to a new week full of opportunity.

Let’s GO!

p.s. A couple of weeks ago I asked you all to notice some of the changes we are making at BPS. Well — Both Ann F and Andrea got four of the five correct — happy mail coming their way!

Just in case you’re dying to know, the changes I was looking for were:
1. New welcome message
2. Name of two menu items changed
3. New format for "Share Your Thoughts"
4. Improved listing of classes and …
5. Supply lists available with class description

Kayce is hard at work, so watch for even more changes coming soon!


  1. Your boys are so handsome! I’m having a check-it-off-the-list Monday too!

  2. Loved your Easter Egg pictures – you sure colored a lot of eggs. They look so pretty.

  3. you have a beautiful family! LovE the pastels :)

  4. Stacy, you are such an inspiration to me with what you do in your life. Just knowing that someone like you also struggles with “getting it all done” is such a comfort. I also appreciate that you take time each day to make sure and give your time to the Lord. It truly does make a difference!
    Thanks for the thoughts today.

  5. Such beautiful pictures. I overslept past my alarm as well, it just feels good to do so, once and awhile.

  6. Ok, so I didn’t get the right answers to the BPS format changes…but I responded first, so that will be my consolation prize (and even though Beth P’s new class didn’t ‘count’ it was still the most important difference to me!).
    I tend to go in spurts. I have a really clean house, but the bills haven’t gone out. Or the garden looks good, but no one has clean underwear.
    Right now, I have a really clean 3 rooms, my bills are paid, and there’s underwear in the drawers. There’s also 20 ideas for SB projects flying around in my brain, and I can’t find anything because my office/craft room/household dumping ground is a disaster. That will be next….
    Happy Easter, blessings to you and your handsome family.

  7. Too funny on the picture of Taft saying “can I put these in my room??” My son actually did put them in his room and made a house from a shoe box…
    Monday has been a good day!

  8. Stacy
    I completely agree with you. I have people all the time say how do you do it all, work full-time from home for the hospital, run your photography biz, be a mom, do the children’s ministry at church. Plus we just added a puppy who is going to have heart surgery tomorrow. But you know what I start my day with daily devotional and believe God gives me each day to LIVE and I want to live each day as a gift and respect him by loving each day. I have to say too that I am taking the Random A to Z class and it has made me stop and observe little moments – like singing in the car with my 5 year old daughter to Faith Hill’s CD – awesome!
    Thanks Stacy for living and showing us how to observe the little moments too!

  9. Abundant life.
    Those words really jumped out at me. In a busy world it is really easy to forget how abundant this life is.
    I am going to post a sticky note on my workspace with those words on it to remind me in times when I lose sight.

  10. Ahh… Easter grass… you will still be vacumming it up in September! … Honest… I was still picking the last of last years up in November!!!! … I think they crawl and hide under furniture when I vacumm and then pop out again! DS is 15 1/2 now .. this was the first year where he didn’t have an Easter basket .. because he asked for Taekwondo supplies … and those are on order! …

  11. I don’t know where to begin!! You are such an inspiration to me. I love to scrapbook and I just recently bought your book, The Big Picture, and after reading it from cover to cover, I promptly subscribed to your magazine. I love your ideas and I am very interested in BPS. Can you please send me some info? My friend, Cathy owns a scrapbook store on the Olympic Peninsula. We would LOVE to have you come up for a visit sometime!!!! I’m a member of the church, too, and love how you spread a message of what’s most important in life, and really share your testimony in that special way. I love all of your ideas and your journaling, and I hope to incorporate some of your ideas into my pages and albums. (I’m very much a beginner)
    Thanks for all you do, and really, it would be great for us if you would come up to sequim, wa for a visit. It’s in the shadows of the Olympic Mountains and quite beautiful if you’ve never been. You’ll love it! You can contact me at my e-mail address, or leave a comment on my blog. Also, why don’t you take a look at Cathy’s store. http://www.doodlebugsscrapbooking.com
    Thanks again! Be in touch!

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