In and Out ..

Been at grandma’s with the boys — spring break.
Off to Missoula Montana to teach at Scrapbook Hideaway — gotta go.
Love ya.

p.s. Seattle — was like June in April. So beautiful.
Can’t even begin to tell you.


Paula came for a day, took her out on the lake in the canoe!


Even ate fish and chips at IVARS — fed the seagulls my fries.


Went shopping with my mom — Taft took this photo!
More on Monday!


  1. Suzanne Balvanz says:

    you globetrotter, you!
    Happy Trails, Stacy!!

  2. Oh how I WISH I could see you in Missoula!!!! I am only 2 hours away but heard about it such short notice. Bummer! Hope you have a GREAT time in Montana.
    Mindy Hartigan
    Kalispell, MT

  3. I love how you are feeding the sea gulls while on the cell phone…multitaksing…what a mother is good at. Where you talking about sscrapbooking???LOL
    I have to say your mom looks more like your sister…she looks great

  4. okay, you know how this makes me feel right?
    seeing the Ivars sign….i can taste the fish and chips.
    it’s a magical city.
    : )

  5. Would have loved to see you in Missoula, I did not know about it in time either. Montana is a great state. Would love for you to come to Billings, the largest city in the state. Have fun.

  6. cool crocs ;)

  7. sweet! It looks like you are having a fun time! :) Busy Busy…how do you do it???

  8. I laughed out loud when I saw you on the phone while feeding the seagulls. You crack me up! Happy trails to Montana I hope you have a great time there!

  9. love love your photos stacy.. can’t wait to hear more fr ya!

  10. Love Seattle…reminds me of my grandpa and visiting him in the summertime as a kid.
    Have a great time in Montana. Such a beautiful state, too.

  11. Looks like so much fun :)

  12. Sorry I had to miss you while you were here in Missoula. I got to go to the Caribbean with my brother, all expenses paid. When I saw your dates here, I had a thought about not going on my trip. But only for the briefest of seconds. LOL Hope you had fun. I’ll be sure to stop in at the Hideaway and ask Gina and Tracy all about it.

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