The BEST News!!!!

Target is coming to my town! I am so doing the happy dance. To celebrate, I of course, went to Target — the one that I have to drive 15 minutes to get to. I spent my usual $200 on stuff that made me real happy — like some little goodies for this weekend. It’s officially …

Mesa or BUST

I’m packed and almost ready to go. Headed out to the CK Convention tomorrow through Saturday. My mom, Aunt Shirley and sisters Darci and Chanda are coming too — not so much for the scrapbooking, but for our annual girls weekend. Definitely looking forward to that. Spending some time with other friends as well — and hanging out at a backstage party with lots of scrapbookfriends — it’s gonna be so fun, which reminds me of a quote I found today.

There’s is no such thing as fun for the whole family.
Jerry Seinfeld

Totally cracks me up. I have to say I disagree. I do however think since the female family members are generally responsible for making sure that all of the elements of "fun" are present at any given gathering or activity, it is nice for them to steal away all by themselves and just let some fun happen. So here’s to all the girls getting away this weekend — you deserve it.

And one more …

If you don’t find it in the index. Look very carefully throughout the entire catalog.
Sears Roebuck Catalog

Not really sure why I laughed out loud on that one.

Both quotes are from a book I bought today, called The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, by Ann Brashares — got it at Target. Did I mention …


  1. woo hoo Target in town!! I just found out my “regular” store is getting a face lift…fun stuff!! I hope you have a FAB weekend!! Hope to chat with you soon! :-) Lisa

  2. Man…I’d be happy just have a Target 15 minutes from me! LOL I have to drive an hour for the closest one! Lucky, lucky you! Have a great weekend!

  3. Can’t wait to see you in Mesa! (I’m already here)
    And I can’t believe LL is getting a Target!!! Holy cow!!! That’s so great!

  4. LMBO at the Sears Catty Quote.
    Thanks for the chuckle…I needed it today!

  5. The quotes tickled my funny bone too.
    And how dare you have a Target so close – AND get another one even closer? My closest Target is 1 1/2 hrs away…color me GREEN – with envy.

  6. I love Target, we’ve got two locally… oddly enough, they both take about 15 minutes to get to, lol! Funny quotes, Sienfeld always cracks me up. Have fun in Mesa!

  7. I totally understand the excitement surrounding a new Target! We just had one open up 20 min. away – cut my Target “commute” down from 45 min!!! Opening week I went 3 times (but only spent 5 bucks – how’s that for self control?!!!)
    Enjoy your weekend – I’m having a mini ladies’s get-a-way. It’s our semi regular tea day on Sat. (No husbands, no kids, lots of chatting, shopping & fun!)

  8. Meredith says:

    Is it a Super Target? The kind with a grocery store? Because that is THE BEST…love that place. I don’t think I’ve ever been there without things that aren’t on the list jumping into my basket.

  9. Target is so awesome! Thankfully, I don’t live quite as close to a store here in VA as I did when I lived in Oregon. I used to go at least 2 times a week–yikes! Have a great weekend.

  10. aaaah Target.. just the mention of the word, and I retreat into shopping heaven.. lol
    I love my Targets I have a few near me.. and I always find stuff when I go.. always!
    Love that store….
    just do a blog search on my blog for the word TARGET.. u will see posts and pics.. love TARGET…!!!

  11. Oh I LOVE Target- but who doesnt. Really I should hate them- I spend TOO much money there!
    There is a new one that just opened about 15 minutes from me too. There is one closer to me- but I want to go to the new one to absorb the newness. LOL!

  12. got you all beat. My closest Target is 2 hours away and it’s not even a Super Target! But when I do get there, watch out.

  13. so funny that I checked your blog just as i was heading out to Target!!
    So happy for you! Target coming to town is BIG news ;)
    have fun at CKC!

  14. OK I’ve been a lurker for months (since I was soooo fortunate to see you at CKU Albums in Stamford CT…wow! you inspired me beyond what I thought was possible!!!)
    Anyway I had to post today when I read your Target post…15 mins?? are you kidding me? where’s the new one? next door to you? I’m thrilled because I got a Target in Feb that’s 40 mins close!!! to me…
    Love your Big Picture book too!!!

  15. okay… i think my closest target is, umm… maybe 8 hours away? if there’s one in sweetwater, montana!! up here in edmonton, we’re still lucky to have walmart;)
    CAAAAN’T wait to meet you again in provo next month in your classes!! can’t wait for your chat at next wednesday!! i’m very excited… can you tell?
    this post has too many exclamation marks!! ;)
    have a GREAT weekend, stacy!!
    your friend, eh?

  16. oh yeah… i know what you banner means!!! woo hoo!!!

  17. Darlalou says:

    I just wanted to share a sign I saw driving home today… totally reminded me of YOU!
    Happy Friday Stacy!

  18. CKC was a blast Stacy! I was so bummed though that I missed your party! I planned on going, but my daughter gave me pouty puppy face for planning to party with you instead of attending her last lacrosse game of the season. Of course, it doesn’t matter that she gets 30 sec. of playing time per 2 hour game! sigh. I did the good mom thing in the end. Kim K told me all the great stories and I was totally jealous – but you’re right, getting away (even if just Saturday) was AWESOME! And btw, very much deserved ;)

  19. sounds like bliss, hanging out with your sisters and having all manner of girly giggles! enjoy!

  20. Hi Stacy!
    I just got back from my local Target (it’s a two-level one with escalators for both people and carts and elevators too!). Anyway, I’m $65 poorer than when I entered the store. My purchases included 6 Sterlite storage containers to help organize the stuff in my scrap area. I saw cute printed napkins and thought of you. I saw cute 2-up photo albums with matching totes and thought of you. I also saw (and bought) white silk flowers in the $1 bin and yes, thought of you again and how you said those are perfect to use with brads on your pages. I’m so happy I bought your BPS book last Friday. Great ideas and inspiration! Have a great day.
    (Who’s favorite colors are also green and yellow and who also spells her name “right”. Hee Hee.)

  21. My closest Target is 35 minutes away and there are constant rumors they are going to open one in our town due to it’s explosive growth. I keep telling my husband that if they do I’ll be lined up outside the door 6 weeks before the big day! LOL

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