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I am so pleased to announce that Big Picture Scrapbooking is joining the distinquished list of sponsors behind Heidi Swapp and her vision for the first ever Creative Escape in Phoenix, AZ. And let’s just be honest, the real reason I’m so jazzed, is I get to go — and be a part of the program. You can read all about it, see who else will be there and register [Hurry, space is limited] at !!!

Heidi and I were among a group of teachers than traveled last September to South Africa and attended a fantastic event there, and I know Heidi doesn’t do anything half way. This event will be a creative escape in so many ways — and BPS will be there in a BIG way [I can't wait to give you more details] For now, go here and watch. My cutest sister Darci called me the other day and said "I just found your new theme song" Curious, I downloaded Upside Down by Jack Johnson and knew instantly it would become a part of my CE presentation — all I can say … it’s gonna be FUN!

If you’re already coming — let me know!


  1. I saw that event and thought that sounded really cool. A little more than I’m able to spend on scrapbooking, but the fact that you are going makes it even more tempting.
    Jack Johnson’s Curious George CD is great! I’m curious about how you will incorporate into your presentation.

  2. Goodness how I would love to go! But, can’t swing that one financially. I look forward to hearing all about it! Have fun!

  3. I signed up, the minute registration opend up!! I’m soo excited and can’t wait till Sept. The anticipation is killing me :-)

  4. Lara Cousins says:

    So awesome that you’re going to be a part of CE. What, with Bazzill and Heidi Swapp and Stacy Julian it’s sure to be totally amazing!! I was lucky enough to meet you at CKU-T Austin and in South Africa. You are totally inspiring. Can’t wait for CE.

  5. just signed up yesterday
    cannot wait to see what’s in store
    BPS is an amazing addition!
    {doin’ a little happy dance here}

  6. Regina Seeger says:

    Hi Stacy. Can’t wait to see you again. My friend, Teri, and I signed up minutes after registration opened. We’re so excited and glad you’re part of the escape.

  7. I’m coming! Too excited for words! Can’t wait to soak it all in!

  8. Signed up the first day! Can’t wait to attend and am so excited that BPS will be a part of it!
    Cricket :)

  9. so excited the bps is on board! signed up yesterday and i’m so excited-now even more so.
    see ya there!

  10. I checked this out a couple weeks ago when you made mention of it. I SOOO would like to go to this. it sounds fantastic.
    Also Upside Down, love that song. BTW if you go out to they have kids videos you can watch and there is a jack johnson one signing that song. we love it
    teri p

  11. Hi Stacy – We are currently on a road trip throught he southwest (lots warmer than our home in Boston) – spent Easter weekend at the hotel that Heidi chose for her Creative Escape – take the kids and Geoff – beautiful weather – cool on hotel premises waterpark with lounge chair service – they will LOVE it :) (now if I can only convince my dh we have to come back here in less than 6 months…)

  12. Signed up the first day, I am so excited I can’t wait till it is September already. (First time I ever wished summer would go by faster.)
    Can’t wait to see what you all have planned for us. Glad BPS will be there!!!!

  13. Congrats!!! Sounds very exciting…I just got an email the other day about this and sounds GREAT!

  14. I’m all signed up and so glad that you and BPS will be there! Can’t wait for the event.

  15. Stacy,
    I was so excited to see you were listed as one of the featured artist on the CE web site but I didn’t see you on the class list.
    My guess is your a “special event” yeah yeah happy dance! I can hardly wait until September!!

  16. I am going to Creative Escape my 35th Birthday present from my Mom. I am so excited that Big Picture Scrapbooking will be there.

  17. Kathleen says:

    Would love to be there with all my scrapping sisters, but alas, finances are lacking. Please have fun and come back and tell me all about it.

  18. I am going and so looking forward to it!! I love BPS, think that you are an amazing teacher & am so excited to participate in this new event!

  19. After talking to you today about it, I am going to convince my hubby that it is something I really want to attend…Only 30 minutes away? How can it get any better than that?!?!?! Maybe an early Birthday present….:):)

  20. Come to New England, would ya? ;)

  21. Wow!!! I wish I could come but coming from Hawaii would be too much! :( Are you guys coming to Hawaii anytime soon, we have a LARGE scrapbook community on Oahu and plenty of stores!

  22. Wendie Waldman says:

    Next time you have to catch a connecting plane and you JUST have enough time to RUN to catch it, ask the stewardess to radio your outgoing plane that you’re on your way. I had this problem on my way to my dad’s funeral. I’m running and crying all the way and the outgoing plane stewardess met with with a kleenex box.

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