Five years ago today …

He was born.

I’m going upstairs to make pancakes for breakfast. We’ll put whipcream and sprinkles and a candle on top and thus begin our day celebrating one of the coolest people I’ve ever met.
So glad he is mine.
He is my Taft and he is smart, sensitive, expressive, particular, tenancious and totally and completely scrumptious.

Life is full of so many wonderful surprises.
Four boys — who knew? And now my youngest is five! Five years ago, I had just written the book Simple Scrapbooks and was pretty sure my life couldn’t get any busier. Ha!

It’s OK — I say bring it on.

I have so much to blog about — more coming soon!
Remind me to tell you about the 5-year journal. I think I’m going to start one in honor of Taft’s birthday and that fact that so much can change in the short span of just 5 years!


  1. Happy Birthday, Taft!
    It is amazing how fast 5 years passes by. My little boy will be 5 in 3 months and I can’t believe it. Like you, I am so glad that my son is mine.
    I can’t believe my baby is almost 5. He has a loose tooth already. It’s the first baby tooth that he got and it will be the first to go. I need to sit down and scrap how I felt when we discovered the loose tooth last night. All sorts of feelings about how fast time passes and how glad I am that Jack is part of my life.
    I’d love to hear about the 5-year journal.
    Thanks for challenging us too. This Saturday is my half-marathon. I think I’m ready to go. Running 3 miles tonight. Last training run.
    Again, happy birthday, Taft!

  2. Happy birthday, Taft!

  3. Did Taft get his very own bottle of sprinkles!!! :)

  4. Hi Stacy
    Happy birthday to your son!!
    He is one HANDSOME guy…
    Girls watch out LOL
    Have a wonderful day with your family… Kids are so precious… We need to spend time with them and tell them how much we love them…
    I’m going to my baby now…

  5. My ‘baby’ turned 9 last Friday, isn’t it amazing how fast the time goes?
    He is scrumptious, and I would be groovin’ on some of that chocolate chip cookie cake if I were in the neighborhood. He must exercise like you do, if he eats that!
    I hope he enjoys every second of his half-decade, and that you do too.

  6. Deneen says:

    I would also love to hear about the 5 year journal. And thank you so much for Big Picture Scrapbooking. I have the book and I am taking the online classes and having a ball doing it. So thanks!

  7. Happy Birthday Taft!!!!

  8. Happy birthday to your little guy!

  9. Happy Birthday Taft! I hope that your day is all you imagine to be!

  10. Hello Stacy!
    Happpy Birthday to your little guy! He is absolutely adorable. Hope you guys have a great day planned.
    I don’t know how often you read your messages, I know you are crazy busy, but I was hoping that we could somehow get into contact with one another. I live on the Olympic Peninsula, and my girlfriend has a scrapbooking store here. It’s great. She’s only been open for a little more than a year, and the store has been wildly successful. Anyway, Doodlebugs is my second home, and I was thinking it would be so great if you could come up for a little get-a-way and make an appearance. We would love to have you. I would personally love to meet you. I bought your book, “The Big Picture” and I think your philosophy and ideas are great. I like how you tell your story. I’m also a member of the church, and love how you share your testimony through scrapbooking what’s really important in life. There. Enough said. I think it would be great to meet you, and I think you would love it up here in the shadows of the Olympic Mountains. Take a look at my friends store.
    Also, please feel free to e-mail me or call me.

  11. Isn’t Taft going to lose his baby status to a little sister? We haven’t heard anything on that subject… what’s up? Please do a post.
    Happy birthday to Taft!

  12. wow!! his smile is as big as that cookies!!

  13. LOVE that smile — on Taft and on the cookie!
    Happy days…

  14. Stephanie says:

    Stacy, I was not sure how to get this message to you, so I hope you don’t mind my posting it here. Please check this out…you rock, girl!

  15. Ceci Ortiz de Hurtado says:

    Feliz cumplean~os Taft!!!
    I ‘d love to hear about the 5 years journal but also about the family library class at BP!!!
    waiting for your classes!!!

  16. Suzanne Balvanz says:

    what a happy kid!!

  17. So very very cute! Love that kid! Last year at this time we were having a basketball party with a pinata… most definitely the birthday party of the year!!

  18. Madeline St Onge says:

    What a cutie your Taft is…Happy Birthday little guy.
    Gee My baby is 29–yikes

  19. Happy B-day to Taft! (Another May baby… only I’m NO baby anymore! LOL) 5 years… sigh… I can remember when both of mine were 5. So sweet, so cute, so fresh… and now, the teen years. Oh, well… part of life, right? ;)

  20. Adorable!
    What a fantastic name for a cute as a button kidlet too! :)

  21. such a cutie!

  22. time flies when you are having fun….know this too, too well. My 1st baby will be 20 the end of this year and my #5 baby will be five then too. Happy, happy birthday Taft. Five is fabulous because now you are a whole hand.

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