I’m leaving on a jet plane …

in four hours. Man I wish I would go to bed. I’m headed to Utah to teach a fun class at the Scrapbook USA Expo on Saturday — which btw is National Scrapbook Day. If you’re close come by and say hi. My sister Darci is helping me teach, and we’ll be in the center courtyard area with All My Memories. My class is totally free. In fact, it is a sneak preview of an upcoming week in my Library of Memories class at Big Picture Scrapbooking — YEAH — I am finally ready to launch this class, and I so appreciate your patience with me. I’m pretty excited — Paula, Kayce and I have worked on some cool new features and little surprises along the way. You’ll be able to learn much more on Saturday at BPS/Take Classes. Speaking of new classes, you simply must go now, and see who the newest teacher is and what cool thing she is doing. In fact, be the first to post it here and I’ll send you whichever one you want!

So, I am taking my husband to Utah — not to the show/class but just for a weekend away. His 40th birthday is just around the corner and I have something up my sleeve that he knows nothing about — pretty sure he doesn’t read my blog, so I’m clear. 

I get to see my Simple team too, including Cathy Z who is in town — that rocks. Will be bringing my Clean and Simple, The Sequel so she can write "To Stacy my best friend in the whole world, Love, Cathy" — doesn’t that sound good? We are colaborating on an article for the November/December issue and we get to take some fun pics together! Which, wouldn’t you think if you were having your picture taken for a magazine you’d want to make an attempt at some beauty sleep? But no, here I sit wrapping up as many loose ends as possible, and writing out 40 little love notes for the hubby.

I have so much more to blog about and post and I will. I the meantime, check out my pillow  inspiration for my music/memory room.

Our house is actually getting pretty close — they will be painting while we are gone — this means I’ve got to get busy making happen all that I’ve been mentally planning for months.

I’ve got my pacuter [that's how Taft says computer and since he's my youngest I'm not really into correcting him] and my camera — making plans to post on the road.



  1. I see that Kollette Hall is teaching a new class called Coast on though
    Looks so FUN

  2. Kolette’s class sounds very interesting! Coast on Through……! You are such an inspiration and I just love BP!!!!

  3. Mary Anne says:

    Looks like a really fun class! Love the kits! That is a great idea.
    Can’t wait for your Library class!

  4. Hi Stacy,
    I can’t wait for your library class.
    Have fun in Utah.

  5. I see the Coast on Through class also…Curious on that one. Just may have to sign up for it.

  6. Hi Stacey. Kollette’s coaster class sounds like a blast. Enjoy your weekend:)

  7. WooHooo!!
    CAn’t wait to see you in UT.
    I am taking a few other classes, but looking forwardto peeking into the AMM booth!!

  8. I’m so excited you’re going to do the Family Liorary class, I can’t wait to do it. I’m loving the classes I’ve done/am doing and I’ve started buying my albums for the library in anticipation.

  9. Hi Stacy,
    The Coast class looks fantastic and thanks so much for the discount from Memories Complete – I love your BPS store – way cool.
    Happy Running!

  10. Yeah! I’m so happy that Kollette is teaching a BPS class (especially after she said she wan’t going to travel to teach at CKU anymore) LOVE the fact that we can choose the theme – so cool! I am also looking forward to your Family Library class. Keep Rockin’ Stacy & your BPS team :)

  11. Jennifer Robinson says:

    Hi Stacy
    Can’t wait for your class!

  12. LOVE those pillows!

  13. eeeeek I can’t wait for your class…ooohie :)

  14. Man, if I had only known you were teaching (never mind a FREE class) I would have planned to drive up from Moab!
    But I’m thrilled that the FFL class is coming!!!
    I just read your book from cover to cover on a family road trip. LOVED so much of it—especially your journaling about your running commitment. So much inspiration, beyond scrapbooking.
    Thanks so much!

  15. Michele says:

    I’m so excited to take the Family Library class! :) Congrats on your new house almost being finished–love those pillows!

  16. OH YAY!!I can’t wait to get my BP book autographed (if possible) So happy to see you in Utah!

  17. Yeah, looking forward to the library of memories class- time to organize my memories!
    I swear I just saw that green pillow somewhere. Where’d you get it? Was it pottery barn? I’m so loving the color green lately, must be spring.

  18. Narelle says:

    Stacy, so excited about Kolette’s class and I can hardly wait for your Family Library class – every Thursday I rush home to check out BPS and my new classes for the week – thanks so much. Narelle. PS re your orange tree post – saw my first apple tree at the age of 23 – was absolutely beside myself to see apples actually growing – who knew they didn’t just come from the supermarket??!!

  19. Those pillows are GORGEOUS!
    can’t wait to see what the room looks like when it’s complete :)
    Happy NSD!
    and looking forward to hearing what is up with your surprise for your hubby :)

  20. Cool new classes coming up, Stacy! I have had fun with those take-apart coasters. I hope your trip is fabulous! The pillows rock!

  21. Teresa Gamboa says:

    Stacy, It was so great seeing you AGAUN at scrapbook USA! Thank you for taking time to have a photo shoot with me and sign my book. I am still so starstruck! You hsve come a long way from our old days at Paper hearts. Thank you for staying “REAL” Your still so sweet and nice. Being FAMOUS changes some people you know! Keep up the great work! Love your books. Keep writing!
    Teresa Gamboa

  22. Hey Stacy..I totally enjoyed meeting you..just feeling of your spirit and enthusiasm. You’re an AWESOME person..truly happy. The quick, little class was fun. I love the BP philosophy. Thanks for signing my SBUSA wristband! Angie

  23. Christel says:

    Just signed up for Coast on through and Color Me Happy. Can’t wait till they start

  24. It was so nice to see you at the Expo. I love the idea of doing the little book. I took my title pages around and showed a bunch of my friends.
    Thanks for being so kind and friendly everytime I see you. Enjoyed getting our “diva” pictures taken together. I posted it on my blog.
    The whole weekend was just too much fun!!

  25. Excited to see your new class at BPS! And I’m still curious to hear about your trip to the Emmys.

  26. Safe travels, my friend!

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