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OK, wow. We have assembled a great group for our first session of my Library of Memories class. I am sorry to cut short our registration period, but I need to make sure that I can in fact provide the interaction that I want to — I posted the syllabus and you responded! I’m really excited to get going on this.

To those that are in – thank you. I will not let you down. We have a fun and perspective altering summer ahead of us. For those that are not in – we will run this course again in January 07, which is a wonderful time of year to hunker down and get organized and motivated for big picture scrapbooking.

Now, several months ago The Big Picture was featured at as the Pink Project and my friend Deb Mitchell decided to host a little contest. Faced with the dilemma of coming up with a suitable prize, I promised admittance to this dream workshop of mine.

So .. it is finally my pleasure to say congratulations to:

Melissa Bierlien
Amston, CT

Deanna Kroll
Oshkosh, WI

Kathleen Reinhard
Bellaire, MI

You all get a free ticket to Library of Memories
Cant wait to meet you in class!


On the life side of things, it all of a sudden decided to get HOT in Spokane, so we are enjoying what feels like summer unseasonably early. You generally can’t count on sunny skies here until after the fourth of July.

Anyway .. Taft, now five and legal as co-pilot of the scooter, has been helping me ride Chase and Trey to school in the mornings – way fun.

My Wednesday words are in honor of my mom — as it is her birthday today. This quote is from a very cool book that I got in the mail for Mother’s Day [Compendium, Inc of course]

Being a Mom means
never having a minute . . .
yet always making a moment.

                                        Michael Nolan

I think the reason I think I can do so much is because my mother always did. She is now the age that her mother was when she passed away and so I am particularly grateful today that she is healthy and so active that I can rarely find her home. She has a zest for life and learing and I’m rather sure I have her to thank for my current state of affairs! 

happy birthday mom!

I’m on my way to PROVO! I always get a bit nostalgic when CKU returns to Provo, as it was there that the frenzy was first felt and the nervous anticipation of it all “going well” revisits me when I’m there. I’m looking forward to seeing some of you – please, if you’re a BPS supporter, say Hello!


  1. so excited for this class!! :)

  2. Michele says:

    I can’t wait for class to start!! Oh, and I must get one of those scooters someday–I love it! :) And my 6 year old would go nuts if we had one.

  3. YEAH I’m so glad I’m in :) WOOHOO! THis is going to be so great. How many people are in the class?

  4. Looking forward to the class!


  6. Oh YAY!!! I missed out on this class, but one in January works so fantastically better for me! I’ll know to get right in on the beginning this time. :O)

  7. So, so bummed to not be in this first class of Library of Memories. I was going to sign up, told my DH who said it would be my bday gift and he would sign me up,… alas! But, I’ll be there in January and SO happy you’ll be offering it again. Love your book and can’t wait for the class!

  8. anonymous says:

    SO disappointed that this class was closed early with no warning!! :( I hope in the future this will be stated on the registration page. I honestly thought there was no hurry since I had until June 1. SO SAD!!

  9. Stacy,
    I was so disappointed that your Library class is already filled (I was having computer problems and just didn’t get sign up last weekend)
    It is going to be a wonderful success and I look forward to taking it in January :)

  10. Wow, thanks Stacy! I am excited that I will be joining the class at some point! What a pleasant surprise to find out I was one of the lucky three chosen from the Pink Projects as ScrapTalk! Thanks again. :D

  11. So excited to be in the first round of this class! i signed up as soon as I saw the email in my inbox – and the syllabus looks fantastic! I can’t wait!!

  12. leighann says:

    I’m feeling soooo lucky that I’m in this class! Can’t wait to get an organized system going!

  13. MelissaL says:

    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to be in the first Library class! Your book has just changed my life and I can’t wait to start on this part of the journey!
    And thanks for the really kewl quote about Mothers. I think I’ll have to use that on a layout.

  14. I’m sad to that I missed out but I’ll be there in January 2007!
    I’m so happy that you have a good relationship with your mom. Cherish it ;o)

  15. I am so sad. I too thought I had time since the deadline for registration was June 1. I’ve already ordered my albums!! Please reconsider.

  16. When I heard that your class was already full, I was so thankful that I had decided to go ahead and register. I would have been kicking myself if I had missed this opportunity. I cannot wait and hope that I can stay motivated throughout the summer and complete the class properly.
    (p.s. I am so jealous of that green scooter! I want one. :))

  17. StacyTea says:

    I, too, was considering signing up for this class as a treat to myself, but I thought I had more time. Oh well, guess I’ll have to register right away next time. Have fun!
    Stacy :-)

  18. Audrey Williams says:

    I waited too long also. Boohoo… January is so far away!!! How many people do you have for the class?

  19. KatieButler says:

    I was sitting the fence on this up until Tuesday afternoon, and the syllabus helped to make up my mind. I’m so happy I made it in under the wire! :)

  20. First of all… dang it! I missed the class, but will DEFINITELY be with ya in January!
    And, happy birthday to your mom! She’s got a GREAT day for a birthday… it was mine, too! Yay May 17th babies! :)

  21. Hi Stacy….if you have a minute when you get back from Provo, I would love to have the title of the book from Compendium where you got that fabulous “MOM” quote…I just love their things, I ordered more of the quote postcards that we used in the class with you last Saturday.
    Thanks!! Have fun at CKU!!

  22. Lori Carlson says:

    I’m sad about the class closing, too–I thought that was the beauty of teaching online, there is no limit to the class size (I know I read that somewhere on BPS). I’m curious what elements of the class required a cap. . .I’d love to know, but I guess I may have to wait until January!

  23. Jennifer says:

    I signed up as soon as I saw the email about the class being limited. I appreciate that you are limiting enrollement too… I feel like I have a better chance of personalized help if I get stuck. I understand some might be disappointed but I think they will appreciate the same attention in future classes. I’m totally looking forward to it!
    Happy B-day to your mom too!

  24. I am so disappointed! I too thought I had time since the deadline for registration was June 1. I just sat down today to register and found out I couldn’t. My albums arrived in the mail yesterday. Please reconsider.

  25. Eileen Van Dyke says:

    Please, please, please do this class again. I missed this one because I had to wait till payday to reg! If going to close early next time, please send email. I need this class – I was looking forward to the part about going through our photos! Have a great class – can’t wait till Jan!

  26. Just thought I’d comment since it was funny that your Mom’s b-day is the 17th! My mother had me on her birthday 31 years ago… on May 17th! :) So we are both paritial to the day, LOL!

  27. I wish I had signed up for the class! I will definitely sign up next time :-)

  28. b.u.m.m.e.r
    that I’ll
    will have to wait till next year…
    have a great time for those of you that got into the class!

  29. Kris in TX says:

    Happy Birthday, Mom! You are just adorable!

  30. Oh dear! Really disappointing! As a teacher this is the best time of year for me to work at this. I was so looking forward to participating and was shocked to find the class was closed without notice. I was going to sign up today. It DID say June 1st. Please reconsider! Or may I suggest that you permit those of us who have responded to your early closure. That would be awesome!

  31. Kristen says:

    So, so so bummed I can’t get into this class now :-( I’m excited for you, Stacy, that it’s really taken off, but gotta admit that I’m sad to have to wait for this fun course! Was really looking forward to doing this with my mom, but we were too late to register….

  32. Beth in NB says:

    Stacy, I know how busy you must be and that you probably won’t have time to read this but I wanted to sent it anyway to thank you. Thanks to your inspiration from “The Big Picture” I am getting ready to do a picture a day album for June 2006. This will be a very important month for our family. Our two children both boys turn 15 and 17 in June, they will finish grade 9 and 11 and the oldest will be enrolling in the Army Reserves and going off to summer boot camp. (his own idea by-the-way!) He will come home a man. I say this with a bit of trepidation and a lot of pride. Anyway I thought this would be a wonderful time to follow thru on the album I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while. Thanks for your inspiration on some many levels!! Keep up the good ideas!
    I know this is getting rather long, just wanted to mention we are a family of runner! I feel like we have a lot in common!

  33. MarilynL says:

    I too am really disappointed about not being able to get into the class. I got the email on the 15th announcing it, and then by Friday, it was too late! I was trying to get the funds together to pay for the class-it really seems to be a great value but I needed a little more time. Please reconsider as it did stated the deadline was June 1st. I will definitely be ready to sign up in January, but would have preferred to do it now-I even emailed a question and got a prompt response back…..waaaa

  34. Oh, so sad to have missed the Library of Memories class. Thought I had more time to register. So little available $$ right now which made me delay in signing up, waaaaah! But I am excited that you’ll be doing it again in January. Will ask Santa for that for Christmas! Good luck and have fun to the lucky ones who are in it this time!

  35. Amy Hunsinger says:

    Hey there,
    I have a sob story about your class too. I was being given the class and all the supplies with it for my birthday from my husband and kids, and went to register on Friday the 19th and was so sad to see it was closed. Anyway, the fee for this class never even made me blink. I think it is a great value and I so need it and was so ready to start. So, I’m just another gal on your long list of gals begging to be put in. I’m on the wait list, so we’ll see. Thanks so much for all of your inspiration and wonderful attitude in the world of scrapbooking. I’ll be thrilled to get in in January if that be the case. But, if ya want to offer it sooner, I’m in!

  36. Babette says:

    Hi Stacy!
    Had to respond…. I just wanted you (and any one else interested)to know how much of an inspiration you are. You are so giving of yourself to your family, friends and your work. I see it in everything you do.I just LOVED the DVD”S!! I met you at the DOTS convention when Taft was a wee little baby. It was so touching to see your mom there being supportive to you and her new grandbaby.You are so blessed to have each other. You and your family are truly an inspiration.I just wanted you to know how much of a positive impact you do have.Remember that when things get sticky. Keep your chin up and continue to inspire.

  37. Natasja says:

    Also a big bummer here!!
    Read the newletter, sended an email with a question, had to wait 1 day for the reply because of the time differance between Europe and the US. Wanted to sing up right after i had the answer…FULL!!! I am now on a waiting list…..hope to get a spot, if not i have to waith till januari and hope i am ontime then….

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