little miracles …

I was upstairs at about 5:00 p.m., reviving leftovers for dinner wondering why it is so hard for me to go out and buy a big stack of that packing paper [for packing boxes right?] when the phone rings. Its a pleasant young man from the Spokesman Review [newspaper] letting me know that even though I take the paper on Sundays only, I will be receiving it everyday through June at no extra charge or obligation. This, he says is their way of saying thank you for subscribing — this, I  think is one of those little miracles. Free newspaper  — I’m off the hook on the packing paper!

How about we all look for some little miracle tomorrow? Sometimes it’s just a matter of perspective — be sure to leave me a comment and share yours!


  1. I don’t know if it’s a miracle, but my dog woke me up extra early, so I had time to et my payroll completed before anyone woke up.
    My best miracle from yesterday was finding a stuffed animal that I could use to build a project for the local Heifer parade; my boys and I had had quite a time of it trying to make this thing, then a friend just drops this in my lap.
    Oh yeah, and fresh asparagus every day.

  2. My miracle for yesterday was an oddly happy moment. Lets set the scene. DS age 9 could care less to read. We finally found a series that he loves (Magic Treehouse) and we have many of the books. We need more. I must get over to the Book Exchange (our funky used bookstore) but I never seem to be on the right side of town or the right side of the street. Enter DD #4 and her dental appointment which was remembered just in the knick of time. The dentist is not only on the right side of town, BUT on the right side of the street. 45 minutes to kill; what are the odds I’ll find any books that DS doesn’t already have? 100%. I bought three books and SHAZAM, he didn’t have any of them. I can hear the applause right now.

  3. Not really a miracle in the grand scheme of life, but HUGE in my little world these days…My three month old slept from 12.30 to 5.30 last night!!! :)

  4. Hi Stacy,
    My miracle is that I’m running, now I’m up to 4 miles! For a non-athletic person who always said “I can’t run, it hurts too much”, look at me now. Whoo Hoo!

  5. my miracle is even though i was throwing up last night and both my girls woke us up at different times, i am not a raving lunatic today. normally all that sleep deprivation is very hard on me. in addition, we are going through some struggles right now that would also bring me down. but i just decided this morning that i have the blessing of my own loving family and there’s nothing we can’t get through together. and trust me, it’s a truly a miracle i haven’t yelled at anyone today!

  6. My miracle-I got my snail mail stuff from Library of Memories class-this is huge as our family is going through very stressful times right now-not sure why everything hits at once, but it has. Knowing that I am starting a really fun, cool class that I can concentrate on is helping ease the stress (even though I can’t start until the 12th). Thank you so much it made me cry when I got it-that was just the release I needed at the time.

  7. Korey Lindberg says:

    While this is a big miracle…there are small miracles attached to it. My father-in-law had open heart surgery last Tues. to repair an anuerysm (sp?) in his aeortic (sp?) valve. His sugery should have taken 3-4 hours…it took 3 (small miracle #1), he should have been pale and weak looking after surgery, he had great coloring in his face and was able to hold some good conversation right away (small miracle #2), he should have been in bed for at least 24 hours, he was out of bed to a sitting position a few hours after surgery and walking pretty far the next day (small miracle #3). He should have been in the hospital for 4-7 days, his doctors said he could have gone home 3 days later, but he stayed one extra day (small miracle #4). He should have felt too weak to go anywhere the first couple of days home, but he felt up to going to Fleet Farm on Sunday (small miracle #5). He should have been feeling pain in the surgery area this whole time, but he has only felt pressure (small miracle #6)!!! He is doing so amazingly…the whole family is so thankful…he doesn’t do too well with being “under the weather” or “out of commission” for any amount of time, but he knows that he can’t rush things and he needs to rest as much as possible. YEAH for a speedy recovery!

  8. Funny you ask about little miracles… Two in one day! I go to ACMoore to reward myself with some new stamps. Retail $30. The check out lady says, “My, these are expensive.” I say, “Yeah, I wish I had my coupon.” She says: “You do.” and with a punch of a few buttons, wa-LA, 40% off.
    Then I go to Whole Foods to buy a bottle of wine and SHE CHECKS MY ID! HA! Made THE day of this 31 year old mom of two! :) Hope you have fun packing!

  9. Darlalou says:

    Wow, mine is really little in comparison to some of these but… I opened up a great lil’ pkg of goodies from CKU Provo and finished making an awesome project that Ms Donna D started us on and I am in HEAVEN! I love this project (creative heart) and can’t wait to display it! Little miracle, happy momma!

  10. My miracle was when I called to check how close I was to the top of the waiting list for my dorm for college (I’ll be a freshman) the lady told me I wasn’t on it. But instead of her putting me on the bottom of the list she just placed me in a great apartment with a private bed and private bath. Totally made by day and my first year of college much better!

  11. Kay Gregory-Clark says:

    A week ago I was SO disappointed I didn’t get to register for Stacy’s library class. Two days later, we bought a new house in the country, something we’ve been dreaming about forever but nothing ever worked out. This was so unexpected at this time & turns out to be absolutely our paradise home and location. Here’s the miracle (in addition to finding the house): I’m to have hand surgery in July, so have to complete the packing & moving in the next month. How on earth would I have time for the Library class? Now I’m looking forward to next January AND having a huge new, dedicated scrap and craft area!

  12. kathy in st. louis says:

    My dream miracle would be receiving happy mail from Stacy Julian. What a mail day that would be!!

  13. Sara Mangan says:

    Great idea to look for miracles in the everyday stuff.
    There is a book called, Suprise Me God. The point is to wake up every morning and say, “Suprise me God.” It is amazing the little things you appreciate/notice when doing this.

  14. I think the newspaper is an example of what Elder Bednar calls “Tender Mercies”. Good luck with the move, enjoy the new “happy” kitchen.

  15. Betsy’s comment above hit home for me. For me, my Happy mail class package was the highlight on Day #1 of what is looking to be a very stressful summer….

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