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Anybody read the layout in Cathy’s new book titled TORTURE? Its about the PB catalog and how it drives us crazy with all the beautiful schtuff that we can’t afford.

Well, as shown in a recent post I just made my second-ever PB purchase. Here’s the link:

Apothecary Cabinet – the small version is the only photo that comes up, but there is an option to order the large cabinet. I’ve only seen the large size in one catalog — and trust me I get one or two a week. This is an internet only purchase. The item number is 86-7443849, just in case this link doesn’t bring up the actual cabinet.

I’m just about to purchase two tables and some cool shelves from PB Teen and my husband gave me permission to buy a mirror for the guest bathroom tonight. I think I’m on some kind of very dangerous roll. Somebody stop me — nevermind, I think I’ll be fine.

p.s. cabinet has 30 drawers, one for each letter of the alphabet. Now all my ABCs are together. The little ones, the big ones, the chipboard ones — you name it. I’m thinking about taking an organizational leap — would love your opinion. What if I break up several of my larger foam letter stamp sets and stored them in these drawers with the dimensional letters. This means the "A" stamp would be in the A drawer — too wierd? I wouldn’t do this with my acrylic letter stamps, like Technique Tuesday, just with 4 or 5 of the foam sets — to encourage me to use them more and in combination with the other letters.



  1. Oh how cool is that cabinet. You girls get all the cool stuff over there….. mmmm wonder if I can convince Cathy to stash one in her luggage when she comes to visit down under. LOL

  2. Way cool on the cabinet!!!!! Let us know how it works for you…I’ve been thinking of organizing my letters that way for awhile but hesitant to do so!

  3. If your brain works ina way that having the letter stamps separated from the herd won’t freak you out, I say go for it. Different brains work with different methods of sorting – are you an alpha sorter or a type sorter? I’m more of a type sorter; need to keep like things together (like I sort my patterned paper by color not designer).
    If your 1st thought is ‘the letter A’ and not ‘that cool stamp set’, then the foam stamps with the letters will probably work for you. And if it doesn’t, just take them out!

  4. Love love the cabinet, Stacy! So much fun planning (and shopping) to move into a new house!
    I think I could do that with the chipboard alphas but not my alpha stamps. My first thought was: how many drawers would I have to open to stamp out a word or title?!?! However…I do get sidetracked easily :)

  5. Love the cabinet – and go for it! I would definitely put my foam stamps in there too, if there’s room. I always forget I have stamps cause there not where I’m reminded of them easily. Do it!

  6. I have my alpha embelishments sorted by lettter and I love it! Never thought to do the stamps that way, though.

  7. That cabinet is fabulous…and I am drooling. Being the product lover that you know I am….I would need an inner measurement of those drawers….I have a LOT of alphabets!!!!!! If I could fit stamps with the others though, I probably would…makes sense to me!

  8. Hey Stacy – the cabinet is great – wish I had the room. . .and i think breaking up the letters is a terrific idea. . .i think you will use them more. Good luck – keep us posted!

  9. I think it actually makes pretty good sense to sort all of your alphabets into the drawers. I mean, whether they are in their sets or not, you’re still going to have to fish them all out to make a word. At least you’ll know where they are to start with :)

  10. I have all my stamps segregated by letter (and number) and I love it! go for it :)

  11. Kris in TX says:

    I love the idea! This will cause you to think outside the box and mix chipboard, foam stamps, and even acrylic letters (the KI soups).
    Cool idea! and now you don’t have to figure out how to store those darn foam alphabet stamps!

  12. Amy Zarrella says:

    Stacy, I think that is a great idea and when I get around to actually organizing my scrap stuff I am going to do that. I am also asking for the cabinet for my birthday. Not too much to ask for a 35th birthday right?

  13. Unrelated comment – there is a fabulous review of your book in the new Scrapbook Answers magazine! I’m sure you’re not surprised (nor are we) but they are pretty straight forward in that magazine, so I regard their compliments as a little more meaningful than others. Anyway, congratulations!!!

  14. This is kind of what I do. I have all my foamies in 2 Cropper Hopper Card file boxes, a-l and m-z. I have five alphas in there, and they do get used more now that I have them like that.
    However, I don’t have such a cool system for my chipboard alphas!
    Enjoy your new addiction, PB RULES! :)

  15. The best part of Cathy’s “Torture” layout is the look on her face in that teeny little picture…”you fill me with ecstasy and pain!” HA!
    Love her. Love you. Been staying up late every night reading Big Picture. Thanks! :)

  16. The cabinet looks awesome!
    I have to thank you for the wonderful “happy mail” I got yesterday — so excited about the class! Can’t wait. :)
    One question — am I doing something wrong with the AC PP pens? I have NEVER been able to get them to work properly — they always seem to be dried out. Is there a secret to getting the ink to flow?

  17. I saw someone on another blog (sorry, can’t remember which one) and she had sorted all her foam stamps by letter so that all the A’s were in one bag etc, I thought it’s quite a cool idea and as you say, may make you use them more. Give it a go and let us know.

  18. Jessica says:

    Stacy, I already store my letter just like that. I have my foam letters mixed in with my letters and just love it! I use them more that way. So much easier to find them too! Let us know what you decide!

  19. Debbie Webster says:

    Love this idea.. I just wish I had a money tree..LOL
    Good luck and let us see what you do with it. PB rules…

  20. I JUST got my mail and got the COOLEST package of stuff for the library class. thanks stacy!!!
    teri P
    ps if you are still comgin to UT to do the half marathon this weekend let me know where you will be. I ended signing up for the bike ride.

  21. As an FYI, there is a photo of the larger cabinet under “view in room” on the page for the smaller apothecary. The direct address for that page is http://ww1.potterybarn.com/cat/pippopup.cfm?gids=p6312&skus=&cat=&type=viewinroom&src=pipcaccstrstr|gp6312|k|rshop|s

  22. Bless you for sharing your great idea! I’m right in the middle of organizing my workroom. I’ve been holding on to a PB rewards certificate for a couple months & guess what I bought!
    I’d love to know if you’ll be cutting up alll your sticker sets to divide the letters into each drawer. I know what I’ll do but interested to see how you’ll be using the cabinet as well.
    Good luck with your new house!

  23. i am a potterybarn addict. and it is ok. Sure, I can’t afford all that I want…but I make choices. And dude, they have the best sale sections! Try finding an outlet too….they have good deals there. :) I love the cabinet you got! PB is just a retail genious…of course, the price tag does hurt. oh, and if you get their card…they give you a reward check 2 times a year…that gets me everytime. :)

  24. I missed something- what is your library concept?
    Hey- feeling overwhelmed- I am 53, just now putting our albums together for our 4 grown kids and the last 31 years! :>

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