7:04 a.m.

"Tafty, what are you doing outside this early"

"Making a waterfall."


And why wouldn’t you be outside making a waterfall. It’s a new day and there are things, like grass and sidewalks and garden hoses calling. It all makes perfect sense.

Can’t believe it’s June! I noticed this morning that the blossoms have given way to bright green leaves. My dogwoods are gone, but the streets are lined with that early summer doesn’t-get-any-greener-than-this green. Try this — pick something, some organic evidence of June at your house — and then photograph it with your calendar. Not sure what I"ll do with it yet — but I really, really like the idea.


Where does time go?


  1. I’m sure you’ll do something amazing with it!
    And there’s nothing like the perspective of a child to help us realize what is truly important, huh?!? :)

  2. STAAAACY! I can’t believe you posted yesterday about POTTERY BARN. Last week I did a whole little PB scrapbook thingy, but I was embarrassed about it. That I’m so obsessed with Pottery Barn. After seeing this, I decided if YOU could do PB, so could I. It’s on my blog :)

  3. Oh my, please tell me Taft dressed himself… those pattern combinations that kids come up with can be blinding sometimes!
    We started our morning by counting slugs on the walk to school — 47 of them! And 52 on the way back. Don’t you miss the rain on the other side of the state, Stacy? We’ll share some with you.

  4. Mary Ellen Carlise says:

    Leave it to the ever-inspiring Stacy Julian to be out taking pictures of leaves with her calendar in the middle of MOVING–YOU are AMAZING! and motivating–I took a picture or a Hibiscus flower….
    TAFT is a DOLLFACE! Just LOVE that curly hair! Have a GREAT weekend Stacy!
    Love ya sista!
    Mary Ellen

  5. the flower/calendar photo would make an awesome title page for a ‘random memories of the month’ book. And if it went on for more than a month, we could make one for July, August, ……
    I feel a new project coming on…..

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