How cute is my sister …


Chanda just sent me fur-topped rubber gloves, with a note:


If you have to clean your entire house,
you might as well do it in style.
Good luck with the move!

Hello. I used to do cute things like that. Thanks sista!
Send me a new pic of Lucy, so I can share her with my blogging friends — OK?

I love you, and I love my new gloves.


  1. Darlalou says:

    Now that is just downright dangright CUTE! (Don’t let Margie Romney see those!!!!!!!!)

  2. now those are just too cute.

  3. Adorable!!!

  4. Genia Winchell says:

    You made me laugh, and believe me. . . I needed that TODAY!

  5. so cute!!

  6. Too stinkin’ cute for words!
    Actually, those are very Greenwich CT yuppie (remember them?) colors. When you clean w/them you need to wear madras shorts and white canvas boat shoes, and talk like Thurston Howell from Gilligan’s Island.
    Heard you on Cathy’s pod cast, you girls are so silly!

  7. Perfect! And she is so right: if you gotta get downright dirty and clean like mad, then you should definitely do it in style!

  8. They should make toilet brushes that look so fluffy and cute. Well, maybe not, since I wouldn’t want to then dip it into a toilet. Never mind. Bad idea.
    It was lovely to see you last weekend and thanks for the ride and the great conversation!

  9. Miss Julian,
    Sorry, couldn’t figure out how to just email this to you (couldn’t find your email address on your blog). I took your class at CKU-Provo (“Do You Know what You COULD DO?”) and I just finished my “i to i” album that you inspired us to do. I enjoyed every minute making this album because although I love my husband already it made me love and appreciate him even more as I was forced to think about little details of our relationship. Thank you so much for inspiring me! Our 7 year wedding anniversary was on June 10th and this made for a great gift. He loved it. Thought you would like to take a gander…
    (click on i to i album)
    or try my blog:
    -Haylie Bowler

  10. I am liking those gloves!! Hugs Wanda

  11. LOL!
    I used to do things like that too!

  12. I just love those and have always liked that color combination. Somehow those might make cleaning toilets more fun. Ya think? lol Very cute!

  13. I love your book, and I have a question for you ( I had hoped to take your online class and find out—who knew it would fill up so fast!!!)…
    What do you use for “dividers” in your albums? From what I can tell in the photos of the book, your “All About Us” album is actually several separate albums, right? But say, People We Love—do you make a divider for relatives, friends, etc?
    If I have to wait to take the class in order to find out, I understand. Your web site is a great resource, and the book itself is such a gift!

  14. Those are GREAT…what a thoughtful sister!!!

  15. charlie hannam says:

    hey i was wondering how do u get these gloves

  16. charlie hannam says:

    hey i was wondering how do u get these gloves

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