I’m here!

I’m sitting in my new yellow studio and it’s making me very happy. My shelves are up (thanks mom and dad) my ribbon jars are on my shelves (so cute.) Pics coming soon. Camera battery is dead–have no idea where the battery charger is.


Just ordered this for our bedroom from Crate and Barrel
on sale — still expensive in my book.


Just order this garbage can for my kitchen. It’s totally expensive, but totally worth it (according to my mom) It’s from simplehuman.com (go there now and check out their blog)

Must go organize my pantry.
Having meetings with Paula and Kayce tomorrow through Friday.
Even Lin (from SS) is coming tomorrow. Many cool things to discuss.


  1. very pretty.
    i love that set too
    good to hear everything went ok! :)

  2. Traci G says:

    we have that trash can, its a really great trash can! (i can’t believe I am raving about my trash can!) its very sturdy, and we use the trash bags that fit with it. Its a little more expensive but I use the 20% off coupons at BB&B and that helps.
    I also wanted to mention that I have been scrapbooking what I have been inspired to do, then what I have to do, and I can’t tell you how freeing and exciting it has been for me. The other day I took a break from a scrapbooking project I was working on to complete 5 layouts that I have been thinking about for a while. I just sat down and did them and can’t be more happy with the end result.
    I *heart* BPS!

  3. oh the fun and excitement of making a house a home. Spending $$$ on sheets you love is TOTALLY worth it (unless your husband sweeps chimneys and you love white sheets. Then…not so much).
    Have fun fun fun and document the process, you will forget so much of it (look who I’m telling to take pictures? Yeesh!)

  4. Love the bedding…so fresh and pretty…sometimes it is SO worth a little splurge when it makes you happy. :) Can’t wait to see pics of your new studio and home. (I know, all too well, the feeling on something you need NOW being packed up in a box, lol!) Have a fun time at your meetings. :)

  5. Oh,joy! A sunny yellow studio. I would one day like to have a pale blue one. A girl can dream. The sheet set is beautiful.

  6. SO exciting to see you getting intot he new place and being so peaceful and happy about it all. I don’t know a soul alive more happy to be moving than you are!! LOL Moving = Stress for most women, but you just keep us all smiling! I love that bedding and trash can too… awesome things for an awesome lady!

  7. oooh looks great! Can’t wait to see pics!

  8. Jennifer says:

    The trash can may be expensive but your Mom is right…it is totally worth it! I have Beagles and that is the only way I can keep them out of the trash!

  9. welcome home!!!

  10. right on, stacy! i’m so glad to hear that you’ve moved in and everything is well. lots of fun new stuff is always great! don’t you just love the smell of your new home?
    happy homemaking!

  11. How beautiful and how fun to finally be in! Isn’t it great? My new favorite colors for home decor are blue and brown, so I love the bed accessories you chose. Congratulations!

  12. Congrats on the new house! Can’t wait to see pictures!!

  13. So what kind of camera do you have? We’re looking into replacing ours in the future and I’m taking a poll.

  14. What nice choices you’ve made for your home. I look forward to seeing pics of your studio, when you are settled.

  15. That bedding makes me want to re-arrange my whole room!!

  16. Thena Smith says:

    Enjoy your new home!! It was fun to say hello to you today on World Talk Radio!
    God Bless Your New Home
    God bless your new home
    Is for you my prayer
    That your home be filled
    with joy and peace
    And love prevail there.

  17. I love the colors!! Hugs Wanda

  18. Beautiful bedding. Have fun enjoying your new house.

  19. isn’t it fun that so many people are online now? so much easier to keep in touch.

  20. i have that set in the tan. sharp stuff:)

  21. Jolene George says:

    The bedding is beautiful and I’m sure if your mom says that is the best garbage can, she’s probably right. Enjoy settling into your new home. http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/

  22. Love your bedding! Dan & I came very close to picking the same set for our wedding registry, how funny is that? (Ended up going with the “Taylor” bedding from C&B, but still, too fun!)

  23. Can’t wait to see your room!

  24. Can’t wait to see your room! I love your bedding, so cozy and light.

  25. Love your new bedding and am excited to hear about your new room.
    On the Run for your Life front I actually completed my goal of running a 10 k this weekend. I felt great but alas I have no pictures :( but I DID save my race number to add to my running journal and I have officially registered for a full marathon for october to keep me motivated!

  26. Stacy, we are dying to see your new scrap room . . . . . .

  27. oooh, Stacy….are you there?!?

  28. I absolutely LOVE using Pottery Barn canvas totes to organize my pantry. I have pictures on my blog archived under the month of March. SO easy, so cute SO FUNCTIONAL. Good luck with the organizing!

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