I’m …

moving. Have I mentioned this yet? AAAAHHHHHH!!!!

Had two wonderful days in Utah with my Simple team — man I love those people. Our next special issue, Quizzes and Questions looks so FAB — I’m totally serious. We are planning some very fun changes, updates etc.. for 2007 — our 5th anniversary year!!

I am spending every free moment that I can on my Library class. I am
pushing some serious deadlines here — poor Kayce. Hoping today will be
extremely productive.

Got this comment yesterday about the liberating nature of my library concept — it’s amazing that every time I get overwhelmed and discouraged, I get an email or notecard or something that gives me encouragement and affirms for me how very blessed I am to be able to do what I do.

First, I want to tell you how awesome I think this class is going to be. I listened to the Week 1 message this morning (I know, I’m a bit late on that part), and I was almost in tears with the freedom you have given me! I have been really struggling with my scrapbooking the last several months because
1) I knew I could never get caught up (my son is 12 and I was working on his baby album!)
2) I was overwhelmed with all the fantastic "scrap artists" out there and didn’t think I could ever measure up
3) I began to have worries that it wasn’t really "okay" for me to "waste my time" scrapbooking. I struggle with depression, and some days it’s tough just to get the housework done, so taking time out to do something "non-essential" seemed somehow wrong, even though it’s a great outlet for me.

I started scrapping in 1998 to record vacation memories. Back then there wasn’t so much pressure (or at least I didn’t feel it) to be a "master scrapper", published in a hundred magazines (there weren’t that many around!), wowing people the world over. Back then it was about recording memories for future generations. But with the explosion of the industry, it just seemed to me that it became a contest to see who could create the most amazing layout, the most artsy, blow-your-socks-off, "look how awesome I am" work of  art that anyone had ever seen, with memories taking a backseat. I can’t do that. Okay, maybe I could if I really worked at it, but that kind of pressure is just too much and it takes all the fun out of scrapping, for me. So your message really touched me, and I think it was a Godsend (literally). You’ve reawakened in me the whole reason I started scrapping in the first place — to record memories for my family and those who come after us. AND to have fun and be fulfilled doing it! So THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for giving me the freedom to scrap what matters most!

Sound familiar? As women we tend to put so much pressure on ourselves, in so many areas of life and life btw, is tough — especially in the world we live in. We need each other and so today, I just want to say how grateful I am for this scrapbooking community. We are truly blessed.

Sneak peak at my studio floor.

You have to understand that several of the things I’m doing in my new house aren’t really "in line" with the other houses in this new development. I’m old enough to know what I like, but at the same time I still worry about being "cool." So, I always feel a little sheepish when I go see the house  and wonder what the construction dudes are thinking … (the lime green kitchen, homemade tiles in the laundry room mixed with bright yellow and turquoise and then of course my flowers) Yesterday, I ran into a sub-contractor outside who told me he loved what I did with my "cute" office floor downstairs, and then I went inside and three of these twenty-somethings turned down their rap music just to tell me they like working in my house — that its a happy house.

that’s all I want too, a happy house.
have a good and happy day.


  1. Hi Stacy -
    That’s what I want too — a HAPPY house! I want people to walk through the front door and just feel the happiness eminating from within…from the decor to the people inside! Thanks for the sneak peek of your office floor – can’t wait to see the rest! :)

  2. That’s the great thing about getting older; it’s easier not to worry about what others think; we tend to do what WE like! :) Congratulations on your new Happy House!

  3. kerri macdonald says:

    Stacy – You are one of the “coolest” people I have ever met (CKU- MPLS). And your house sounds beautiful and cheery. I love lime green! We just bought our first home and I can’t wait to cheer it up with bright and wonderful colors! Congrats on your new house!

  4. Hi Stacy -
    The woman who wrote that note to you deserves some kind of “happy mail”. She summed it all up, at least for me. After taking several of your classes and listening intently to every word you said, I have found scrapbooking to be a very enjoyable part of my life. I am not known to be the “artsy” one however, I have memory albums that tell my family’s story, that express just how much I love each member of my family and couldn’t be more proud. Thanks for teaching me how to appreciate life and live it to its fullest!
    Now about those flowers, they are totally cool – that coming from a 45 year old who knows what cool really means!!!
    Congrats on the new house. Happy moving!

  5. How wonderful to have hip, twenty somethings comment on your house. What an AMAZING feeling – having a HAPPY home!!

  6. I was moved by the email you posted – Your response is dead-on.
    Now about that floor: Is that Forbo? Marmoleum? It looks great, and environmentally friendly. You can’t get any cooler than that!
    It’s going to be one happy HOME!take care, Kathy

  7. Hi Stacy,
    Happy woman. Happy house. Happy.
    You are a terrific inspiration!

  8. I think its funny that the contractor used the word “cute”!!!
    The email that you posted really hits home. All the scrapbook stuff was packed up for 2 years while tried to sell the house then waited for this one to be built (seems to take forever). so you’ve given me a lot of inspiration now that everything has been unpacked. Jean is visiting me and mom this week, am 95% done with a “sister stuff” accordian (double sided) little “book” for her of pictures of she and i when we were little. thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Stacy, anything with those adorable yellow flowers on the floor HAS to be found in a HAPPY house! They are adorable! It seems we, as women especially, always think we should conform and do what everyone else is doing, live where everyone else is living, etc., etc., etc. We should just listen to our heart and do what makes us happy, and if that’s painting adorable yellow flowers on the floor, then so be it! I love it!
    I read a quote once that said, “We’d worry a lot less about what people thought of us if we realize how little they did.” So there. Let’s all paint some flowers in our house somewhere…I think I’ll start with the girls’ playroom today. Hope they turn out as cute as yours!

  10. That is your studio floor?? I am so jealous! It looks amazing!!

  11. Mom2Nick says:

    Love your floor – it’s all about what makes you happy.
    Thank you for posting the message from one of the emails you received. I am so loving your class and look forward to the weeks ahead. I’m one of those scrapbookers who scrapbook chronologically, but now realize I don’t have to do that anymore.
    I felt I always needed to complete all of my pictures in order and now I feel free to create what I want when I want.
    I have always wanted to take snippets of the town that I live in, but thought, I’m going to wait because there are so many other pictures to scrapbook first. Now by being in your class and learning your concepts, I want to go take those much long awaited pictures now and create a layout.
    Thank you so much for all of the inspiration you provide to all of us.
    Laura (mom2nick)

  12. That floor is a treasure, just like you, Stacy!
    During the move, remember to BREATHE. :)

  13. Every house should be a happy house! Thanks for sharing that email. It really hits home when it comes to scrapbooking. I go through these phases where I dont’ think I am good enough and then where I don’t care what everyone else thinks. On the days where I dont’ think I am good enough, I pull out your book and remeinded that I am good enough just the way I scap.

  14. I am putting something new on my list of things to do before die….”visit Stacy’s happy house!”. It sounds divine…and those flowers ROCK!

  15. Oh yes! I AM jealous. And being an architect, I love clients who have a sense of style and design. So much fun to work with.

  16. Rebecca Foxworth says:

    I’ve said it to you before, and I’ll say it again, Stacy: my favorite thing about your pages is that I’ve never looked at one and thought, “Stacy did that for show.” Instead, I’ve always thought, “Stacy did that for her family.” And I love that!

  17. How wonderful to have a house so happy that people WANT to work there – and 20-somethings no less.
    If it’s this happy now, imagine how great it will be when it has all your family’s energies just filling it up and grooving with it every day. THIS will be a home!

  18. Michele says:

    Your house will definitely be a “home that love built”. I love all the personal touches you are adding to your new home and I can’t wait to see more pics of the Lime Green Kitchen, Laundry Room Tiles and your Flowery Studio Floor! :)

  19. Rebecca Foxworth says:

    Stacy, have you seen Rockester’s (aka Kathy Aho’s) post on her blog thanking you for this post? http://rockester.blogspot.com/
    She sent the link to your blog out to her 6900 e-mail group recipients also. I’m sure your blog got a lot of “hits” today!

  20. The message you posted is so RIGHT ON!!! It’s all about doing this because you LOVE it, feel it, need it!! Thanks for sharing that, we all need the reminder!!

  21. Donna M. says:

    Stacy: Have you gotten your referral yet? We talked at CKU-A in Stamford last year (my DD is from China) and I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately. E-mail me with an update if your comfortable doing so.
    P.S.- Don’t you just love cute contractors! Especially the ones taht “get” your style!

  22. Stacy,
    I just decided that I’m going to have to come and pay you a visit…just like you did for me! I love everything that I see about your new house….it is so totally you! I am so proud of you and everything that you are doing in your life…keep it up, girl! You are my hero!
    Melody R.

  23. Lynne Hardy says:

    How cute is that floor? Can’t wait to see pictures of your completed home and scrapbook studio.
    Thanks, for sharing.

  24. It’s a good thing you don’t live closer to me because I might be a stalker – closely watching to see what cool thing you do next in your house! I LOVE that you make every inch of your house a special place. I LOVE that about you!

  25. your house looks/sounds wonderful… a happy house… love it!

  26. I knew your class was going to be great….. makes me even sadder that I missed registration…and I never WAIT… why why why LOL
    What a wonderful home your building!

  27. Funny, my kids have always called them “worker guys” or “worker men” I like “construction dudes”. It’s nice to relate to the people working on your house, isn’t it?

  28. Mary Ellen says:

    stacy–you are the *happy person* in my life–even in the middle of MOVING you are just so positive…
    your house is gonna be so COOL–and I somehow *know* it will be happy, too!love just the few snaps of it already…do we get a virtual tour when you move in!? have a great week….love ya’ sista!
    Mary Ellen

  29. Hey Happy is so so good!! Enjoy it!! Hugs wanda

  30. I can’t WAIT to see pictures of this house when it’s finished! It sounds AWESOME. It totally sounds HAPPY! And that’s the whole point right? For people to feel that happiness when they come in the door. So that it envelopes them and welcome them and makes them feel good.


  32. Annette Robison says:

    I also struggle with depression and worry that I should be cleaning house, etc. Scrapbooking makes me happy! I was published once in a Memory Makers book years ago, and if I’m never published again, it’s ok. My family and friends love the pages I do, and especially the gift albums I do for them. It’s the only time I feel artistic. Maybe not by the world’s standards, but by mine. As long as it makes us and our families happy, it must be a good thing. Keep scrappin’!

  33. Love the new floor, Stacy…and I can’t imagine you living anyplace that wasn’t immediately a happy house – it just wouldn’t be your house if it weren’t! :)
    Good luck with the move!

  34. Meredith Shepherd says:

    OK – I want the gal who posted that note to know how grateful I am that she took the time to express herself. She very eloquently said all the things I have so often felt. I just wanted to say thanks…I needed to know that I’m not alone. Stacy, what a great network of amazing women you have inspired.

  35. You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do….I have an electric lemonade sunroom (lime green), a tequila sunrise bedroom (lighter coral), banana yellow kitchen and a bahama mama living room (deep coral) and they are all adjoining rooms. Very much needed color during the long Midwestern winters.

  36. Jolene George says:

    I feel exacty how that woman does. Sure I want my pages to look nice, but I want them to look nice for my children and their children. I’m not trying to please anyone else because it isn’t a competition. I love what I do and I do it to record their memories and also a way for me to feel creative. Not just to take one picture and put it on a page with no story behind it. I want them to remember the things they did, not just an album filled with cute portraits of them. I really do enjoy looking at the beautiful work of the published artists, but have no desire to be one, myself. Just enjoying the process!
    I love your new floor and I think it’s wonderful that those young guys can feel that you have a happy home already. What a great thing! http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/

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