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Scrapbook Answers. Here’s a magazine that is carving out a niche in this industry and doing a darn good job too! As far as I know they just did a "first" — they wrote a product review on my book, The Big Picture. They aknowledged a book published by another magazine — a competitor. I am so impressed by this. Now, my book received a favorable review. I have no idea if I’d still be impressed if they gave my a book a thumbs down. But it’s not really about the review so much as it is their groundbreaking example of how to play "big" in a growing industry. Their actions show forth editorial integrity and that’s really cool.


I will personally thank Leslie, but wanted to give her a public shout out too–
Keep up the GREAT work!!!!


  1. Maybe they just appreciate the ‘Big Picture’ too?? LOL!Congratulations on a fantastic book and an inspiring website. I feel so refreshed by these resources and have already signed up for 2 classes.
    Many thanks from Australia, Stacy!

  2. Hey, pretty new photo of you up there on the left side of the page…
    That is cool – the reviewing outside the ‘stable’ sort of thing. Maybe a sign that the industry is moving into a more mature phase, that there’s enough room for more than one sort of source for ideas and editorial content, and that sharing is better than exclusivity.
    And of COURSE your book got a good review…how could it not?

  3. Stacey,
    I think this is wonderful….I wish all people in this industry would play nice. ” Put on your “Big” girl pants and share the wealth of a wonderful industry that we are a part of and enjoy everyday of our life. I know that I do. I have a store in my area that needs to read your blog and learn a good lesson. Here is to a piece of the pie for everyone in this wonderful “hobby”, life style of ours. Keep in Real

  4. Well, how could they not give it “two thumbs up?” BPS is a fabulous book that should be noticed by everybody in the industry. Kudos to SA for reviewing your book and giving it a positive review to boot!

  5. Darlalou says:

    I totally agree… imo that is like walking over to the winning team after a hard game and giving them a pat on the back and thanking them for a heckuva’ game! Total integrity… awesome!

  6. I think that is AWESOME!! We all love scrapbooking why have competition? Everyone deserves a pat on the back, even if they play on the “other team.”

  7. I agree. Scrapbook Answers is quickly branding itself as a resource for objective reviews that don’t cater to endorsement or corporate affiliations. And their writing style lets you quickly and succinctly where they stand on pretty much any given topic. It’s a refreshing read, and very distinct.

  8. I agree — I completely agree … w/o stepping on the toes of the other mags, SA is definitely widening the horizons …

  9. This is what I love about you, Stacy! You are just a darn nice person! :) I love it that you give praise where deserved–competitor or not!!

  10. I thought the same thing when I read the review yesterday. I thought that it was very mature to review something put out by a different magazine – but afterall, the book is amazingly inspiring!

  11. I was thinking the exact same thing when I read my new issue to day – and I thought it was extremely big of them…
    ahahaha big picture, get it? lol
    anyways…ahem…very cool of you to mention it.
    also very big.

  12. Stacy, you certainly do see the “Big Picture”!! So stunning of you to share! I am ‘affected’ by you daily! Thank you for beign so real.

  13. Jenn Guymon says:

    I absolutely love that magazine. I love reading the reviews about different products and the cd’s they include with every issue.
    It was so kind of you to mention them here.

  14. I agree. it’s companies like SA that is carving the niche…. kudos to them!

  15. Good for you and for your book! I just bought it and I am blown away by this book. I have been talking up BP a storm. BTW, I am in this issue on page 50. Go Stacy Go! We need more people like you.

  16. I thought that was so cool too :).

  17. Rebecca F says:

    I’ve been impressed with the honesty of their reviews, also. From telling us the not-so-good features of rolling totes from some of (I’m sure) their advertisers, to giving a positive review to a book published by another company, they’ve earned my trust in the WhatWorks/WhatDoesn’t department. Congratulations on your great review!

  18. that is totally cool. i love it.

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