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so … I think I’m finally seeing a light at the end of the move tunnel, and I feel all of a sudden very hopeful for the future. As I was moving boxes from our crawl space into the garage, I came across this:


so I opened it and saw this …


I discovered Franklin planners the year before my oldest son was born and I was a dedicated customer for nine years. I felt organized and productive. I had a monthly task list and daily lists prioritized — a place to track all the details of my life. At times, I yearned for something a bit more creative — especially after I discoverd scrapbooking, but I was happy. Fast forward to 2002 — and the opportunity to create a creative planner for Simple Scrapbooks. I jumped at the chance — we couldn’t of course create something on the level of Franklin, but we could make a fun and portable calendar that would inspire our readers, help them connect to the joy in their lives and give them jumpstarts to their creativity. I decided that if we were going to build this thing — I would need to use it, and I have. I have loved it — here comes the but — but, it isn’t a Franklin and it doesn’t have the ability to track my CRAZY life the way my box of planners did.

Now, here’s where it gets really good. I just recently learned that we (Simple Scrapbooks) will not be doing the planner next year. Hadn’t really pondered my options going forward (too busy to think about it right now) and then — I remembered seeing the Memory Dock launch at CHA in January. Robin Johnson, who is a dear friend of mine has created this phenomenal line of organizational products for scrapbookers and it includes a PLANNER!!!

Fast forward again — to the day before yesterday and the day after I found my archive of nine years — I got another box in the mail and inside found this:


Can you believe it?

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I am one lucky girl  — a huge perk of my job in this industry is the fact that I’m often treated to new product. But this, beats all.
I think one of the major reasons I’m feeling a renewed sense of hope this morning (other than the fact that I’ve had my first "session" with profressional organizer Aby Garvey) is the fact that I am once again a full-fledged planner-toting woman.

I’ll keep you posted as I set up and explore my new life-tracking tool (that is so beautiful it makes me want to cry) and in the meantime, I just want to say THANKS to Robin and We R Memory Keepers (Memory Dock) for creating this for our industry — YOU ROCK!!!

I’m off to clean out the big freezer in my garage and then pack more boxes.


  1. Holy moly that is one beautiful gift!!!
    I too am a planner kind of gal – every November, I look at the pda’s, then go buy another refill for my pencil & paper one. Just caught in that one sort of rut and not feeling like climbing out just yet.
    Good luck with the freezer!

  2. I have a practical question… do you have a “family” calendar to track the family stuff and just use the planner for yourself and transfer info to the big calendar for the family? I always have trouble managing two planners… one for the family that everyone has access to and one for me to tote around… any insight? It sounds like your life is the same level of crazy as mine is and I’d love to have a better way to keep track of stuff!

  3. AH!!! I can’t believe you got one. I can totally relate – I carried around a Franklin Covey planner for YEARS and this past year when I decided to sign up for Donna’s class, I got the SS planner. Its fun, and I personalized it, but you are right – its not a FC planner (I miss mine). So give us a review of the new Memory Dock system. When I saw it online after CHA, I knew it was something I’d want – even though my husband said ‘buy a planner and stick with it’. Does it have a place for daily task lists? Does it have a place for sketches? Does it have a month-at-a-glance page? It looks so darned pretty! I’m green with envy! :)

  4. I’ve enjoyed the SS planner the last few years and am bummed about having to find a new system. I loved the Monday to Sunday format and the inspirational quotes and creative ideas for each week. Oh well, a shopping I will go…

  5. I just looked at the Memory Dock and had a little chuckle. I did this with one of my older franklin binder. I had pocket pages for photos and embellishments (stickers and die cuts back then) to keep it all organized.
    But now I am all digital so I just have my pda. ;-)

  6. I have been contemplating ordering the Memory Dock planner because I am a loyal SS planner user. Now since you won’t be continuing with that planner I am going to do the switch as well. Thank you for letting us know that it is an awesome product! I am so excited to try this!

  7. go stacy go! the moving gods are on your side!

  8. I am a planner “hoar”…LOL! That looks BEAUTIFUL!!

  9. that’s awesome…memory dock looks so cool! :)

  10. Love that planner…so cute! I’m bummed that they’ll be no SS planner next year, but I made a note to order a Memory Dock one come November!
    Happy packing….i actually like packing. I love seeing all the “stuff” I find and the waves of memories that it brings back…

  11. I’m cleaning out my office, purging, organizing, etc. I need a break! So I check out my fav blogs. Enter Stacy J. and her box of her 9 year relationship with Franklin Covey- so my question to you-What are you going to do with it? Do you really go back and look through them when you’ve also got fabulous scrapbooks documenting life? Anyways I’m signed up for Memory Dock class- I cannot wait!
    I love what you are doing at
    and thanks for the Aby Garvey refferal, as an uber-organizationally challenged gal, you are totally hooking me up!

  12. I am SO salivating over that planner…happy organizing!!

  13. I am also an ex-franklin planner girl with the boxes of archived refills to prove it. Your new planner is way cool… I also love that it is GREEN! Memory Dock is coming to a store near me, something tells me I will be checking it out! Tena

  14. karen in toronto says:

    That planner looks great …unfortunately the website doesn’t have enough details about it (plus the inserts link doesn’t work…grrr) ~ could you give us more info & pics please?

  15. karen in toronto says:

    ummm. that is, maybe you could give more info when you’ve moved & unpacked…don’t want to be demanding…thanks
    (that’ll teach me for hitting post too quickly!!)

  16. oh man, I have been so needing a new system to embrace. does it come in orange, though the green is cool.
    didja like the white choclate brownies? ;o)

  17. NO WAY! i too was a franklin girl all my working years. now a SAHM. YESTERDAY i bought the new “365″ franklin planner at target b/c i was missing it TOO much. LOL. should have waited to check out the memory dock….but i still love my new franklin. its bright orange. i feel so much better organized…

  18. Oh no! No SS planner next year? :( Major bummer.
    Guess I’ll have to check out the nifty gifty you got as an alternative.

  19. I’ve just ordered mine for the BPS class. It looks fantastic!

  20. Please tell me this is available to the public…how GORGEOUS is that?!
    Off to see…

  21. OK – I know that the Memory Dock planner fits the Franklin Covey Classic size binder but I REALLY NEED to see pictures of the pages themselves. I would love a planner to combine both aspects of my life :) (LOVE that green!!! so my happy color)

  22. you are so blessed to be getting all thisstuff for free.. the rest of us can dream. I wud so love one of those planners!wow…

  23. So not to sound too much like a stalker, but is it wrong that I as I was flying into Spokane yesterday, my first thought (after I addressed all my work issues) was: hey, my scrapbook goddess idol Stacy lives in this neck of the woods! Is that wrong? And where oh where should I check out local stores?!!

  24. You lucky lucky girl.
    I so want one of those.
    Enjoy every minute of your organisation, knowing that I am so totally jealous!
    Have a great weekend.

  25. Oh you are one lucky girl! What a great gift. And in the best HAPPY color, too. I am going to have to take a look at those.

  26. Very nice present! I love planners too and Aby is a fabulous organizer. Your life is going to be so organized you’ll have to figure out what to do with all your spare time!

  27. MNScrapbookmom says:

    I am planner kinda gal, I gave it up though two years ago for a palm pilot. I absolutely hated my palm – $200.00 down the drain. I bought an SS planner an a whim that it would be what I was looking for. It was all that, I take it everywhere. I just love that it has so many features. I recommend it to all that ask about it. I am thoroughly taken back that there will not be a 2007 planner. But that’s usually how it goes when you find something that you love and works perfectly for you and your life style. Still hoping that you will reconsider…..

  28. Wow, that looks SO fun and its definitely totally 100% you! :)

  29. gonna have to get one of those!

  30. gonna have to get one of those!

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