Runner Mom Update

I have heard from several of our challenge-takers and am starting to receive and post pictures [check out the photo album dedicated to the finish-liners] I am so proud of what is happening and what is being accomplished for the health of women — way to go girls!!!

I took the challenge and was scheduled to run a half-marathon on Saturday (here comes the but) …

But, I have been traveling too much, so I simply could not justify another trip away from home. My sister-n-law Hillary is taking my place and she and my sister Darci will be running the 10K in Salt Lake City, Saturday morning. I am not quite ready to run 13.1miles, but I will be running 10 on the Centennial Trail here in Spokane. In fact I told Geof that we are having our own little family race. The boys will prepare a finish line and there will water stops and pictures that I can post. After that there will be a garage sale. BIG garage sale, with lots of stuff that isn’t going to the new house. Since I’ll be in Seattle at Lasting Memories next Saturday [June 10th] I will miss the annual Liberty Lake garage sale — just couldn’t leave my husband all alone to sell my collection of stamps and other scrapbook-related items — we deciced to join our neighbor at his pre-sale this weekend.

I want to apologize to some who I believe were planning on running with me in Utah. I am so sorry to pull out this late in the game. I am still learning my limits. And, honestly I don’t think I had a clue as to the ginormous magnanimous [huge] of effort required to move a family of six — it’s out of control. Like no order in my house at all — and totally sucking the life out of me — crazy and overwhelming, but I refuse to move stuff we don’t use or need to the new house, so it’s show time on the clean-out and pare-down and pack-up and it seems like most of it has to be done by yours truly.

Anyway, back to the run update … If you have completed your run or other physical challenge, be sure to send me a pic and your feelings and I’ll post them in the photo album — and watch for some from me too!


  1. hiya!! I am still tenatively scheduled to have a 5K on the 24th. our life sure is packed in the month of June….. I might have to be a late sign-up for one the weekend before and sneak out of a crop to go do it…..but a promise is a promise right??

  2. Suzanne says:

    I’ll buy those stamps and scrap items for $50….hehehe. Dar, I wish I could come to your garage sale….I love a good bargain…
    re: the challenge. Surgery pushed me back a bit in Spring but I am still training. I’ve lost 7# pounds and I am up to walking two miles each day. In the heat it’s challenging, especially pushing that stroller! Can we just walk our 5K if we have to?

  3. I’m telling you, a match over the shoulder as you walk out of the old house is the best way to go (I stole this idea from Dave Barry).
    You could probably pack up random quantities of sb/stamp supplies and sell ‘grab bags’ through this blog – it would all be gone in 20 minutes! (faster than Springsteen tickets) Of course, then you have to pack & ship the stuff – good for us, not so much for you.
    I did NOT pare down before the ‘big move’ and 9 years later I’m still wishing I had. Ugh! So much unnecessary stuff here…and so much harder to get rid of when you’ve gone to the trouble of moving it. So good luck and be strong – it will all be worth it!

  4. I so understand what you are talking about when it comes to moving. The last time I moved, it was just Heather and I. 8 years later in our old house brought new stuff and 2 kids (most of the stuff has been for those said kids). We just moved on 5/6 and we moved everything (but I did get my Happy Mail–thanks so much!). But, as we bring a box in, practically half a box is going back out to the garage for a garage sale. I’m ready for my cars to be in the garage again.

  5. I would SO be at your garage sale if I weren’t going out of town today. Of course, I don’t really need more schtuff, now do I? No, of course I don’t.
    Still – I’m sure there would be a few goodies I could pick up.
    And hey – I had to laugh – you went from forgetting you had a blog to a post-o-rama!
    Have a great weekend, Stacy – I’m off to Leavenworth for a CropTime retreat – and I’m going to get LOTS done.
    Cheers, friend.

  6. Stacy, you are so right to NOT run the half marathon if you aren’t ready. It is a brave decision and very smart. You’ve got to wait until you are really prepared so that you can enjoy the race, not just complete it for its’ own sake. Life happens and we all have to be flexible enough to go with the flow! I’m sure you will do a half marathon in the near future and have a great time! Good luck with your move! :)

  7. Oh yeah, I forgot to say…I recieved your class package yesterday.OMG, the cutest dang stuff I’ve ever seen, thanks! Can’t wait for class! Thanks for all your work!

  8. So excited about BPS class! Thanks for the goodies in the mail. It made my otherwise bad day!

  9. Kaci Jackson says:

    I completely understand. I’ve had to pare down a 1500 sqft. amount of stuff to fit into a less than 400 sqft. apartment in New York City for tomorrow! I’m exhausted. I’m the one that packs and sorts and purges and cleans. I am so tired. You think I was the only one in the family but I do have a husband and two children. I’m lucky that my seven year old son helps me. My three-year old daughter tried packing her toys. My husband? Guess how much?
    My prayers and thoughts go out to you.

  10. Kathleen P says:

    I didn’t make my challenge goal either but am still working towards a 5k in the fall…too bad you won’t be in SLC tomorrow, the marathon goes right by my house and I could have waved and screamed for you!!! I missed the SL marathon last year but the first year I cried as every runner went past…so moving to see so many people accomplish something so huge! Thanks for your motivation…I’m still runnin’!

  11. Stacy!
    Funny how “life” gets in the way of doing things we REALLY want to do, huh? LOL! My goal for running a 5k is not until August 16th—It’s an evening run (called the “moonlight” run), and I am determined to run that race! Now, if I can just get out to train!!! SIGH! I need some inspiration—and time! Good luck with your garage sale and move!

  12. I hate moving, and hope we never have to do it again! lol! I feel your pain. Posted a photo of my calendar photo this morning –
    Good luck with your garage sale!

  13. WOOOO!!!! HOOOOOO!!!!
    I finished the Salt Lake City 5K!!!
    I am on cloud nine. What an incredible experience. I have seriously accomplished something that is so difficult for me.
    I am so sorry you were not able to be here in SL for the event, but I admire your dedication to your family.
    Thanks for setting the challenge. You can see my journaling about my race on my blog…

  14. Katie Bowers and her pals gave me the chills – girls, you ROCK!

  15. Valerie White says:

    I couldn’t figure out how to email you so thought I would just take a chance and post here. If for any reason you have leftover scrapbook items, especially stickers and embellishments I would absolutely LOVE them for the Tacoma Rescue Mission where I work with familys and drug/alcohol rehab gals to scrapbook their recoveries or their families.
    Thank you.

  16. I couldn’t figure out your email so I hope it is ok to post here!!
    Thanks so much for the challenge!! I ran a 5 mile race on June 3rd and am so happy that I did it! Thanks for the push.
    There are some photos on my blog!

  17. christall says:

    I wasn’t officially part of the “group” who made the marathon committment but my daughter and I ran our first race together last month – mind you she’s 5 years old – but as dedicated as they come. She made the decision to sign up, she was the one who kept us committed to “training” and I couldn’t be any prouder of both of us – but the photo of her crossing the finish line – after running her mile – every time I see it, it simply brings tears to my eyes…
    thanks for inspiring us… mother and daughter alike -

  18. Hey Stacy,
    Can’t wait to hear about your run! What a fun idea you came up with!
    Thanks again for inspiring me to run in a 5K. Truly, I know I woudln’t have done this yet if it weren’t for your challenge. So thank you!!
    I wrote about my racing experience on my blog … it’s good for a chuckle or two.

  19. Good luck on your packing. We moved a month ago so I know all about the purging required…and I’m still living with boxes. This too shall pass!

  20. totally not related to this post, but i can’t find your email address anywhere so i’ll post it here. i’m so excited about the library of memories class. i got my welcome packet on thurs. and as soon as i had the family fed, i went to work altering it….here are pictures (hope the link works)

  21. How about selling stamps to your out of town blog friends? I can’t make it to you’re area of the country, but I’m sure a few of us would love to see what you’re selling! :) (I know, you need something else to photograph and post right now!) Just wishful thinkin’!

  22. Melissa Kaiserman says:

    Oh, man… I would have been your best garage sale customer if I hadn’t read about it three days too late! I’m missing the LL sale, too. Oh well. I probably saved a lot of money not knowing about yours! ;)

  23. I have visited your site 978-times

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