Scenes from a Restaurant

Restaurants should post:
Warning: This eating establishment has a TV. Meaningful conversation should not be expected.

Dsc00425 Dsc00424_2

Oh well, at least I didn’t have
to prepare the food!


  1. oh dear, this is why you scout out the tvs and strategically sit where the “guys” cant see it!!

  2. photojenic says:

    Ugh! I *hate* that TVs are everywhere nowadays. And the worst part is that I’ve noticed that even I seem inexorably drawn to it, despite my loathing. Something about the flashing lights and colors out of the corner of my eye makes me turn my head. *sigh*

  3. Love that you can see his cute little CTR ring in the last one!

  4. Looks just like every Thursdsay night in our town – 1/2 price pizza at TC’s, bring a handful of quarters for Ms. Pac-Man, then ask the waitress if they can change over to Animal Planet (instead of Cops or Fox News).
    It’s a great time to get caught up on my reading; many a sb magazine has seen the inside of this place! (and the leftover pizza is great for school lunch the next day)

  5. lol! been there! :-) another positive note… you didn’t have to clean up either!!!

  6. ROFL!!! Isn’t that the truth!!!! We don’t have a tv at home, so my kids are even worse…their jaws are a little bit open…I’ll have to take a picture sometime! LOL

  7. that is hilarious!

  8. LOL!! So true!! All the boys doing to “man” thing, so fun to watch. (well, sometimes)

  9. Ok, Stacy,
    Do you take your camera EVERYWHERE!! This is just too funny.

  10. sviglianti says:

    LOL…I hate to admit this, but if there is a Yankee game on, I look like that!
    Too funny!

  11. Way too funny Stacy!
    I make a point of not going to our local place during baseball season – else everyone is watching the game (myself included – LOL)
    Thanks for the laugh!

  12. Oh Stacy, that is SO funny!!!

  13. omg toooo funny…we probably all can relate!

  14. I love these photos, Stacy – and I love the “familyness” apparent from these photos! These guys are all handsome, and definitely related! Their profiles, their noses, their hairline – look at the shape of Dad’s ear and the first son’s (second picture)’s ear – wow, what a strong family resemblance!
    Maybe this distraction is a blessing – how often would you have the opportunity to take such great family pictures while their attention is somewhere else?
    I feel a “Like Father, Like Son” page coming on …!!!

  15. Rebecca F says:

    Keep a novel or a tiny book of scriptures in your purse. Then you can whip it out, begin reading, and when they notice, say “Well, you guys looked busy!”
    Of course this will make a great page. You just have to figure out how to create one of those little “Surgeon General’s Warning” boxes on you computer…”Surgeon General’s Warning: This restaurant contains a television set. Televisions have been determinted to be distracting and detrimental to your family’s dinner conversation!”

  16. Ohhhhh man that is FUNnnnnnneeeee my Dh is the very same way- restaurants with tv are no good I think!

  17. That was my BIG SMILE for the day, I think! Too funny!

  18. Catherine says:

    That’s hilarious!

  19. This cracks me up. The TV at our local McD’s was the last straw. I already felt bad about going there (nutrition and all that!) and the TV just sent me over the edge.
    Unless we’re going to a sports grill type of place, NO TVs!!!!

  20. LOL….those are just to funny!!!….love your blog!!!

  21. wow! I didn’t know our families were related…..the men in your family look JUST LIKE the men in mine!! how odd! lol!!

  22. monica in raleigh says:

    too funny – but all to familiar ! i have many memories of these type of “family night out! ”

  23. oohhhhh ….
    i hate it when that happens. my husband keeps telling me someone invented a clicker that can turn off ALL tvs. aparently it’s very small.
    that’s waht i need. i mean, doesn’t anyone ever talk to one another anymore??
    love the blog! and, i’m thinking about taking a BPS class soon.

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