So much to post …

so little time.

I finally ran my very poorly attended 10 mile race yesterday. I was the only runner and there were very few fans at the finish — but they were fans none-the-less. Pictured here, holding the ribbon is Taft and Jill — Ashli has the camera. Thanks to my support team,


I got water at mile three and six and actually enjoyed the whole thing. Miles 8 to 9 were tough, but the sun was out, not too hot and I ran along the river where there was generally a cool breeze and decent shade.

I’m just so stinkin proud of what we (myself now included) have accomplished.
As soon as I get settled in my new studio — I’m writing some personal notes of praise!!

I’m feeling very behind in the happy mail department — using the move as an excuse here too. Got some really nice happy mail last week  — pretty sure the chocolate saved me from a meltdown. Came right at the needed moment.

Thanks Michelle.
also got a very fun email containing this happy image …

from Jami, a student in my Library of Memories class! I’m working like crazy to get ready for Thursday. I’m excited and nervous and seriously overwhelmed, but I believe its going to be worthwhile in many ways.

My friend Sarah sent me this picture of her June calendar — so pretty.

And I got my Memories Complete Coaster Kit in the mail yesterday! I think this class is going to be so fun — I’m loving those watercolor stars!

Planning on working late tonight — and posting some more if I can get to it!


  1. Congratulations Stacy! Great job! (& I love the finish line shot!!!)
    See you in class Thursday!

  2. Congratulations on your run Stacy!!! Way to go – and hard to do when it’s hot and you’re the only one out there – yikes! A terrific accomplishment amidst all that’s going on for you now. You rock.

  3. How good are you to do that run! My exercise life is decrepit – it’s a big deal when I take the dog for a walk. I’m thinking some yoga would be a good place to get back in the groove — maybe I should print out the picture of your ‘finish line’ for inspiration.
    and thanks for sharing my calendar page — makes me feel all little-girly-excited to see something of mine in cyberspace!

  4. congrats on your run, I too have finished my clipboard..and LOVE it…I can’t wait unti Thursday…hint hint????

  5. Congratulations on the run, that’s fantastic!! It doesn’t matter that the fan count was small, fans of all type count!! Good luck with the move.

  6. Darlalou says:

    So many cool things to report! I am so happy for you! Congrats on your run, so amazing!! What an accomplishment AND how great you must feel! Love to hear your adventures and happy notes!!

  7. Goooooooooo Stacy. You Rock

  8. Stacy, awesome long run. I think that it is amazing that you coordinated your own event. Given how much you have going on now, it would have been easy to just postpone it until later or forget it all together. You are a trooper!
    Thanks again for the challenge!!

  9. Awesome job, and the finish line to me was just perfect. I felt like when I ran in, and my husband was standing right there with all the girls I ran with, no one else mattered, these are the people who sacrificed the most. So, I think your finish line was perfect, oh and the water stations. I am bummed that I missed my chance to sign up for the class, I got on one day, decided to do it the next, and bam it was closed. So, excited for January, and I am already starting to get organized.

  10. Way to go on the run! WOW! You are an inspiration…thanks again for the push!

  11. Stacy,
    If I wanted to send you a little somethin’ somethin’ where would I send that too? Can you please email me? Thank you!!

  12. Rebecca F says:

    Well, then…congratulations on your first place finish!

  13. Kathleen P says:

    Yay Stacy!!

  14. Suzanne says:

    HOOAH, Stacy!!
    You make ALL OF US proud!

  15. CONGRATS!!!
    I am tickled that you got your race in.
    WAY TO GO!!!!

  16. Congratulations!

  17. Stacy,
    I listened to you speak in Grapevine, Texas in June 2004 at the CTMH convention. You were sooooo awesome! You really inspired me to get scrappin’!
    I am sooo sad that I missed out on registering for your Big Picture class. :( That’s something I could really use! I wish I had known about it before registration closed!
    Congratulations on the run!!

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