We did it …

we finished the science project — got turned in on Thursday. Just wanted to say "phew" and tell Chase thanks for hanging in there this week with mom. It’s a bit CRAZY right now — have I mentioned that? This move thing and the utter dissaray of it all is sucking me dry.


Oh Well, where there is rain, there is usually a rainbow, and Chase can tell you all about it!
Speaking of rain, wish me luck today — I’m headed to my beloved Seattle to speak at Lasting Memories to over 70 scrapbookers — Wow! You know, I love hanging out with scrapbookers. I really do.

I’m bringing some fun and silly prizes and just planning on a really good time.


  1. Man, I feel so sorry for kids whose moms don’t scrap – where do they get their project materials from? My boys usually can turn in something pretty awesome, if I give them access to my stash.
    Looks like your boys definitely benefit from mommy’s work….
    Chase may enjoy the Magic School Bus video about light (and refraction) – lots of fun. Unless, of course, he’s so done with the rainbow thing now.
    Have fun in Seattle (where I was born!).

  2. Love your new profile pic and good luck with the move and getting things back together again.

  3. We are moving this month from CO to CA and I. totally. understand. (about the fun sucking dry part of moving) Hang in there!

  4. Hi Stacy,
    I wanted to thank you for the class on Saturday for Lasting Memories. I was in attendance and learned a lot and enjoyed the afternoon. You are a very good public speaker, very motivating and inspiring! What a great experience to be a part of. So, I’ve been on line this morning looking for post cards and the cute little “Without a Doubt” album. I actually found the album! YAY! :-) Thanks for having such a detailed list of supplies in the back of your book. Safe travels and thank you again!

  5. Ceci Ortiz de Hurtado says:

    Great Ta- Daa! moment for you and your soon! And wait for your Ta -Daa moment after the moving!!!

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