Betcha wanna know …

what I’m doing with these?

Two ways to find out. Either take my Library of Memories class at Big Picture Scrapbooking, or come to Creative Escapes Sept 7-9! So cute — trust me. Urban chic from All My Memories — love them!

Here are some more corners in my world. Haven’t figured out how to do whole rooms yet, but I figure corners are good — corners show progress.


Top of the stairs — need something for the tin bucket thing.


Opposite top of the stairs — I’m going to scrap the pencil holders and share it with you!

Up late tonight, it’s been awhile since I really burned the midnight oil — the real problem is I have a walking date at 5:30 am — oops. And I have so much I want to post about and so much to update, but I’m suddenly feeling very … tired, so I’ll try again tomorrow!

Wait –  one more thing. Go here now! In a chat earlier this evening, Lee (in my class) mentioned smiggle — I asked, what is smiggle and she shared the link. Oh MY HEAVENS — it’s a smile + giggle and their tagline is "original, colourful, creative … just like you" Um, sign me up!
I think I’m going to order something from the felt line — just so I can say "Oh this, I ordered it from Smiggle .. you know, Australia?!"

so tired. going to bed now.


  1. I too start in the corners when I re-do a room, it just feels like a managable amount of space to create order in. When we moved into this house, there was one corner of the living room that got all cleaned up and organized. I could go sit there when the rest of the house was in chaos and feel renewed.
    The tin bucket thing could hold some feathery type dried plant life, or rolled up old maps or large sheets of hand-made rolled paper. Old a big wad of vintage stuff – umbrellas, rulers, like that.
    Or the world’s largest candle.
    Oh I can’t WAIT to see what we get to do w/the AMM books – CE is only 1 1/2 months away!!!!

  2. can’t wait to see what you do with the books.
    your corners look awesome.
    love smiggle… how FUN!!

  3. Stacy Stacy Stacy
    Smiggle know me by name – in fact just yesterday they gave me a frequent shoppers card!! Smiggle boxes are my staple storage units – I have all colours, all sizes. And books, I have their notebooks. Oh and pens. Rulers. Erasers. Folders.
    You catch my drift eh….
    SMIGGLE is my friend!

  4. I am enjoying the snippets of your room. I have a similar tin bucket where I house all of my pretty giftwrap.
    Or you could add some colorful umbrellas in there. I’m sure you will come up with something creative.
    Jeanette :)

  5. Stacy – Loving your corners. I am excited you will be refering to those cute little AMM books in our BPS Class. I have 2 now and just love them.

  6. Wow… your courners are beautiful :) :) I wish there were corners like this in my apartment ;)

  7. thank you for sharing! your corners are beautiful.

  8. Stacy,
    1) Those corners are to die for! I’ve always loved that picture of your family in the cute frame that’s on the homepage for BPS! So cute! I want to decorate a corner in my home today!
    2) Yeah for the little albums, and bigger yeah I’m going to Creative Escape so I get to see what you’ve done with them AND I GET TO MEET YOU!!!! I’m thrilled!
    3) Going to check out Smiggle right now. I can’t wait to see this!
    You’re home is looking so beautiful and so chic! Isn’t it fun?!?! Now you’re not only inspiring us in our scrapbooks, but also in our homes!
    Happy Tuesday!

  9. i could se large (tall too) gerber daisies (fake of course). they’re very colorful and bright. :)
    heidi is at the hospital being induced w/#4–i’m sure i’ll be getting a phone call sometime today.

  10. Love your corners!!

  11. Sandy Wilhelm says:

    I gasp with delight at Smiggle! The colors, the boxes, the notebooks!!! Oh the enabling you have started today is criminal!!! I just hope my credit card has rested from the Magic Bus trip at CKU-A in San Jose :-)
    Stacy your house just radiates your warmth and sunshine and love. Congratulations on your special new home.

  12. Just checked out smiggle. How fun!!!! Also, checked BPS but did not see your Library of memories class. I missed it before and have been waiting to take it. I hope that you are offering it again. Love the way your new house is looking. Congrats!!

  13. When will your Library class be offered again? I missed out first time around and would love to take it.

  14. Jolene George says:

    Your corners are coming together beautifully. Any progress is great progress! I love all the special little touches.

  15. Kristen Joshi says:

    Stacy – I love your corners! So fun to see these snippets of your home and studio. Where did you get the white cabinet with the photos in the front in your ‘family’ corner? Love it!

  16. Wow, it is very nice and good idea. Hey, I will be CE in Sept. Thank you for the inivited from you and Big Picture. Without you, I would never knew until I saw the CK magazine today and check out the registration. It is closed. Thank you.
    I am going to Seattle this weekend. I am hoping that you can give me a suggest place to go “must to see” and is there any scrapbook store in Seattle. After that, go to Vancouver Island for the couple of days.
    Thank you

  17. Gorgeous corners, Stacy!!
    On another note, When are you coming to Australia? I would *love* to take a class from you IRL!!!
    You can bunk with me and my family!! :)

  18. Love the corners.. Thanks for sharing..
    Didn’t find the class.. When can I get the details?

  19. Love your corners and love the Smiggles site! So much fun! I’m with Alison on the gerbera daisies for your tin bucket. That was the first thing that came to my mind too! Can’t wait to see more of your new house!

  20. Wow, beautiful corners, Stacy! Corners are the easiest to decorate in our house, too.
    And those cute albums! I thought they were wallets. :) Gotta blog about them at They are just too cute!

  21. LOVE the lamp. Wow. *drool*

  22. Hi Stacy,
    For those of us who were too late in signing up for your class before it closed and who can’t make it to AZ (live on the East Coast) – won’t you PLEASE tell us what you’re doing with those albums! I have one but haven’t done anything yet . . . please, please, please???
    Thanks and love your new room and the corners!

  23. Loving your decorating and those albums. Always so bright and cheerful. What a joy!

  24. Beautiful decorating!!! But I’m laughing here…. how can I be the only person so far with this question?? How on EARTH did you get the “FAMILY” and “HOME” letters stuck on the wall? Nails? Glue gun?? This is one of the greater mysteries of the universe for me. I have tried glue gun in the past, but end up glueing and re-glueing multiple times throughout the year. How did you do it????

  25. Martha M. in Austin,TX says:

    I’m dying to take your Library of Memories class, but there’s nothing up at BPS!! Please please please tell us that you ARE teaching it again and WHEN!?!
    Love your stuff!
    Heard you speak at CKU-Teachers Austin! You are so inspiring and funny!

  26. hi stacy!!
    hope all is well with you & your’e enjoying your ‘laid back’ summer! ;) thanks for the peek at your corners… so cute & homey. i think i’ll have to get me a ‘HOME’ too! love it!!
    God bless,

  27. YAY go you and the Smiggle action Stacy – you will LURVE it I am sure!!
    Lee :)

  28. Angie Reimer says:

    where did you get that cute white cabinet with the small drawers you have personalized? i just love that!

  29. Lisa Mathis says:

    I love the letters you have hung on the wall “family” and “home”, so much that I went out and bought them, painted them, now how on earth do you get them on the wall??? PLEASE!!!
    email me at
    Thanks, Lisa
    ps. love your blog, you are so inspiring!

  30. Stacy!!!!
    You are the “Apple” of my eye!
    Thanks so much for a glimps into your busy positive life!You are a true inspiration!
    I have many fond Stacy moments…let’s catch up! Congrats on your new addition!
    I’m so happy for you and your awesome world…your magazines goes everywhere with me!
    hugs, Bren (from the old stampin’ daze)

  31. If you like Smiggle, you’ll love Kikki K (another Aussie favourite).

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