Great day at work …

got lots done. I do loving coming to work now, here’s why:




it’s yellow and green and not-quite-turquoise-blue and my new favorite color — ORANGE!
Can’t get enough orange. wierd.
so light and happy and inspiring.

I don’t want to show you the rest until it’s done. I need a comfy chair and a few other things and then I’ll give you a proper tour!

OK — tomorrow our wood floor is getting the final coat (had a bit of water damage) so we are going to stay in a hotel and swim (boys are pretty excited) I’m thinking we need to go see Pirates too! By the way, when’s the last time you play Kick the Can?
I’m feeling a strong desire to play Kick the Can — must be the warm summer eves.

p.s. my blue phone really works. I think I’m going to start making some surprise calls!


  1. I LOVE THIS ROOM! (Yep, that’s me hollerin’ from here!) Love it lots!
    Have fun on your pretend vacation! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, this makes me happy just looking at it! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Yea!! I am so happy you shared a little sneak peek of your space! Love that blue phone and all those daisies…happy space! No wonder you loved going to work! :)

  4. Love your room! Have a great time on your mini-vacation!

  5. The phone is way too cool – does it have it’s original ‘guts’ or has it been rehabbed?
    And I am with you on orange – orange is a seriously happy color! I have a yellow blouse with orange flowers on it – this is a seriously happy piece of clothing! It’s so old now I’m almost afraid to wear it, I think it may just disintegrate off my body. But I keep it so I can look at it!
    And I love the ribbon jars, so pretty!

  6. Wow. Love those wide-mouth jars! Where did you find them?

  7. oooh call me call me :) LOL
    love that phone, totally cute, not sure where you found it but LOVE it LOVE it LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    have fun swimming and watching Pirates…heard it was good! :)

  8. that phone is just too cool!!!! I want one!!! Love it.

  9. WOW I LOVE the colors in your room!! So fun and inspiring…wish I had a room like that! I will be giving up the little space I do have when we have another baby…that’s ok, it will be worth it. LOL ENJOY!!!

  10. leighann says:

    what a happy room! my kids loved “Pirates”–have a fun day!

  11. beautiful and inspiring!

  12. Christine Ousley says:

    Wow, I just love the colors that you choose for your new room!! So bright and cheery. I love how you painted the shelves different colors. Very unique! I can’t wait to see the rest.

  13. Mary Ellen says:

    Hi Stacy! Oh, your studio is absolutely eye candy ! A creative paradise…an inspirational MECCA! WOOHOO for you!Love, love, love your shelves! and your Robin’s egg blue paraphernalia, and the love of orange IS weird, isn’t it!? I have fallen into “orange love ” too! NEVER like orange before…now I am SO enamored…go figure! :)
    Just want you to be able to sit in there and create til the cows come home! ENJOY it girl–you deserve it! (isn’t having a new house just so FUN!?!)
    Mary Ellen

  14. Donna M. says:

    Very cute room! Do you have letters in the little cubby drawers? Just a little warning on Pirates of the Carribean – some scenes/images might be a little intense for under 6. But again, you’ve got boys so it might be OK. Donna M.

  15. i heard on “Get Color” (HGTV) that orange inspires creativity. go figure!!! and for so many years we all ran screaming from the color!! have fun today.

  16. Stacy it looks WONDERFUL!! “Simply” fabulous!!
    Happy Friday!!

  17. Donna Bettencourt says:

    That office sure looks inspirational, I’m sure you will dream up all kinds of goodies in there………..Enjoy!!

  18. Everything looks lovely so far, S! Beautiful.

  19. Stacy
    You are just too darn cute! I love love love the tages with the ribbon on the apothecary cabinet! Everything looks so great, can’t wait to see the rest!

  20. Oh my GOSH, your phone rocks so hard I could just DIE!!! Your room is gorgeous and, while jealous, I’m very happy for you!

  21. Jolene George says:

    I can completely see why you love working in there. It’s so beautiful from all the picture sneak peaks. It has a great feeling to it. I totally love that phone too! Can’t wait to see the rest of the details.

  22. Sue Sume says:

    Lovely room! And I must know—what is the name of that shade of yellow (and mnf?) Thinking I gotta get me some *someday*
    Sue Sume

  23. AH!! I love that phone!! I so want one.
    I miss cords. Twisty, twiney, between my fingers and toes cords. Oooo… those drawers: do they hold your letter stamps or….?
    Kick the can… I LOVED kick the can! OOH! Flashlight tag!! Does anyone else remember flashlight tag??
    And I agree with you and Mary Ellen. I love orange lately. It started out because I was looking at my papers and noticed that I was “biased” toward some colors. I have JAZILLION blue and green sheets of paper, but practically NO yellow, orange, or red papers. (True red paper is really hard to come by, have you noticed this? lotsa pink, itsy, bitsy red. ) So when I go shopping now, I’ve got my radar up looking for warm colored papers. Orange has been one of my favorites to pair up with green (in a non-pumpkinish way) or even (eek!) pink!

  24. Beautiful and lively! Thanks for sharing your pictures! Can’t wait to see the rest of the tour :)

  25. Good for you! Loving the room! How super fun is that phone? And I LOVE that your kids will actually know HOW to work a rotary dial phone! :)
    Too many years since those were the norm; now kids don’t quite now what to do with those dials!

  26. That is THE cutest room ever! Can’t wait to see the rest. So fun and colorful. Oh, and I’m loving orange lately, too. Thought about making a page about my love for orange. (I’m usually more of a beige, brown, khaki person!) So this is BIG! Have fun on your mini-vacation!

  27. What a happy room! Makes me smile! :) Have fun!

  28. Fabulous! Just fabulous! Makes me want to run home and start organizing my stash! Or maybe you can come help? LOL! Just love how colorful that room is. :)

  29. Looks great and can’t wait to see your whole room! The colors and accents you are using make it look liks a place that inpires creativity!
    … pssttt…I think your “O” and “N” drawers are swapped around. M, N, O

  30. Thanks for sharing. I’ve had a rather sad and frustrating day and seeing your photos just made me HAPPY!!!

  31. Wow…I LOVE all the colors you’ve got going in there! So bright and happy! Enjoy your new space! :)

  32. Orange is a seriously underestimated color. It’s magical – warm and cozy, brave, vibrant and authentic. It is the color of safety and of the sunset. What could be better? That’s why it is my favorite of colors – glad to see someone else embrace it!

  33. your new room looks mighty Sweet!

  34. I haven’t played “kick-the-can” in over 30 years! We played it ALL the time as kids…I don’t think my kids have ever played it!
    I LOVE your new phone…would love a pink one just like it! Did you get it at Pottery Barn?

  35. OOH, love this! Just as bright and cheery as I’d picture your room being. :) Enjoy!!

  36. erika hayes says:

    We have the same ribbon jars.. I dig the colors.. mmmmmmmm just like spring m&ms.. hehehe I just wanna take a bite…

  37. Wendy from PA says:

    Love, Love, Love the new room, makes me “Green” with envy!!!! I’m glad your back, I’ve been missing you in my daily blogg read. Can’t wait for the complete tour.

  38. Where did you get your phone? I so love it and it reminds me of grandma’s!!! I will also have to check ebay! I am totally feeling the blue! Ahh! Peaceful!

  39. So, where did you get that adorable blue phone??? Love it
    The room looks great and inspiring!

  40. No wonder you have such a HAPPY outlook on life! These colors really brighten up the world where we live! Love that! Thanks for sharing a beautiful part of your everyday life, Stacy!

  41. Jenna Beegle says:

    How on earth are you getting all of this done and having it turn out so gosh darn cute?? It’s a great space and I can’t wait to see the rest of it!

  42. love the room.
    love that you have space for yourself.
    hope that you get some time for yourself. to refresh, recharge, rewind.
    thanks for the reminder to take pictures of my Grandma’s hands. I did. :)
    thanks for the reminder to tell my story. I did. :)
    thanks for the reminder to put down the camera. I did. :)

  43. Gotta love that phone…

  44. Oh how I am enjoying taking a peek at your new space. You’ve done a fabulous job with the colors and accessories. I can’t wait to see more of it!!!

  45. Love the new room! It is a very happy place. I am working on it for my loft. But now you have me in search of a phone. I need lime green though. Totally takes me back to my childhood, thanks for that memory!

  46. Rebecca Foxworth says:

    Did Aby help you do this room? It’s too cute for words!

  47. Kara Kill says:

    I used to have the same blue phone… it was the first phone I ever had, in my tweenage room… oh, those were the days!!
    I LOVE your space… love it!

  48. This is fabulous!! All the color is making me so happy :)

  49. I love, love, love it!! Can I come work with you- pretty please??
    Makes me so happy for you that you get to work in that cute, bright space!
    Love it!!!

  50. Yikes…took a while to get to the bottom of the comment pile! :) What a “happy” space!! I am so coveting your ABC drawers…I store mine alpha embellishments the same way, but they are currently housed in ugly plastic!! That piece is going on my “wish list”!

  51. I *LOVE* that telephone! It is so cute and so fun!
    I love all the pictures you’ve posted of the rooms in your house. They are all beautiful and look so comforting!

  52. Kathleen Joseph says:

    Would it be a surprise call if I gave you my phone number and gave a hint as to when I would be at home.

  53. bluii76 says:

    Seriously, If I had a scrapbook room and I could decorate it any way I wanted, I’m sure it would come out almost exactly as your pictures suggest so far.

  54. I have a yellow wall as well that has the word Imagine on it. Love the color, it makes me so happy.

  55. awww, congratulations, stacy!! super cool to have such a wonderful space to create in… can’t wait to see the rest! and i bet pb is suddenly out of stock on those drawers! ;) i guess it’s a good thing (maybe?) that they aren’t here in canada, lol!
    happy nesting!

  56. What a HAPPY room! I adore everything. Can’t wait to see the rest of it!

  57. Who wouldn’t be inspired to work in your colorful workspace? It is sooo YOU! Love the white drawer thingy with the metal rimmed tags tied on the drawer pulls. Awesome idea!

  58. If you call me, we can talk on matching phones. I have an old rotary phone on my scrap table. It’s the ugly putty colored one, but I’ve “altered” it with rub-ons and ribbon!! I’ll have to e-mail you a picture of it — it’s so cute!!
    Totally loving your room!

  59. Debbie Webster says:

    I love everything that you have done. I can’t wait to get my own studio where I can create!
    Love all of it so far, thanks for the sneak peak.
    Now who are you going to call>>

  60. HI Stacy!
    I just had to say I LURVE your scraptorium – how fabulous is that BLUE PHONE – totally TDF – some SMIGGLE stuff would soooo go ace in there….! Sorry shouldn’t tease but if you ever want anything just holler and I’ll hook you up!!
    Lee L :)

  61. stacy, you rock… love the colors..and I am with you. Love orange too. hugs to you this day. You always uplift me.

  62. Wendy Baker says:

    I love this room – it’s a happy place! :) I love the alphabet storage, but I do have a question… are the n and o reversed for a reason?

  63. Wow, that is a happy room. Enjoy!

  64. Love the room it looks fantastic. Would love to scrap in this room.

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