Happy Birthday …



How cute is she? I think you should email her and tell her how very smart and savvy and young she looks! 

Seriously though, I’m not sure you realize what this girl means to me. I am a creative person, which means I have ideas and dreams my brain can’t contain, let alone manage. I have never met anyone who values my ideas and contributions and at the same time knows how to talk me down (in a needed way,) encourage me and direct my energies in postive and smart directions. If you have enjoyed what we are doing at Big Picture Scrapbooking, please know it will survive and thrive because of her.

So, partly because there is nothing in the mail today from me to her, but mostly because I am so very thankful for her friendship and trust — I’m blogging a very special birthday wish to Paula. Not sure it can be as wonderful as she is — but here’s hoping it might be.

Love you!


  1. Happy Birthday Paula – and you do look adorable!

  2. Paula is awesome! Thanks for the tip on her birthday!

  3. OMG! you can see wrinkles!!!! LOL! Thank you Stacy-we make a great team.


  5. Happy, Happy Birthday, Paula!!!

  6. So that’s Paula! She’s a peach; she helped me recently. Happy Birthday Paula. Hope you are having a great day! You do look young and smart and savvy and so cute, too!

  7. What wrinkles, Paula? Stacy, you are so kind to pay tribute to someone near and dear to you.

  8. Donna Bettencourt says:

    Happy Birthday Paula !!!! From the lucky mom of Lisa D, BPS teacher.!!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday………….Donna

  9. Jolene George says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULA! What a cute picture! http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/

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