Some of What I’veBeen Doing …

1. Took the boys to Lake Coeurd ‘alene – so beautiful, so relaxing — never enough time.

2. Munched on gold M&Ms while watching Pirates of the Carribean — long overdue date night! I’m such a sucker for clever marketing. I had to buy them and save them and take them to the theater with us. Pathetic — but fun.

3. Got a Swiffer — um, so in love.

it’s got batteries and squirts this fine mist and cleans my new floors after a day of boys in about 10 minutes. so slick.

4. Went to my Happy Place
Or at least one of them — sat by this cool little park with a waterfall just to hear the water and assemble my new Memory Dock planner. I’m pretty enthused about it and the potential it has to keep me on track! Robin is teaching a class at BPS right now — don’t worry if you missed it. You’ll have a chance again real soon!

5. Looking for Just the Right Bookshelves for my Music/Memory room.
I like this one from Crate and Barrell, but not sure I want to spend so much … gotta be deep enough for scrapbooks and gotta fit in my space and gotta be white — hard to find.

6. Learning about RSS feeds — hope I did it right. Michelle is teaching Paula and I how to get more from our technology. Good stuff.

7. Updating our Homestudy for adoption. We’ve been waiting 15 months now for our baby daughter — long time. Hopefully, we’ll hear soon!

8. Planning our Fall Quarter of Classes at Big Picture Scrapbooking — we have so much just around the corner. So exciting!! Several of you asked about my Library of Memories class. We will run this class again starting the first week of January. We will be repeating other great classes the first part of September — Renee Pearson’s Doing it Digi, Power of Ten by Beth Proudfoot and my UR2Cre8ive class too! We also have a fun promotion planned for August — details coming soon!

I’m not going to CHA this summer — first time in a long time. I’m going to miss seeing all the new stuff, but even more, friends in the industry. I’ll be posting some of the "sneak peaks" I’ve received here — as a way to make myself feel better!

I’ve updated quite a few things on my blog — if you completed the "Do Something Good For Yourself" challenge — send me your picture for our album!

OK — did it again, stayed up way too late — gotta go to bed!


  1. ElizabethW says:

    Hi Stacy! Totally love the idea of sitting in a park and assembling one of those Memory Dock thingies…might have to arrange that date for myself! (And gold M&Ms – also tempting!)

  2. I hope your referral comes soon!! I know the process has lengthened again…so sorry. I remember the roller coaster wait very well. We brought our daughter home from China in Sept. of 2004. The angst of the wait will vanish once you have her in your arms.
    Julie- mom of Isabella..and 3 others! :)

  3. Congrats on your new house. Not sure how deep it is but I just saw a wonderful bookcase at Costco in Spokane the other day…it is black (but you may feel adventurous to paint) and the price was certainly right.

  4. As always Stacy—you enable us with the cool furniture (accessories) for our spaces—can you post a link to that wonderful piece of furniture you found at Crate and Barrell? I can’t find it! Thanks!

  5. When you find the perfect bookcase, please do let us know. I have been looking for something myself to house my ever-expanding collection of 12×12 albums. (up to 27 now?) And,they need a Memory Dock thingy for folks like me who use a Palm Pilot or Blackberry. Finally, wish WISH I were going to the BPS Phoenix scrapbooking retreat. It looks amazing. Can’t go this year, money is tight (heard gas prices will be going even higher). But please plan more of these! It looks like a dream!

  6. Donna M. says:

    Stacy: we talked about your adoption at CKU-A Stamford (my DD is from China)during the QVC Study Hall in the tent. I’ve been anxious looking for an update from you and hoping all was OK. Changes in homestudy are a pain, but hopefully it will help speed up the process. It shouldn’t be much longer now! Please e-mail me if you remember me and need to vent! Donna M.

  7. Y’know, nothing says you can’t design the absolute perfect shelving system/cabinet/storage thingie and have a cabinetmaker create it. I know it would be expensive but 1) tax deduction – total business expense 2) lowers stress levels – not trying the ‘make’ something work, it just does and 3) you are cool and sweet and deserve it!

  8. RSS feeds working perfectly! (that’s how I knew you updated. :oD )
    I like the shelves. Pricey…. but you’re right, hard to find the right dimensions.

  9. Peggy L says:

    So excited for you about the adoption process of a baby girl. I’m sure she’ll have your family wrapped around her finger in no time. LOL
    I’m very excited at the next chance to do the Library Memories class. I can’t wait.

  10. Michele says:

    The lake looks so beautiful. Yeah, Swiffer is one of the greatest inventions ever! You must also get a Swiffer Vac. It is a lifesaver with crumbs. I must use it 4 times a day under my daughter’s high chair. It will come in handy once you are able to bring your baby girl home–which I hope is very soon.

  11. We adopted in 2003. Our son is worth every ounce of wait, dossier, in country changes, and so on. Drew is from is Kazakhstan and the process has now turned from nuts to insanity! Once all the jet lag wears off that precious baby makes the world seem right again. Best wishes and hopes for speedy travel! Goosebumps just thinking about it again!

  12. Janette says:

    Hi Stacy….I’m trying to find your email address listed somewhere on your blog…but I can’t see it…maybe I’m blind? I want to send you my photo for the “Do Something Good For Yourself” challenge. Can you help me?

  13. Susan in Texas says:

    I’m SO excited for you that you’re waiting to adopt a girl! We adopted two beautiful daughters and it was worth every second of the wait! Good luck! I can’t wait until you post that you get “the call.” Egad, in that house of boys AND being the youngest Julian, she’s going to be SO spoiled! Squeal! And you’ll all love every minute of it.

  14. Rebecca Foxworth says:

    Try . Search for “bookcase white”. They have ten pages of them, and they allow you to shop by finish.

  15. mellymel says:

    You are so good at giving everyone else the permission to do what they love and follow their bliss. Please,go ahead and buy the cool Crate & Barrel shelves. I just bought a bunch of new furniture – some really good (no assembly required) and some not. It is worth the extra money to get the ones you love – they are super sturdy, the glass front means no dust, and again – no assembly required. There is a time for icky furniture and this is not it.
    Thanks for continuing to inspire.

  16. can we request repeats??? a friend has told me WONDERFUL things about the supply class! I am so sad that I missed out!

  17. and about the adoption… heart goes out to you! this period of time was pure torture for me and my family….knowing there was a child who needed us out there and just having to wait. (((hugs)))

  18. I know this sounds crazy, but the Swiffer sweep+vac has changed my life. I have a lot of hardwood and tile in my house and I could not keep it clean. The whole vacuum, then sweep, then dry swiffer was too much. Now, one pass with my swiffer sweep+vac and it is perfect! It is so fast you can break it out 5 minutes before hubby gets home from work and he thinks you’ve been cleaning all day!

  19. I didn’t know you were planning on adopting a daughter. how wonderful. I will be praying for you all of you… godspeed.

  20. senidng postive vibes for your adoption – hope you have a pebble jar going so you can see hwo far you have come on this journey :) if not, let me know and i’ll send you one or email you photos of one.

  21. Lesley C says:

    Your home looks fantastic! I love your scrap studio, and the c&b duvet looks fabulous in your room. You did such an amazing job decorating! Good luck with your adoption; I, too, am waiting for a little girl of my own from Vietnam, (after waiting for what seemed like forever for China I finally decided to switch)Hopefully, by the spring I will have her in my arms; I can’t wait! Good luck to you with yours; she will be so loved!

  22. Stacy, you gotta let me know when you’re comin’ over to CDA. Love to have that lunch with you sometime. ;) It’s been so hot, we’ve been living at the lake or the beach. Looks like it’s going to be cooler this weekend though. Yeah!

  23. Hey Stacy–I just wanted to let you know I’ve figured out how to type in Korean and I’ve got some fabulous fonts, so let me know if you’d ever like anything in Korean! :)

  24. Congrats on your adoption. Hope it goes smoothly for you. My son is adopted from Korea.

  25. I agree with the swiffer + VAC, it is amazing. I first thought that it was another gadget as my swiffer was nice, but i still had to vacuum so what was the point in having two tools. But the concept made sense so i tried it. we have about 2000 square feet of wood flooring on the main floor and in 10-15 minutes i can have it vacuumed and swiffered and not feel wasted when im done. it’s light, the suction is good and i especially like that the vacuum is thin and narrow and it butts right up against the baseboards where larger stuff likes to collect and it will pick it up with no trouble. Only a hose attatchment on my vacuum would do that good but I hated changing the attatchments all the time. A broom leaves dust flying in the air……if you have allergies, this is a really good tool for a daily pick up. Then I follow up weekly with the mopping tool for the kitchen area. And then if I’m mopping the whole main floor, the hoover floormate is wonderful….just remember to not get lazy and not empty the dirty stuff when you are done…..I’m always amazed how much dirt there is with all three tools even when used daily, so I think it’s been really helping with the allergies around here, and harvest going on….so lets see, top tools, good trash cans :), bag the swiffer and get the swiffer-VAC, the swiffer mop, and add a floor mate if you have a large amount of flooring to do, sure saves the back because you don’t have to bend over to get leverage into it, you just let it rest over a dirty spot and it cleans it with a brush. The broom is out to the garage.

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