SS Rocks …

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I love Simple Scrapbooks magazine — but I just have to say (especially in regards to the September/October issue which I received yesterday — don’t forget, I get mine a little early) that this magazine is stellar.

We now have Anige Lucas as managing editor and Cathy Zielske art directing and they are just doing an amazing job — and that’s not even the content! Margaret Scarbrough — goodness. I’m lifting your layouts on pages 96 and 109 and Candice Palmar and Tia Bennet (you’ve got to see pg. 102) and Sara McMartin and Tara Pakosta (photo in Focus) and so many more. Rebecca Cooper did Step it Up and the articles are fab too — the one on font techniques (that even I will attempt) and rockin’ home decor projects and my fav — Creative You, so well written by Angie and what fun to be involved in the Between Friends article and seriously, I just think this is such an amazing issue — kudos to my team and all who were in involved — WOW!!

and in other news, check this out. Ashlie, my long-time sitter who is really my wanna-have daughter made me this …

it’s a cool vinyl sticker of my signature! She is helping design a big vinyl quote for the wall of my studio and so she did this to show me how cool and easy they are to use — don’t you just want one?

anyway — guess what my family did this morning? Slept in!!! Yep until 9:00 a.m. — WE NEVER DO THAT — but it was so fun. I really needed it — but now it’s time for a good jog and team clean and Costco and more house-organization.

OH .. but wait, there is one more thing.
Happy Happy Birthday to Hillary !!!!!

I love Hillary — she is married to my super-cool brother Cougar, who by the way just bought Hillary the Memory Dock planner — and this is all a SURPRISE (right Hill?) so, do me a favor and email Hillary and tell her how lucky she is and how deserving she is too!

You’re gonna love it sis!


  1. I love, love, love that vinyl sticker idea! I have the same laptop and would dearly like to customize my own in that way! Please share! You’ll need to share a picture of the quote when it’s finished as well!

  2. Lisa Stephenson says:

    Lovin’ those vinyl stickers!! Is there a website or something where we can buy some?!?!
    And YAY for sleepin in!!

  3. I always feel like I can’t wait to get the next SS…now you made it worse! LOL!
    Loving that sticker…WAY cool!!
    I hope you have a SUPER day!

  4. Oh how I love new issues of Simple Scrapbooks! I go through withdrawal and read and reread my magazine until the new issue comes. Looking forward to when I get that one. It looks fabulous!!!

  5. Are you by any chance bringing your Memory Dock planner to CE in September? I am thinking about getting one (dumping the Palm) but really want to “see before ordering”…looking forward to seeing you there – can’t wait! Sher

  6. More info on the sticker please! Love it!

  7. Michele says:

    Oh, what an adorable cover! I so look forward to my new issues of SS. Any chance you will ever go monthly? :) I still have every issue of SS and love going back and reading them again. It’s the only SB magazine that I keep. It’s amazing that I still find inspiration even from the older issues. Keep up the good work!!

  8. you dont have to tell me how fabo SS is, thats why I love it and why THAT issue will be my first as a subscriber! I cant wait! AND I am sending something little home for you with Donna when she is here in a few weeks :)

  9. PLEASE tell us more about the sticker… and big enough for walls?! OMG!

  10. boy, and there I was thinking you were saying happy birthday to me – - – and it’s not even my birthday!!! LOL Love the siggie on your laptop. . .now i totally want one too – my powerbook looks naked. . .LOL
    tfs -
    Hillary (see – we even spell it the same – rad!)

  11. Yes, SS rocks my happy little world and I would absolutely love it to rock my world every month! Please? ; )
    And really, what is sleeping in? My boys think sleeping in is 6:00 instead of 5:30am.
    And if Memory Dock would do a PDA I’d be one happy camper. Gotta be able to back everything up on the computer.

  12. Gotta have my own Vinyl! Please share info.

  13. OMG love the sticker
    I want one too
    your hanwriting rocks!

  14. kathy in st. louis says:

    Shame on you!!!
    First, you tease us with the SS mag.
    Then, you do the same with the vinyl sticker.
    Where is the sticker info?

  15. So glad to see you posting again. Are you totally completely unpacked? I bet your house looks lovely.
    My SS subscription ran out and I will be forced to , EGADS!, actually go to the store and BUY ONE. Can’t think of the last time I did that….but for SS, it’s worth it.

  16. must. have. that. sticker.

  17. Can’t wait for mine to get here. :)
    I read on another of your blog entries that Robin’s class is going to be repeated, I really, really want to sign up the next time! And can I rave just a bit about how much I love Lisa’s Product Playground class? I’ll be first in line for Part Deux! :)

  18. Oh my goodness, I cannot wait to get my hot little hands on that issue! It is my debut in the Simple Schemes column — thanks to you, Stacy!
    Woohoo! I am just going crazy waiting…

  19. Lucinda says:

    I love the name Cougar!
    It definitely gets your attention!

  20. So here I am, can’t sleep, wish I had that issue to read through…now I can sit awake and think about all the things I can’t see until September…..but seeing the cover is pretty fun! Thanks!

  21. Love the sticker too…would love one with my name for my laptop too, but in your handwriting!! Love your’s hate mine! LOL

  22. Okay…yes, I do want a vinyl sticker of my signature! How did she do that? I’m so interested in it, it’s all I’ve been talking about. I’d really like to know…

  23. When my son was about 7 or 8 he signed everything ‘Cougar’. What is it about the name?
    I am loving SS more and more with each issue. Thanks Stacy.

  24. Amy Stultz says:

    I got my issue the other day and it is super cool. One of the best. I dog eared the living daylights out of it. Now, if I could only sit down and scrap all would be good.

  25. SS does ROCK! And so do you Stacey!
    Thanks so much for the wonderful comment! Can’t wait to see the issue!

  26. Yep, spill it. Where can we get the vinyl stickers. :)

  27. The vinyl rock – would love to get my own…zalaine

  28. Thena Smith says:

    SS is my very favorite mag, but you know that!

  29. That sticker is seriously cool…then again, so is sleeping in, come to think of it! ;)
    Looking forward to the new SS!! Sounds like a good one!

  30. i can’t wait to see it! SS rocks! :)
    and i TOTALLY want one of those signature stickers! wicked cool. :)

  31. tara pollard pakosta says:

    thanks for the comment on my name being mentioned! i really loved this issue of SS also! my only complaint is that all of the photos printed up dark in the focus on the photos section…..? maybe it was just my magazine ? not sure! but i lOVe SS! and i am lucky enough to get another photo in there in the near future!!!!! thanks staceY!!!!!

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