Where in the heck?

Have I been?

I think I’m finally back to some degree of normalacy. And just for the record, I have NO idea what possessed me to think I could move, teach a 12-week online class and be "summer mom." Trust me — Crazy doesn’t begin to describe it. I’ve thought about blogging in the last two weeks, actually thought about it alot — have so much to share, but then I think "Hey, I’ve got two minutes, I’ll hang that picture, or unpack that box, or go stand in that room and stare and hope something comes to me!

Anyway … so appreciate your patience. I’ve missed you all.

Here are some pics of "corners" in my new house — things are beginning to take shape and right now, that’s enough for me.


My C&B duvet cover came and it is just what I hoped it would be. I wish you could have seen Geof’s face the first time he saw robin-egg blue on the walls — I tried to reassure him with my "I have  vision — don’t worry honey" Let’s just say I’m super glad our room is coming together so nicely. I’ve never done anything, ever with our master bedroom and we got the furniture two years ago — so I was chomping at the bit. Still needs some pillows.


The day the duvet cover came I rushed out after work and found a bunch of fun stuff for 50% off at TJ Max, Pier 1 and Target. Love my fake Dogwood blossoms. Still need to put a photo in the frame.


This is the master bath — I’m calling it Asian Spa — makes me so happy!


cool glass tiles in the walk-in shower!


corner on top of the tub. Still need some of those big glass jars with sand and stuff, like you see at Pottery Barn. This will do for now.

More pics soon!
Like early tomorrow — I promise.


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! How can you whip up a suite to look so calm and serene, when you surely must be

  2. Amy Stultz says:

    Looks fabulous! I want to repaint our great room that same shade of blue, however, I have been outvoted by my own husband. :-(

  3. Beautiful and cheery!

  4. You ARE amazing! I can’t believe you just moved in and your bedroom and bathroom already look like THAT! I moved three weeks ago (with a vacation in the middle) and my rooms look nothing like that! Oh, well, you have definitely inspired me. :) Looks marvelous!

  5. Nice to “SEE” you lady!! I love those relaxing colors…mmmmmm nice! I hope you actually get to relax one of these days!

  6. ooooh, I want to come to your house to relax!! I sure hope you get to enjoy your new rooms! Looking forward to more peeks. (We still haven’t moved in to our new house, so I’ll live vicariously through you for a while.):)

  7. wow … love the decor! I moved in 3 years ago, and I still have stuff in boxes. :) I’m very impressed at your ability to “make home” quickly!!

  8. I got a good laugh at the frame you have on your dresser with no picture in it yet. reminded me of a great frame I bought once, it was oval, and I never did put a picture in it …as finding and cutting something to “oval” just was too much to hurdle….the demo picture that came in it was of some “person” that everyone always asked about, we eventually just called her “aunt mildred” and she became part of the family, never could bring myself to changing the demo photo out for one of our own. I should probably take a photo of it and do a layout of the “aunt no one knew”….. :)

  9. claudia d says:

    Your bedroom and bath are beautiful! We are moving next weekend from a 4 bedroom 1 bath house into a 7 bedroom 6 bathroom house. I have a cellar full of “finds” waiting for their new home. I hope my house can look as nice as yours in a short amount of time.

  10. Suzanne says:

    Had been lifting you up in prayer, hoping that things were going well. Glad to hear that it’s happening!
    As an ARMY wife, I know that feeling well (trying to get EVERYTHING done as best and as fast as you can). You could be an honorary Military Wife , making a home so nicely and so quickly!

  11. wow… I love that look!
    I am soooo uninspired for our master bedroom (well, I have some inspiration, but wall to wall shabby chic flowers doesn’t fly with dh and that is ok).
    I hope you find some peace and fun mommy time soo.

  12. wow… I love that look!
    I am soooo uninspired for our master bedroom (well, I have some inspiration, but wall to wall shabby chic flowers doesn’t fly with dh and that is ok).
    I hope you find some peace and fun mommy time soo.

  13. Everything looks so beautiful! I really like the serene-ness of your master bedroom, the colors, the mood, the quiet look. Perfect!

  14. *drool* looks awesome! those tiles are to die for girl!

  15. Wow, gorgeous! That would make ME habby, too, LOL

  16. Wow! I missed you! I know the summer mom & moving & on-line class must have been frantic — just worried that one more thing had dropped in on you & that we had lost you to the craziness.
    Your home is beautiful — and your husband should know by now that he can TRUST you about color (maybe he needs to come hear you speak at cku sometime!).
    If you want a flower picture for your frame, just give a shout!

  17. I know all about summer and it being crazy, totally know where you are coming on that one. I’m so glad things are coming together, the house is looking wonderful!

  18. karen in toronto says:

    just beautiful ~ enjoy! my favourite is the bathroom. love blue and green together!
    Karen (~ in Toronto)

  19. Beautiful!! What paint did you use for the walls? It looks similar to a blue I’d like to paint our bedroom eventually…

  20. wow. this is beautiful. really inspires me to get to work on my making my own place look lived in… and i’ve been moved in for a month and a half now. good luck getting to the rest of the corners in your new space!

  21. so pretty! can’t wait to see more!

  22. Wow, your new house looks amazing. I love the colors in the bedroom. Can’t wait to see more pictures. Enjoy!!

  23. Hi. Your home looks so pretty. Would love to see your scrap room.
    Love, Reggie

  24. had to IM Jeff the pictures as I’ve been wanting to paint our room that color since April, but he just couldn’t “see” it. so thanks! we both like it!

  25. did i just hear someone say she needs more pillows? hmmmm.
    love the sheets and the walls! happy colours, of course. :)

  26. Yea! You’re back! Glad you’re getting settled in… what a nice feeling.
    Do you have a Stein Mart? A friend of mine just bought some GREAT pillows that would work with your new bedding.

  27. Kary Nelson says:

    You are going to love the Robin’s Egg blue room–I painted our bedroom that color about 6 years ago and it is wonderful. People thought it was a weird color then (what can I say, I’m just ahead of my time!), but it is such a peaceful, happy color that I love it. My husband likes it too, although I think he was a bit skeptical at first as well. Enjoy!

  28. Rebecca Foxworth says:

    I insisted on blue when we moved here three years ago. Dave was only semi-okay with it until he realized the room was not going to be over-the-top feminine at all. He then painted one girls’ room pink, the nursery spring green, the living room an oatmeal color and one wall in the kitchen red. He then painted my china hutch (OLD!) red and two salvaged barstools. I’ve created a monster! His mom is moving to a new house this year and I overheard him saying, “Mom, really, you don’t just want WHITE do you?” Oh, my.

  29. Love that Asian Spa…the colors are so soothing.

  30. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Trina Jaynes says:

    Hey Stacy—
    Your new place looks great! Enjoy. I was wondering where you got the little old fashioned Milk Jug on your dresser? It is way too adorable…I just love little stuff like that!
    Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to see more photos…

  32. TFS! Just lovely!
    I figured you had a thing or 20 going on that prevented regular posts. Isn’t it wonderful to live a full life!

  33. Looks so serene and beautiful, Stacy!! Can’t wait to see the rest of it (especially your studio, hint hint! LOL)

  34. Love the mosaic glass tile. I’m deeply envious! :)

  35. Stacy,
    I love the new house! It’s coming together great. Did you check Target for the large glass jars? They have turquiose and green and would coordinate with your bathroom. They are clearanced at my local Target, in the home deco section.

  36. Donna Bettencourt says:

    Ooooh, Stacy…everything looks beautiful and I am amazed that you can get anything done.. I know how busy you are!!!
    Donna (mom to Lisa D)

  37. Jolene George says:

    Oh wow! It all looks so peaceful, calm and very beautiful. You must be completely exhausted and so happy all at the same time. Enjoy your new home sweet home! http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/

  38. Stacy, everything looks so beautiful in your new home. i hope you are enjoying it!

  39. Stacy your home is coming together beautifully! I love the colors that you chose.
    I have a question for you. The color of your bedroom looks about the same as mine. I have been looking for a new comforter for our bed and love the one you got from Crate & Barrel. I can’t really tell from the picture, is it teal or blue? Our walls are definitely blue not teal. The photo of the set at C&B.com looks like teal. Hmmmm. Would you let me know what the color looks like in person?
    Thank you!

  40. Kay Gregory-Clark says:

    So glad to finally be able to read your blog & see your new home–WOW! How on earth have you done all this?! Ditto the comments re: “peaceful.” We moved all the big stuff last weekend to our new home & I’m already so exhausted & frustrated by the chaos. Still have lots to move from the other house, but have been spending nights here. Today’s the first day I’ve had some computer time, even on someone else’s, & glad I did! Seeing your photos is such an inspiration. I think if I have to pack or unpack one more box I’ll die & I am so anxious to begin setting up MY new studio…but fear it’s a way down the road. Wish I had an “Asian spa” to relax a bit in, but my bathroom is nothing but boxes & bags of STUFF. Maybe I’ll just print a picture of yours & look at it.

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