Abendbrot for all …

Direct translation is evening bread, real meaning is perfect summer supper in true German tradition. Geof’s dad and wife, Sherry are in town, and they showed up with yellow roses, brownies and arms full of delicious food "Can you come next weekend too" I said. I basically stood back and watched as they laid the spread …


and it was so delicious — the food, the conversation and just the idea that no matter how long it’s been, family is the best company!!


I actually got these little wood plates in Germany, when I was on a mission there. I think I’ve used them twice in eighteen years, but since I moved recently and now have lots of cupboard space in my kitchen, I knew right where they were!

Speaking of space, I’m involved in a little project where I get to help someone I love and make the best of some space by cleaning and organizing and I just have to say that it makes me so happy. I’m reminded that opportunities to help are never convenient and yet when you want to help, the time and energy just seems to appear — in a magical sort of way.

Blessings, like abendbrot are best shared with those you love.

p.s. I have no idea why this is all underlined — so tech-challenged!


  1. family visits are the best aren’t they. And if they bring food even better! LOL
    And if you ever get the urge to clean and organize a space in the mountains of NY, Give me a call. LOL
    I love projects like that too. Just not in my own house.

  2. I love cleaning and organizing….if you look at it in the right way, that every time you improve the function of your home, you are creating family peace…..it makes otherwise mundane chores take on a new light. ….kinda like scrapbooking, I guess, ….it takes on a whole new light when you realize not every item deserves the same treatment, and you have to triage what is needful, dispense with those items that don’t have a potential to build memories or connections,and neatly store the rest!

  3. ElizabethW says:

    Hi Stacy! So happy all is well!

  4. A friend of mine was on an LDS mission back in 1982-ish, I think. He was also born in Germany, but was raised here in the USA.
    Neat spread – send them my way with all that food sometime. ;)

  5. Duh… Meant to say he was on a mission IN GERMANY.
    ~~~~~cursing no edit button…. ;)

  6. Stephanie says:

    Could I just bother you for a moment? It is 1:24 am and I am up this late working on a project for my son’s baseball team. So crazy, I know. I am working on something that needs to be printed on ribbon. My only question to you, if you have tried this task before is if there is any way to “set” the ink. The ribbon isn’t actually going in a scrapbook, it is going onto a bracelet that will probably sometime get wet. I thought that you might have an idea for this? Thanks for helping me out, if you can.

  7. Jolene George says:

    Looks like a wonderful time and I love the wooden plates you saved from your mission. What a treasure! http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/

  8. Hey Stacy, Guten Abend from Germany ! I know those wood plates, lots of folks use them here for Abendessen or breakfast. That must have been a very nice family gathering, nothing like having them all around one table !
    Greetings from the land of the wood plates

  9. Cleaning and freeing your home of the things in it that you no longer love is a blessing to your home, which is a blessing to the people within your home. We often have such a hard time letting go of things, when what we really want to hold onto are the memories those things invoke. And as scrapbookers, we know how to preserve the memory, even without the thing that supposedly holds the memory. And THAT, my dear friend, is cool.
    And it was all underlined because it is important.

  10. Lovin’ the German food. My grandmother would love it as well.
    Spent my day organizing and cleaning (for myself and my daughter) and it feels fabulous! Kudos to you for helping lighten someone else’s load!

  11. This is my favoirte German tradition…this type of family meal. My husband has another name for it (can’t spell it now though) but, it’s fresh meats, cheese, etc. LOVE IT!

  12. I too love this type of meal. Sounds like you had a great visit. I traveled to Germany when I was younger and I’d love to go back.

  13. I know this is totally off the blog topic, but I have a question that is bugging me. What do you do with all the pictures you know you will never scrap, and are duplicates or triplicates even of things you want to keep in your photo albums? Or those that are so bad, you have no desire for anyone to see? In your opinion, is it okay to just toss these? I am feeling the need to just throw away pictures. they aren’t meaningful by any means, I truly don’t think anyone will care, and it will clean up some needed space in my scrap corner. Am I a horrible person?

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