IKEA where else?

Here’s the link to the bins. They’re from the Trofast series and I love them. I even have the other configuration for toys.


I fold clothes, put them in the bins and then everyone has to come get their bin, empty and return it — works most of the time.

p.s. thanks for being so nice. I’m in the Denver airport. I think I have everything I need and I am starting to feel really good about teaching — plus, I just bought a really cool skirt — silk, reversible — from India even. I’ve decided that you can find some really cool, one-of-a-kind things in airports. I bought one of my all time favorite jackets in the Minneapolis airport and I used to think "Who shops for clothes in an airport?"

And there my friends is the take away — It’s exceptionally good for your creativity to do something you never thought you’d do — unless of course it’s illegal or immoral.


  1. I normally just lurk in your blog and steal all the inspiration I can. But decided to post and say how incredibly BUMMED I am that I can’t come to CK in Tulsa (as I’m just 35 minutes away). BUT, it just didn’t work out with our schedule. I’m super bummed since this summer I have read The Big Picture 20 times!! (no joke)

  2. Stacy, I’m so thankful that you’re willing to take tme away from your family and life to come hang with us in Tulsa. My friends and I are taking your class tomorrow, and we can’t wait to spend the day with you and soak up soak up as much as we can from you! It’s going to be a great day! You’re probably here already, but just a word of warning…it’s HOT!!

  3. Wow. I love those bins. Why do I have no IKEA?!!!

  4. Thank you Stacy for doing what you do! I’ve been inspired since I read the your first Simple Scrapbooks book years ago. Your method just clicked and made sense to me as I know it does to a lot of people. Thanks for continuing to grow and bringing us the Big Picture! And about the IKEA bins…I love them too and didn’t know you could buy them online so thanks for the link. I have two frames too (the tall and the stairs) that I bought in England and Germany when we lived overseas and love them for the toys, it may be just the thing to get my laundry upstairs. Thanks again for what you do!!

  5. You know, I’ve seen these in Ikea several times, but never thought of using them for laundry. GREAT idea. And some people think all we talk about is scrapbooking! ;)
    Happy, safe journeys…

  6. Why can’t IKEA be near me?!!! LOVE those bins. And I HATE putting the laundry away. Perfect solution!!

  7. i have those bins and the wooden holder, brought them years ago. oh my, like 8 years ago. they still look the same!

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