It’s official …

I can shop for items like this:

Yesterday at 5:15 p.m., right after I finished teaching my album track, my husband called with the news. We have a baby girl. She was born on July 1st in a remote area of Korea. I will have much more information in the next several days, and it will take 3 to 6 months to bring her home, in the meantime …

I lay awake at night and wonder about her.
And when I see pictures like this, I’ll stop and stare and smile and cry some very happy tears.
The long wait is over and I just went shopping …

This is the first official "Look what Mommy bought me!"
Happy, Happy NEWS.

Last night I had such an adventure. Shortly after getting the news, I visited a wildlife sanctuary called Safaris. I had Tracy and Diane in my class yesterday. Most people were scrapbooking pictures of their friends and/or family, but Tracy brought dozens and dozens of pictures of beautiful wild and exotic animals. During the course of the day, she told me a little about the place where she volunteers hours of her time — and last night I got to go! The owner, Lori Ensign obviously feels it is her calling to rescue and care for animals that have been abandoned by very selfish people that thought it would be fun to have a wild animal for a pet, only to realize down the road the foolishness of that notion. I could go on and on about this place and the feelings I had there, but these pictures will show you a bit of what I experienced ..

Me, feeding Twister the Tiger a snack of frozen chicken legs. Safaris calls them Big Cat Popsicles. Amazing.

Tracy and I playing with two baby Lemurs — so cute.

Later back in my hotel room, I get a knock at my door. It’s a gift all wrapped up.
Needless to say, this is why I love scrapbookers so much. Have you ever met a group of more caring and generous women anywhere?

Baby Addie and I now have a little stuffed Tiger to remind us of where mommy was, the day she got the news.

Thank you Tracy and Diane .. what wonderful gifts!


  1. Congratulations, Stacy! Best wishes to you! Can’t wait to see your new daughter! Best, Brook

  2. What exciting news! Congratulations and good luck!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! So happy for you! can’t wait to see pictures of her in your new and upcoming books! I am sure she will bring new inspiration! God Bless,Dawn

  4. Stephanie Menzock says:

    Stacy! What wonderful news for you and your family. I am so happy for all of you. Congrats!!!

  5. Congratulations!! And what a cool gift! Did you know that the tiger is an important symbol in Korean culture? How neat!

  6. Oh, Stacy, what wonderful news! A baby girl to love and adore…Congratulations to you and your wonderful family!

  7. Congratulations!!! Like you, we are also waiting for our second Chinese dragon. Getting the ‘call’ is always a joyous and marvelous time. Thank you for sharing us your journey.

  8. Congratulations! You will love having a baby girl – they are so awesome. Praying for you, the other members of the Julian family, and espeically Baby Addie. She has no idea how blessed she is. Robin

  9. Oh, Stacy, what wonderful news – a baby girl to love and adore…Congratulations to you and your beautiful family!

  10. such fanatastic news!!

  11. Congratulations to you and your family! Can’t wait to see the inspiration you draw from her. Have fun shopping for pink!

  12. What a gift! What a blessing! Congratulations!

  13. Congratulations! What wonderful news :)

  14. happy tears for you here. i have 4 children also and i’m sure there will be a brown haired girl out there for us someday too. so happy for you.

  15. I suspected as much when I read your post yesterday. What wonderful news! Congratulations!

  16. happy tears for you here. i have 4 children also and i’m sure there will be a brown haired girl out there for us someday too. so happy for you.

  17. Congratulations Stacy! Wonderful news!

  18. Congratulations!! So happy for you and your family. the 3-6 months is going to feel like forever.

  19. Huge congrats to you! What amazing news!

  20. KatieButler says:

    Wonderful news! I hope you are able to bring her home on the “sooner” side of things. Congratulations, and God Bless your family!

  21. Congrats to you and your family, Stacy! How excited you must be! :) You have talked about this so much in the magazine and on your blog and I’m so happy that it’s finally happening. I bet the boys can’t wait to meet their new sister (and lucky her with 4 big brothers to look after her)!! Pace yourself of baby girl clothes shopping!! LOL

  22. Oh Stacy…that is just wonderful! I have 4 brothers too. She will be one blessed little girl!

  23. Oh Stacy, that is SO incredibly exciting! Congratulations to your family … ooh, not only cute little dresses – you can get more pink paper, embellishments, ribbon, etc. :)

  24. Fantastic!! I’m so glad you get to go pink shopping! And those pictures of the wild animal rescue place looked like so much fun!! I’m so glad there are people out there like Lori and Tracy who look out for God’s other creations.
    *warning: pink paint in a room can be suprisingly overpowering, go light!*

  25. Oh, Stacy, I’m so happy for you! How wonderful! I am adopted, too, and it always fills me with such joy to see families coming together… Congratulations!

  26. Stacy: So thrilled for you. I will never forget the day we got our call for our daughter. So many wonderful things ahead for you. You’ll have a whole new palette of colors to scrap! Congratulations and good luck through the next months of waiting, paperwork, more paperwork, waiting…Kathryn

  27. OOOOOOOOH!!!!! sooooo very excited for you! sooooo very happy for you!!! and to think she will be less than 1 year old when she comes home! how WONDERFUL!!! thanks for sharing and making my day too!

  28. What wonderful news!! Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to see pictures of your new baby girl!!

  29. That’s so awesome Stacy! That will be on very loved little girl. Bless you for giving her such an awesome opportunity in life.
    {Lara} in SA

  30. Yee-Haw! Wow, congratulations! This is so great and I am thrilled for your family! This little girl is so blessed to join a family like yours. Looking forward to her arrival! Lots of Smiles, Kirsten

  31. CONGRATS Julian family! My brother is adopted from Korea so your entry brought make so many memories and even inspired me to create a layout.
    I hope you will get a minute to take a look at
    So happy for you!
    Katie the Scrapbook Lady

  32. That made me cry…happy tears for you. God bless.

  33. Amy Tanabe says:

    Oh I am thrilled for you but even more so for her! Congratulations!

  34. awww…. you’re makin’ me cry, girl. Congratulations, I’m happy for you!

  35. Stacy-
    My heart is singing for you!

  36. Congrads on the new baby girl…hope she is home with you soon,

  37. Congrats!!! I am so happy for you! I know how it feels when you first hear the news that you are finally going to have a baby girl to love. I had four boys and then finally #6 was a girl (yes,she brought another brother with her### He was first-Twins)I went shopping the same day I heard the news. It was such a special day!! It is true “Thank Heavens for little girls” Your boys are going to just adore her!! It is truly amazing to see that sweet adoration brothers have for their little sister.

  38. Congratulations! What wonderful news.

  39. Ana Magloire says:

    I have goosebumps and happy tears in my eyes. I’m so happy for you and your family. That is one lucky little girl. I hope the months pass by soon so she can finaly come home to you and her family. Blessings to you all.

  40. Oh wow!! congratulations Julian family. She is such a lucky little girl.
    Cape Town, South Africa

  41. Congratulations to your whole family! I bet you’re all thrilled.

  42. omg! Congrats on the baby girl!!! One of our family friends adopted a son from Korea & he is the smartest, cutest boy I’ve ever met. So fabulous that a terrific family will be sharing their hearts with a baby girl :) And the wild animal rescue looks stunning! Lucky you…baby lemurs are adorable. Who knew?

  43. That is so wonderful! Happy, happy days ahead for the Julien family! Congratulations!

  44. I am so happy for you, I cried happy tears when I read this! Superfantastic news… Congrats!!!!

  45. what thrilling and wonderful news! so excited for your whole family! what fun to add a little girl to that beautiful group of boys! Congratulations! here’s hoping she’s home with you soon!

  46. WOW! Congratulations!! :)

  47. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I hope the next few months FLY by as you wait and prepare to bring Baby Addie home! What wonderful news! One word of caution: shopping for baby girl stuff is more addicting than shopping for scrapbooking stuff! Have fun!

  48. I’m actually choked up, I’m so happy for you. Stacy, this little girl is so very lucky, you and your family will be an abundant blessing for her life. I know you have such a huge heart, and give of yourself so freely, she will grow up under a lucky star.
    Blessings to you and your family. She should be arriving in time for Christmas? What an incredible gift!

  49. I am overcome with joy for you and your family. Thank you for sharing this blessing with us.

  50. WOW! What fabulous news! I hope the next 3-6 months goes by as fast as you want it to! That pink/brown dress is the cutest! I’m sorry you had to get such happy news over the phone from your DH! That news deserved a major hug fest! ;)
    That sanctuary looks like the kind of place I would just love to volunteer! Glad you got to visit there!

  51. Congratulations on the happy news. I wish you all the best of luck!

  52. Stacy-
    I’m so excited for you and your family. What WONDERFUL news! Addie is going to be one lucky little girl to have you as her mommy.

  53. Lynne Hardy says:

    I’m in tears as I read about your wonderful news and the sweet reminder (the little stuffed tiger) you have. Little Addie’s birthday happens to be my Anniversary so that is even more exciting for me. I am so thrilled to know you know have a little girl to join your family. Congratulations.
    BTW, I have some pictures from your impromptu baby shower in Ct last year at Albums. If you will email me I will be happy to send to you.
    Can’t wait to see pictures of your little one.

  54. oh, S!!!! How exciting is that?! She is going to be one loved baby.

  55. Congratulations, Stacey! I’m so pleased for you. This baby couldn’t have a better family.

  56. I’m doing the happy dance for you! The only thing better than “Referral Day” is the day you get the first picture – wait, I was wrong, the best day is “Gotcha Day” the day they actually put your baby in your arms. No, wait- every day after that is the best day!! Much happiness and joy to you are your DH and your family. Wait until the boys get a look at HER!

  57. Congratulations! What a wonderful day!! :o)

  58. SO excited for you and your family! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I can’t wait to see the fun photos and family times you will share with us all! You are one AMAZING WOMAN and I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU!
    Blessings to you!! Darla

  59. Congratulations Stacy! I have a lump in my throat, a happy one. I hope the next 3to6 months fly by for you

  60. Ooooh, what a happy day. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  61. I, too, got choked up just thinking about how happy the Julian family must be right now! Congratulations!! : )

  62. I am so happy for you! Brought a tear to my eye! Best Wishes! Georgana

  63. Kara Rossewey says:

    Wonderful news! Congrats to you and your family. Kara

  64. Rochelle Kjar says:

    Congratulations! That is seriously the best feeling to know there is a baby out there waiting for you. Brings back so many great memories! What a happy day for you and your family!

  65. A simple, Congrats!

  66. What happy news. That outfit is too cute!! Congratulations!! Have a great day!

  67. Congratulations Stacy! SO incredibly happy for you and your family. Can’t wait to see pics of your little girl and see her featured in your albums. What a blessing!

  68. Oh, Congratulations!!! I’m getting all teary-eyed for you!! Have fun shopping for PINK stuff!! I am absolutely thrilled for your family and wish you all the best!!
    PS: Love the pic of you holding ‘King Julian’!! ::Grin!::

  69. Your news brings tears to my eyes! How wonderful for you and your family! Addie is one lucky little girl! All the best! Tracy

  70. Congratulations to the Julian family! We’re all counting the days with you.

  71. tears of joy for you my friend! such exciting news!!

  72. oh stacy! CONGRATS!!!

  73. Wow congrats on your new baby girl. I am so happy for you. Can’t wait to see pictures of her.

  74. Happy, Happy news indeed! Very inspiring….

  75. Angie Patterson says:

    Happy, Happy news indeed! Very inspiring….

  76. I am totally getting teary-eyed reading this. SO happy for you!

  77. That’s awesome news Stacy! Congratulations to you and your family!

  78. WOW! Congratulations to you and your family!!! A long awaited day. What a blessing!

  79. I’m the adoptive mom of a now 7 year old girl who was born in Guatemala. I have been checking your site for weeks now, hoping you would have news of your referral to post. Congratulations!

  80. So happy for you and your family. Congratulations, can’t wait to see pictures of the little one

  81. What fabulous news! Will you go to Korea to get her? I’ve always wanted to visit. My mother is from there and I want to understand their culture more.
    Well I am just so darn happy for you.

  82. Congratulations! My two little beauties are from Korea as well. I can’t wait to see pictures. I’m like you – I just melt when I see pictures of Asian babies. I’ll pray for fast paperwork! Linda

  83. Hi Stacy and best wishes! What an absolute blessing. I am so overjoyed for you. Little Addie could not be going to a more deserving family.
    Many prayers and best wishes in the coming months!

  84. Bernadette Sikorski says:

    Such happy, happy news!! OMG! This is great – you are going to be such a wonderful family for this little girl, Addie! She is lucky to have you love her. I know you must be jumping up and down! I know I would be! Congrats to all of you and what a lucky girl to have all those big brothers – they must be excited too.

  85. Oh Stacy! Congratulations!!! The other day when you posted about Life and Laundry I really had this feeling about your adoption news…SOOO happy for you. Hopefully by CKC Bellevue you’ll have your girlie!

  86. Congrats Stacy!!!! That’s such wonderful news. I’m so happy that she found you. She’s one of the luckiest baby’s in the world to get you as a mommy. Can’t wait to hear more about her.

  87. Congratulations! I was just reading one of the messages you wrote in a SS idea book and you mentioned that you were planning to adopt a little girl. I was going to ask you about it, but I wasn’t sure if it was a sensitive topic! How WONDERFUL that God has brought your daughter into your lives. :)
    P.S. Thanks for adding the RSS feed to your site!!!!!

  88. A big congrats to you and your family on this wonderful news! And the outfit, just way too cute!

  89. A BIG HUGE WHOPPING congrats to you. I know how hard these waits are. Looking forward to e-meeting this little lady real soon!

  90. Congratulations!How exciting for you! I got goosebumps reading that!

  91. Carole B. says:

    Congratulations, Stacy! I know you would probably rather be home with your family while you spend these exciting first moments thinking about your new baby girl, but if you can’t be there, I am so glad you received such happy news in the wonderful state of Oklahoma.
    I am a transplanted Okie, originally from Alexandria, VA. My mother and her family are all from Oklahoma, and that’s how I came to attend college at OU. Met the greatest guy in the world, and the rest is history. I hope you’ve discovered (as I have) that Oklahoma is filled with the most generous, friendly, and warm-hearted people. And I hope you enjoyed your visit to my LSS today — Simply Scrapbooks in Claremore. I wanted to be there, but was in class at CKC. I did contribute a couple of brownie recipes for you, though: the Spook-tacularly Easy Halloween Rocky Road Brownies and the Red Velvet Brownies. :)
    Again, thanks for coming to our grand land. I hope our paths cross in person one of these days. In the meantime, know that there are so many people celebrating your special news. Your daughter and you will be such enormous blessings to one another.
    Peace and love to you and yours –

  92. CC Scrap Queen says:

    Congratulations Stacy!! I have and adopted 8 yr old cousin from Korea!! He came when he was 6 months OLD!!!
    What happy news!!!

  93. Amy Stultz says:

    I can’t tell you how joyous my heart is right now. I am so happy for you and your gang of boys!

  94. Absolutely fabulous news Stacy!! Enjoy every second of preparing for your daughter!

  95. Theresa Velazquez says:

    Congratulations! What a happy day!

  96. Stacy how absolutely sensationally wonderful!!!! Congratulations! Narelle

  97. Congratulations! How wonderful, a precious baby girl. So happy for you and your family.

  98. I’ve got a lump in my throat….I’m so happy and excited for you! Congratulations!!

  99. Congratulations, Stacy! We’re awaiting our referral from China so I’m dying for the day when I can go and shop to celebrate. I’m so happy for you and your family!
    Terri—->loving your Library class

  100. Congratulations to the Julian Family. 2006 will be your year of milestones with the new house and your daughter. Thank you for sharing such wonderful news with us. We can’t wait to share the journey with you.

  101. Congratulations to you and your family! What a blessing!

  102. what fabulous fabulous news for you and your family!!! I’ll be counting the days right along with you!!! What a blessing she will be and your family is!

  103. I am so excited for you. My Korean born daughter in now in college but I remember the day we got the referral call like it was yesterday. Korean born son is now 13. This will change your life forever! Congratulations!!

  104. Stacy—Congratulations to you & your family on the wonderful news! What a busy happy time now, waiting to be able to bring your daughter home, shopping, planning, getting everything just right… What a wonderful blessing for your family…that now includes Addie.

  105. Such joy and happiness I wish for you. I know this journey can be a long one, but you are now nearing the end, and a blessing awaits you. Congratulations to you and your family.

  106. I’m so happy for you I could just cry! Congrats!

  107. Oh, congratulations!!!!!!
    So happy for you!!!! :)

  108. Congratulations Stacy!!! How exciting!

  109. Congratulations to the Julian family! I have been hoping that your great news would come soon. I can’t wait to see the “Meeting Addie” scrapbook filled up with family members welcoming your new daughter home!
    We leave in 12 days to go get our newest baby girl from China, too. Like you, we are tickled to finally be buying girlie things and moving from waiting and dreaming into the reality of a precious new baby joining our family.
    Hope your wait to bring her home goes by quickly! Blessings to all of you!

  110. Congratulations! I have been waiting on the referral of a baby girl from China. One year and counting. It will be an exciting time for you, but I hope your wait goes FAST!

  111. julie huerta says:

    ohh stacy im so happy for you to have that precious little girl ,shes going to be so lucky to have such a special mom .congrats to the whole family and looking forward to more postings of the events to take place .hugs julie from sugar land

  112. Congratulations!!! You’ll have such fun with a little girl!

  113. julie huerta says:

    ohh stacy im so happy for you to have that precious little girl ,shes going to be so lucky to have such a special mom .congrats to the whole family and looking forward to more postings of the events to take place .hugs julie from sugar land

  114. Congrats on the news of your new daughter. I also have a son who is adopted, as was I. Thanks for giving back to the children.

  115. Congratulations to you and your family Stacy! How exciting!

  116. congratulations, stacy! so happy for you and your family.

  117. Hooray! What a lucky little girl to come into such a beautiful family. Go buy some pink scrapbooking papers–can’t wait to see all those girly pages.

  118. oh I am so excited for you.
    Isn’t it wonderful that paper/photos/stories have brought so many strangers together and made them friends?
    Isn’t it wonderful that your family will have more love, more life, more joy, more laughter?
    I’m crying with joy I am so excited for you and your family.
    Many blessings be with you!

  119. C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S*!*!*!

  120. Sue McFarland says:

    Congratulations on your new daughter!! It is the most special thing in the world to have a daughter. Hope that yours makes you as happy as ours always has us. Congrats, again :)

  121. OHhhhh, I was so happy to read this I nearly cried.
    I am just so thrilled for you!

  122. What wonderfully blessed news!!! Someone is smiling down on you for sure!!!!

  123. Stacy I am so very happy for you and your family! I can only imagine the joy that all of you are feeling! May God bless all of you!

  124. I don’t ever comment on blogs – just read them. I’ve enjoyed yours.
    I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. I am so happy for you and your family. Even more so for the lucky little girl.
    Blessings to all of you.

  125. What wonderful news! The time will be here before you know it when she will be in all of your arms.

  126. Congrats Stacy! This is so wonderful. I am also an Addie, so I know she will be special!

  127. Congratulations! What exciting news, I look forward to some blog posts about your new family member :)

  128. Congratulations! I’m so happy for your family!

  129. Congratulations to you and your family Stacy!! What awesome news :) We look forward to hearing and seeing more of your little girl in the future. Sarah (Australia)

  130. Words can’t express how excited I am for you and your family! How amazing this next year will be for you all! (sniff sniff) Congrats!!

  131. Congratulations! I am so happy for you.

  132. I’m so over the moon happy for you!!! Congratulations! And yes…I’m bawling.

  133. how absolutely wonderful for you to recieve your long-awaited news! i’m so very happy for you and your now-larger family:)
    God bless,

  134. Totally teary-eyed here!
    So excited for you!
    God bless!

  135. Congratulations, Stacy! I am so happy for you and your family!!!

  136. Stacy! I am so happy for you and your family. I can’t imagine how happy, excited, anxious all of you are. I was in your Talk 2 Me class at CKU MN last April when you told us you were adopting. You have had a long journey, but it’s soon coming to such a happy conclusion!

  137. Congrats Stacy & family! That news is just way to sensational!! happy times ahead for you all.
    Lee :)

  138. I am rejoicing with you.
    Can’t wait to hear more…

  139. Yep, I just KNEW you were “nesting”!!!!!! I’m tellin’ ya, it doesn’t matter if it’s adoptive or physical birth, that maternal instinct is real….I’ve seen it kick in too many times to not trust when a mom states how she feels, people better listen!!! Congrats! That is very exciting!!!

  140. congratulations Stacy! I can’t imagine how excited you must be! (darling name too btw….we were told Carson was going to be a girl and that’s the name we had all picked out for him! I love it!) :)

  141. congratulations Stacy! I can’t imagine how excited you must be! (darling name too btw….we were told Carson was going to be a girl and that’s the name we had all picked out for him! I love it!) :)

  142. Stacy,
    I’m writing to you from our hotel room in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam. We are here to bring home our daughter, Lucy. She is sleeping as I write. So excited for you to be adopting. Lucy is our 6th child, we have 4 “home grown” 1 who is “borrowed “(foster) and now 1 “imported.” This is an incredible journey, I’m so happy for you.

  143. Lisa Russell says:

    How wonderful! Congratulations to all of you!!

  144. Congratulations! Girls are a wonderful thing to have. I wish you all the best.

  145. ((HUGS)) to you and your family on your wonderful news. Peace and blessings! Cindy

  146. Thena Smith says:

    Ohhh, how wonderful! I had two older brothers whom I adore!!
    What a blessed family you are!

  147. Thena Smith says:

    Ohhh, how wonderful! I had two older brothers whom I adore!!
    What a blessed family you are!

  148. As I hear your wonderful news, you have 147 comments posted to this wonderful news blog. We know how loved your new daughter will be, but do you, Stacy, realize how loved you are and how your great news makes so many others happy too? Thank you for sharing your life with “us” and bringing so much joy to others.

  149. What wonderful news, congratulations to you and your family. I’m sure little Addie will have four very protective big brothers and she couldn’t be coming to a nicer family. Wishing you all the best and let’s hope you don’t have to wait too long before she is safe with you all.

  150. Congrations on your news!!!! Hope the next few months just fly by for you and your family.

  151. How so cool!! Really, I am beyond excited for you. My husband served a mission in Korea and his only hope in life is one day we too will get to adopt a little one from the Country he grew to love. An amazing culture. Ask me about the 100 day celebration we do with our kids for their first birthday. So so so happy for you, and enjoy the girl, she will be life changing.


  153. Candice Palmer says:

    Congrats!! SO excited for you! :)

  154. Congratulations…
    Savor the moment of seeing her picture for the first time! It is such an amazing feeling..
    We just finished our last post placement visit w/ our sw the other day for our korean born daughter Isabella (she will be a year in a couple weeks) Ethan has been home a little over 3 years and they have changed our lives!
    Congrats on reaching the next step in the adoption journey… may the rest of the steps go super fast and soon you will be holding you in her arms!!
    I assume you guys are traveling… Meeting the foster family is a memory I will have forever!!!!
    Enjoy every minute of the adoption journey!!
    Kim mom to two Korean born miracles….Ethan and Isabella

  155. Congratulations on your new daughter, that is truly wonderful special news :-)

  156. God Bless you and your new daughter. I am so happy for you and your family, Stacy!

  157. congratulations Stacy! I can’t even imagine how excited you must be! Love the name too…we were told Carson was going to be a girl and that’s the name we had all picked out for him. I love it!!

  158. Oh Stacy! I’m just so excited for you! I know you’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting … and now you can start getting ready! How fun. She’s one lucky little baby.

  159. Oh Stacy, I am so thrilled for you and your whole family! What wonderful news!

  160. Oh wow oh wow oh wow! SOOOO stinkin’ wonderful! Congratulations! This little girl is soooo lucky to have such a wonderful family to love and cherish her! It’s going to be a whole new dynamic with a little girl running around with all those boys! What FUN!

  161. What great news !!!! I am so excited for you and your family !!!

  162. I got tears in my eyes upon reading about your baby girl. Can’t wait to hear all about her!
    Congratulations to the entire Julian family!!

  163. Congratulations Stacy!!!! I am so excited for you. Little girls are SO SO much fun!

  164. Cat Geiger says:

    What wonderful news!! Congrats on your little baby girl!!

  165. Shauna Johnston says:

    Congratulations – I have two fantastic adopted children they are the best – what an exciting time for you – enjoy – I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world.

  166. I may be a bit late in my congratulations, but they are heartfelt nonetheless! Three years ago in November we made the trip to Seoul to pick up our own Korean daughter – and it was truly the trip of a lifetime, one that changed our lives forever. Our family is, like yours, a mix of biological and adoptive children – the family that God intended for us to have.
    You will be so blessed by your precious daughter, and she by you. what a wonderful journey you are abotu to embark upon!

  167. Thena Smith says:

    Announcement of Adoption…
    In our hearts she was already our song
    God kept her secure and safe from harm
    Until He could place our little girl
    in our arms.
    She was waiting for us to find her
    For us to find the words to our song
    And she was just waiting patiently
    For us to come along.
    God has a way of bringing together
    All things that are meant to be
    And the joining of baby and parents
    Is a glorious sight to see.
    Come and join in our celebration
    Sing with us our song of love
    For the child so sweetly given us
    By the Heavenly Father above.

  168. Stacy,
    I am so very excited for you. just reading your post and getting the feel for your excitment made my tear up with happiness for you. I am 26 yrs and hope to fall in your footsteps with adopting a baby girl. in a few years hopefully we will have a coplete family. I can no longer have children, and although blessed with one bright eyed little girl, I would love more.
    I want to wish you lots of love and happiness and joy!

  169. Sue Martin says:

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you. I have a cute story that you will soon relate to. A few years back, my boys were in Cub Scouts and became very good friends with Scott. About 2 years after we met him, my 10-year-old started asking me about adoption, why kids were adopted, was it forever, etc. Then he asked me “Mom, do we know anybody who is adopted?” I said yes, of course, Scott is adopted. He says, “How do you know?”. I replied, “Because he’s Korean and his parents are white.” He responded, “But how do you know?” I replied “Because he has black hair and asian eyes, and they have blonde hair and blue eyse.” He says, “Are you really sure, can we call them and ask?” It was so awesome that he really couldn’t see any differences. I wish you well on your journey to bring her home.

  170. I’m SO thrilled for you & your family! I can COMPLETELY relate to you since I have only boys as well. I love them dearly but certainly feel a “void” in my life…..wish I didn’t but I do. I never had a sister and always longed for more girly-ness in my life. We haven’t given up the notion of adoption so I pray my story ends up with a happy ending someday just like yours! Congrats!

  171. Just found your blog girlie, and wanting to add my love and huge congrats for your Daughter. you are so blessed and so is she for having a wonderful loving home to come into.

  172. Congratulations, Stacy! We are the proud parents of a little girl adopted from China! She has brought such sunshine into our lives! Hope to hear more of your journey soon!

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