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you haven’t heard about the summer fun promotion at Big Picture Scrapbooking which I realize is pretty unlikely, based on the fact that if you read my blog, you are probably well aware of the happenings at BPSyou really should check it out. I am frankly quite proud of our teachers and all the wonderful ideas and inspiration they are willing to share  — FREE for the taking. Most of them are busy with family and work and developing new classes and yet they responded to my call. It reminds me how cool and generous this scrapbooking community can be!

Anyway — go have some Summer Fun!!

Oh, and speaking of great teachers, I talked to with Stacey P from Junkitz today and am very happy to announce that she and her line-up of amazing designers will be joining up to teach a six-week workshop in January. If you haven’t been to the Junkitz website lately — Oh My Heavens — go now. I just think it is so fun and full of personality. I met Stacey way back at a CKU in Stamford CT (she showed me a picture of her scrapbook room that she had  painted to look like that great SEI paper that rocked our world — remember, the light blue with circles? She told me she showed the paper to her husband Kenny and said "Can you paint my room to look like this? And he did. Anyway, can’t even believe how much she and her family have accomplished in such a short time. I’m just so happy for her. I posted a link to Stacey’s blog too — so go check it out!


  1. Stacy – the summer fun projects have been great! Thanks so much for putting those freebies out there! I’m looking forward to making that mini-album crate :)
    Oh and Stacy and Kenny rock! Cool products, cool designers working for them (Janna Wilson is soooo sweet – and we all love Tim)
    Thanks again!!!

  2. Okay, I thought I would have tons of time to catch up on my LOM class assignments during our class break, but instead I’ve got a long list of BPS projects! Ack! How to fit it all in….????

  3. Thanks for adding even more free classes for us this summer! I loved Gretchen’s project, and bought the box, but couldn’t find the albums. When I emailed her, she emailed me back and told me where to find them…how nice!!!!! I found them and can’t wait to get started this weekend.
    And I’m thrilled about the Junkitz class! I can NOT wait. I took their class at CKU Atlanta, and they changed my scrapbooking outlook forever! I know this class will also be amazing, and I can’t wait to sign up!

  4. Oh very cool …thanks :)

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