sometimes it just takes a shift …

I’m beginning my blog in a way I didn’t anticipate. This is because I allow my mind to shift directions. I respond to curiosity and I love to mentally wander. A moment ago, I "googled" a man’s name. I wanted to learn more about him, because I was going to share something he said with all of you. I wanted to express this morning how in the few days since getting my adoption referral my mind and heart have shifted in new directions and experienced so many new emotions. My google search turned up a website called Shift, Make Your Move  and now three minutes later, I’m enjoying that excitement that comes from reading something new and discovering words that instantly resonate with you.

Make time today to visit this site and read about the visionary woman behind this game and this philosophy. I love what she says about her purpose:

We have no interest in promoting any specific way of thinking. Our interest is only in empowering you to see the thoughts you are thinking and recognize that you can control those thoughts. It is our willingness to see things differently that can change our reality.

and that is what I really want to share. Our reality is simply our perception and the more willing we are to entertain new ideas and perceive our world in different ways, the more we grow and expand what is real.

I have a daughter.

It will take months to bring her home, but I know already that she is as much a part of me as my biological sons are. I saw her newborn picture for the first time on Monday. I tried to be aware of my very first thought, so I could write it down for her, and this is it:

Seeing isn’t believing — I already loved the idea of you and I already knew you belonged with me. That assurance came during a phone conversation with your father, as he read your referral information to me. You were meant to be in our family. There is no doubt in my mind. You are beautiful, but that doesn’t change how I feel about you. I can’t wait to meet you in person.

My intended Wednesday’s Words, were these:

Dont’ go with the flow. You are the flow.
                                                        Sugi Tanaka

If it’s been awhile since you experienced a "shift" in your thinking and in your reality. I’m challenging you to do something about it. Do something before 2006 ends that will change the flow of your life. Read a book, Make a phone call, Write a letter — it doesn’t have to be huge, just reach out to life in a way you haven’t yet done and see what happens. If nothing else, you’ll feel more creative and you’ll be better able to recognize opportunities for growth in the future.

This is creativity you know — experiencing life in novel ways and opening yourself up to new thoughts (have you read Angie’s article in the September/October issue of Simple yet?) Creativity is the key to finding solutions in your life. Whether it’s designing a scrapbook layout or repairing a damaged relationship. If you didn’t take my creativity class at Big Picture Scrapbooking the first time around and you’d like to learn more about true creativity, I invite you to sign up!

And I just have to say how wonderful you all are — thank you so much for your comments and thoughtful words. I have read each and every one and I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing community of friends.

I’m off to spend the day with my kids and prepare a package to send to our new baby girl –


  1. I am so excited for you. Thanks for sharing that website. It fits so nicely with what I have been reading and trying to do. Definitely time for a shift.
    Best wishes to you and your family and new baby girl!

  2. A shift in thinking… what a novel idea. purposely training your mind to dwell on the good, the positive, the creative, the unselfish, the loving.
    Wasn’t it Earl Nightengale who said “we are what we think about.”?

  3. Great post Stacy. somehow it was just what I needed to “hear” today. and reading about your love for your daughter, a child half a world away you have yet to hold in your arms, is so beautiful. I think you are beautiful, too, and yet we have never met either. amazing how the world works.
    have a wonderful day. i know you have touched mine.

  4. A shift in thinking… what a novel idea. purposely training your mind to dwell on the good, the positive, the creative, the unselfish, the loving.
    Wasn’t it Earl Nightengale who said “we are what we think about.”?

  5. Don’t know why I double posted! Sorry about that, I hit the button once, really!

  6. Aimee Grenke says:

    I just stumbled upon your site not too long ago, when reading other scrapbookers blogs. I was so excited to read that you are now the mother of a daughter ! I’m hoping to go through the adoption journey soon. I haven’t even started yet & the waiting is terrible. I do have two biological children though, so I can’t be too impatient. I will be reading the shift website when I’m done posting this. Thanks !

  7. I’m thrilled for you and the promise of your daughter. (And so excited that you are offering the creativity class again!)

  8. Congratulations! We adopted our baby boy 11 years ago and still can’t believe how God blessed us.
    She is so blessed to be coming into your family. Enjoy this time of anticipation–document it all! Lucky girl! Lucky family!

  9. Dont’ go with the flow. You are the flow.
    This is what I have been living by for the past month. How this shift in thinking has changed the way I see things and react to them. I am beyond excited for you and your family. And, it is wonderful of you to share this time so openly. Truly this is a blessing.

  10. Kathleen Joseph says:

    Many continued blessings to you and your family. Congratulations and my the upcoming months move smoothly and quickly.

  11. I really need a shift in my thinking right now, so thanks for sharing that! And thanks for sharing about your new baby girl! I can’t wait to see pictures and follow along with you as you go through these next few exciting months! I pray God will bring your baby girl home to you soon!

  12. Ceci O Hurtado says:

    Wow Satcy!
    I have been on vacations for a while and now I came back and read your blog and read your wounderful news about you and your family are having a baby girl!
    After so many months waiting your patient is rewarding you.
    My best wishes.
    And good idea a shift in thinking, I will sahre your idea with a friend who really need to do this.
    As always thanks for your positive ideas.

  13. Oh how I started BAWLING when I read that one sentence “I have a daughter”…How much love we have in our hearts for our kids, whether they come from our bodies or we are chosen for them. I am so thrilled for you. And I love how you continue to bless us with your perspective. Something happened to me recently, too….a “shift” and it is glorious, frightening, unsettling but so good. I am embracing it!

  14. Stacy, you have changed the flow of my life. How? I took your Creativity class back in January and my life will never be the same. Because of you and learning to look at myself in different ways, in 2006 I have:
    *started blogging and connecting with the world
    *have lost and am keeping off 25 pounds, walking at least a mile a day
    *a former couch jockey, I hiked Yellowstone with the Educators of Excellence program, which I never would have applied to before. I have seen grizzlies, wolves, and moose up close and personal.
    *I am a photograoher now.
    Wow. Thanks for changing the flow of my life. Started with painting my ugly toes and sharing. I haven’t stopped!
    Thanks. You rock.

  15. Stacy, I am in tears — good tears!
    Thank you for sharing so much of your life and heart with us all.

  16. This so rang true for me this month – I have shifted from being all gung ho about entering my art quilts into exhibitions, etc. and feeling like its a never ending cycle…… Mom had surgery and I had to re-think things and you know what – I will make quilts for ME, not for specific shows/exhibitions. I am now at peace with this and am LOVING each day more since I came to that path.
    We seem to all have to take a side step to realize what’s really important in our lives!
    CONGRATULATIONS on getting to that and also special CONGRATULATIONS on the adoption of YOUR daughter!!!
    Many special days ahead for you.

  17. wow. wow. about all i can say. you truly are inspirational. thank you for sharing not only what you have to say, but how you say it! you make a difference.
    thanks again!
    cheers to you, and congratulations again!

  18. Rebecca Bollman says:

    Funny how when you start down a new and scary path, the World sends you little nudges to continue down it.
    I’ve spent two years daring myself to return to school and explore a new career. I finally took my first class this summer and today I bought a MacBook Pro. I’ve spent the day agonizing over the money spent. And then I land here and see your challenge. A deep breath, a quick prayer to the Universe and I vow to contiue on.
    Thanks for the encouragement.

  19. Stacy
    congratulations , so happy to hear you have a daughter.
    I read your post today and visited the Shift website, just what i needed to do rethink how i think and approach to life.
    Thank you so much

  20. I have two adopted girls (from China) and I am thrilled to hear you are going on this journey. I don’t know if you actually have time to read these, but if you do try and contact an International Adoption Clinic if you have one near you. It will make such a big difference in your experience–I couldn’t have done it without our clinic in Birmingham. I’d love to hear from you about your plans–maybe there will be more scrapbooking about adoption now! There’s a little out there, but not much.

  21. billie willsey says:

    Stacy, Again I am so very happy for you.. Can’t wait to see and hear more of Addie Grace.
    It was wonderful meeting you in Claremore, Okla.

  22. How absolutely wonderful that your daughter is waiting for you now!! Your words to her will always be treasured – may your family be blessed as you bless others, Stacy!
    Thank you for your BPS ideas, concepts, enthusiasm, creativity, and encouragement!! I too have been touched, awakened and challenged. I am SO looking forward to seeing you in Edmonton next spring!!! Have a wonderful day!

  23. I found this post so compelling to me. On top of this, I also had a great conversation with a man today who made me realize several things. All in all, I guess what I got from the two was a serious reality check that we DO need to make ‘life changing’ experiences happen in our lives, we need to push for the next bar, get out of our box and look for something bigger and better and not necessarily just for “me” and my benifit. I can’t really go into it here, but wanted to thank you for leading me one step in the right direction to take care of something that is LONG overdue in my life. Stacy, you have NO idea how much you inspire me in so many ways. You seem to know how to reach me like some others can’t. I don’t know if you are familiar with Micheal McLean music, but like his music can reach my soul, so do your words. THANK YOU for that.xoxo DarlaLOU

  24. Another wonderful entry. ((HUGS)) to you.

  25. Stacy! I’m so excited about the arrival of you dd!!! I can’t wait to hear more and more about her as you scrapbook the event…for a while now we’ve been considering adding a dd to our family actually. If you have time and you are willing I’d love more information on the company you went through. Can’t wait to see pictures of your PINK blessing ;) Congrats.

  26. Sherry K. Brown says:

    Gary and I are soooo excited for all of you!!
    Congratulations and love to all.

  27. Stacy – Congratulations. We can’t wait to meet our new neice and cousin. I already feel close to her, though we haven’t even seen a picture of her.
    I am ready to make a SHIFT! Thanks for your motivating words. They have really made my mental wheels start spinning.
    Love – Hill

  28. Dear Stacy,
    Congratulations with your daughter. How do the boys feel about that change in their life?
    Oh, it must be so exciting. Knowing she’s on the planet, but not yet in your arms. I hope that you can hug her sooner than the 3 to 6 months you wrote. Reading your blog shows me you’re already in love with her! Keep us posted!
    Today I also changed the flow in my life. I’m not working on fridays anymore. Just practical: it’s my ‘clean the house day’ (so I can celebrate the weekend with my feet up and doing weekend stuff). From 8 AM till 11 AM I’ve been all over it. And you know what: It feels so GOOD! And the other good thing is that I have the afternoon ‘off’. I’m going the select a bunch of pictures, have them printed, do some shopping and (if I’m back in time) maybe do some scrapbooking before DH and DS come home. I feel GOOD … no I FEEL GREAT.
    Thanks Stacy.

  29. Stacy,
    Thank you for your always inspiring words and for inspiring us to shift and think differently. Your message touched me, and I forwarded it to one of my non-scrapbooking friends who was also very touched. We need a shift in our thinking sometimes. Thanks for giving us this boost and reminder.
    I did sign up for the U 2 R Cre8ive class, and I can’t wait to take it. Thank you so much for offering it again! I missed the first round because I didn’t know about BPS then. I’m so glad I know about it now!

  30. I got chills from reading your entry…congratulations on the new addition to your family, kudos to you for making a shift in your thinking, and thanks for sharing it with us!

  31. …shift…
    thank you

  32. Stacy my dear,
    I just found out about your post and had to write to thank you for your amazing words of kindness. It’s so wonderful to receive feedback and support… actually it’s really just great when people get the message and decide to make a personal shift.
    Congratulations on your baby girl. I’m blown away by the life that you’ve created and love seeing people live their purpose and get rewarded for it. I’m reminded of the line “My creativity is love in action.” That’s obviously very true for you.
    My blessings and best wishes to you,
    Nicole, Shift Creator
    From: Ali Edwards []
    Sent: Thursday, August 31, 2006 8:23 PM
    Cc: ‘Kristen Werning’;
    Subject: Re: thought of you- check out this designer
    Thanks Nicole – what a cool email to receive.
    And what a cool thing you are doing as well – love the concept. I learned about you through my friend Stacy Julian’s blog :)
    On Aug 29, 2006, at 5:04 PM, Nicole Casanova wrote:
    Kristen, we’ve been getting interesting registrations… check this woman out
    I can see you living a life like this- she’s doing her art and it’s taking her to places like Australia. Look at the products in her shop. I’d buy every one for you…
    Ali- just happened to open your registration and for some reason felt the need to check you out. Thought I’d cc you so you’d see how impressed I was. I forwarded your info to our designer because I know she’ll LOVE your stuff. It’s funny how we filter things through our own eyes. You mentioned doing more and I’m totally impressed with what you’ve created to date. That’s why I want Kristen to see it… something for us to aspire to.
    Enjoy your day,
    Nicole Casanova
    Shift, LLC.
    p. 303.530.0787
    f. 443.659.2467
    MORE ABOUT SHIFT:Can a game change your life? If it’s about love, fear and you, it just might. Shift is an empowering board game for 2-6 players. Shift is different. It is a celebration of life in a box. Combining universal principles from great minds such as Buddha, Gandhi and our very own stand-up comedian, Shift shows us why we do what we do. Shift lets us look at ourselves through laughter and see that our thoughts create our reality and that one small shift in thought can shift your life. Another way to work your mental muscles now available, Shift Keynotes and Workshops for your next meeting. Check it out at

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