Tulsa Report – Day 1

Something just happened that will forever put Tulsa on my memory map — and it has nothing to do with the record-breaking heat. More info very soon.

I’m here and I’m having a wonderful time. So fun to see all the CK staff and especially my long-time friend Kris Parkin. Kris travels and teaches lots for Simple and I just adore her. She was my Creative Memories consultant years ago (lots of years) anyway … got in my groove, mostly because I had such a great group of scrappers today.

They worked hard from 9:00 all the way through (with maybe 30 minutes for lunch) until 5:00 and just did so good — we used the ScrapWorks BayBox 6×8 album to do "photo-album scrapbooking" with lots and lots of everyday family/friends pictures, and I think most of them "got it!" I was asked to post the class guidelines so they read and remember the liberation!!!

           [They had to repeat after me]

  In this class, I will say good-bye to perfectionistic tendancies …

  1. I will not use the ruler on my paper trimmer

  2. I refuse to measure my ribbon

  3. Instead of re-doing or starting over, I will cover up and fix up

  4. I will embrace my own handwriting

  Because I am focusing on people I love and their unique personalities …

  1. If I can trim a photo, I will

  2. I will not feel the need to use photos in date order

  3. I will not worry about labeling photos with specific names, dates and event details

4. I will work to create a visual snapshot of each person I’m showcasing

Most importantly ….

I will relax, reminisce, laugh out loud and have fun scrapbooking

I also had four fantastic TAs who were extrememly good at finding things to do for me and everyone else.
They even bought me Logo_2 for lunch (w/ a brownie!)

Thanks girls!

Got to meet so many people (Damon, Heather, Jamie — who made me a bunch Oklahoma shaped cookies  — cool.)

And after it was all over, I got back up to my room to find this …

Love hotels that make you feel special. Not sure why I rate, but I’m certainly not complaining. The convention is at the Renaissance Hotel and it’s really, really nice. Held my own little celebration with some very tasty spinach dip and pita bread. And did I mention my hotel room looks out over Target? Um, yeah — basically super cool. I’ve already been this morning, but I’m going back now to wander and buy something else to share with you.

Stay tuned.


  1. I got to take a class with Kris Parkin at CKC-PA. . .it was a waterfall album and her enthusiasm is terrific!!
    tfs – have fun!

  2. Wow that food looks good too. You rate because you are the best. Thanks for the guidelines..but I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler..I am in trouble

  3. You look so happy. How nice to be surrounded by all these wonderful ladies. And you can’t beat having a great meal from Chick-fila. Then you say your room overlooks Target?? Well, what more can a girl ask for?

  4. Somehow I have a feeling that big smile might be due to more than scrapbooking fun and a view of Target. I can’t wait to find out…
    Prayers and good thoughts!

  5. tfs…what a wonderful mantra!
    I love it
    so inspirational

  6. It sounds like you are having so much fun… glad they are taking care of you!
    Travel safe.

  7. oooh, the suspense!! Sounds like a wonderful time, I’m jealous! :o)

  8. I love the class guidelines! Think I might print those out and post them over my desk! When will you come and teach in California?? So glad I get to hear your speak at CE, but Stacy, pls come to CA!!!

  9. Y’know what would be really fun? Being your roadie…travel with you, meet all these cool people you talk about, see how you inspire them. Yep. Got my next career all picked out. (now if I could just win the lottery so the bills would get paid…)

  10. This is sort of off topic but I’m redoing myalbums and using your format from the Big Picture. My question is this, what do you use, or how do you make, the tabs within an album? For example, how do you make the tabls in the All About Us album for each persons’ name?

  11. Thank you so much for posting your little class mantra on your blog. I’m printing it and posting it in my scrap room because I do all those things! It’s no wonder I have so many boxes of photos that I need to scrap for my 3 kids. I feel as though I’m making progress, but not enough. This really encourages me to just have fun with what I’m doing and who I’m doing it for. Thanks Stacey!!

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