Unbelievable …

OK, I can’t believe this — and if you have known about it for a long time, don’t tell me because I feel like I’m on the cutting edge of discovering technology (ha.) Be sure to watch the little movie (under my runs) If that doesn’t make you want to take up jogging, I don’t know what will!

I don’t have my sensor yet — ordered it online, but I got my nano (thanks Ashli.) I’ll have to wait to get new running shoes too, because I bought a pair in May and they are still in decent shape. But holy cow — can you even believe it. A shoe sensor that will "talk" to my nano to track my pace, distance and more? Hello — that so rocks. I’ve been wanting to justify a nano purchase for awhile, so when Clark borrowed my earphones the other day and took them to his friends house where they got stepped on (smashed to smithereens) I was secretly glad — don’t tell him.

I also got this new T-shirt in the mail from the girls at runnermom.com — THANKS!
I’m seriously considering an invitation from someone we all know and love to run a marathon next summer (stay tuned) with my new techno-shoes and power music set up, I won’t have an excuse not to try.

off to update my itunes –
Have a great weekend.


  1. That is so cool!! scheduling this week has forced me to take a break, but can’t wait to get started next week. i’ve sent the link to Beth, she’s still running marathons.

  2. Damon Crawley says:

    The only negative thing that I have seen stated about the shoe inserts is that the batteries are not replaceable. I don’t know if that is true or not. But is it just way too cool. Too bad it doesn’t work with the regular iPods

  3. OK that is just COOL beyond COOL!!
    I am far from needing one of them YET but if I get my game on like planned who knows I might need one soon! That is SO cool!

  4. holy crow! i just love how technology moves at such a fast pace (no pun intended) who would’ve even thought of this a couple years ago?
    have an awesome weekend!!

  5. Technology is amazing! I’ll have to check this one out. I’ve got an ipod, may have an excuse for the nano now!

  6. uh STILL not going to do a marathon….those 5Ks were about it for me! I’ll keep doing them…and maybe someday maybe an 8K. but let’s not push it! lol!! if I am too sore I can’t scrap!

  7. That is so freaking cool! Almost enough to make me want to take up running…almost. I still think I may need some lions chasing me or something to push me past a brisk walk. :)

  8. ok, what marathon do you want to do? I can’t do one until after August 27th though, I am doing Ironman Canada that day. But pick one after and I am there with you. oh, and I don’t do anythign particularly fast, so don’t let let IM Canada statment deter you. (teri in UT)

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