Vinyl and Mousepads …


Don’t you just love sneak peeks!

I suppose you can tell I am having a hard time blogging lately – or at least blogging with any kind of frequency. This is NOT because I have nothing to say — or because I don’t love you. In fact I have been taking pictures with you and my blog in mind. I’ve got little post-its stuck to my computer and everday I think "today is the day" — but, I just can’t seem to want to stay in my studio when I could be upstairs (playing/decorating/organizing) in my house or outside playing in the sun.

Just thought you should know.

p.s. Ashli is working on creating a special vinyl signature package for all of you! More info coming soon. Cannot wait to show you the walls of my studio and music/memory room.

p.p.s It’s Summer FUN at Big Picture Scrapbooking — our "Happy August" to you all. Stop by for free inspiration and ideas and then go make some memories and easy pages/projects. This is "lifestyle" scrapbooking, don’t forget!!


  1. I know what a strong pull a new home can have; there’s just so much to do, and most of it is fun stuff (not like mopping the kitchen floor).
    Have a great time ‘creating’ your new home and we’ll see you in AZ!

  2. Cute mouse pad.
    Say, I’ve been terribly obsessed with your book for the last couple of days. LOVE it! Can you tell me what you used to make the “tabs” in each of your albums. I looked through the book again last night but couldn’t find a picture. Thanks!

  3. You’ve got your priorities straight…once you get your home decorated, everything else seems to fall in place. I must warn you though, I started my task of decorating in March 2005 and I am still working on it.
    And great mousepad!! Look forward to hearing more on the vinyl cling. Love those things!!

  4. oh, that is a good looking mouse pad and I so jealous of your wireless Mighty Mouse!!!

  5. Whew!! I was afraid you’d gone AWOL. I am obsessed with that vinyl sticker. Can’t wait!

  6. right on, stacy. it’s fun to make everything ‘just right’ in a new house. have fun!

  7. right on, stacy. it’s fun to make everything ‘just right’ in a new house. have fun!

  8. wonderful mousepad and I can’t wait to find out more about the sickers
    have fun decorating! it is so much fun!

  9. Rochelle Kjar says:

    Stacy-hopefully you will get this….I am trying to find someone in my area who already has the memory dock planner so I can look at it, but can’t find anyone yet.. you are the only person I know that already has one. Are you liking it? How is the size for you? Thanks much!

  10. I love the mousepad, Stacy! Great things are in store, aren’t they?!

  11. What a cool mousepad!!

  12. Wendy WVG says:

    Stacy, Thanks for sharing pics of your new place with us! I love seeing others decorating ideas.
    The mousepad is TOO COOL!! A must have for any BPS student. HA!
    I am looking forward to what’s in store at BPS but can completely understand the want to make your new house a ‘home’. ENJOY

  13. Hi Stacy. Best wishes in your new home. This vinyl “stuff” really looks cool. Would love to get some for my walls in my scrap room. Enjoy the summer. I’ll see you at Heidi’s Creative Escape.
    Have fun.

  14. Can’t wait to hear about the vinyl signatures, the one you have on your laptop is too cool!

  15. I’m amazed that you keep your blog as well as you do with all your commitments. Love the mouse pad – perfect as a reminder of what this hobby is all about – the BIG picture. Enjoyed the chat last night.

  16. Jolene George says:

    Cute mouse pad Stacy!
    I love vinyl words on walls. I have a quote on one of my scraproom walls that says “Scrapbooks bind together memories to warm our hearts and remind us that life has been good.” I want to get more quotes for other rooms in my home. I can’t wait to see yours.

  17. Thank You Thank You Thank You!
    The Summer Fun Classes are awesome. That is so nice of you to give us a few free classes, they are fun projects and I can’t wait to do them. I love these online classes they are great and I feel like they keep me current with new and old product.

  18. Cool mousepad! :) I am looking forward to what you’ve got in store for us! LOVING the Summer fun stuff! Whee!

  19. Sneak peeks are torture…PURE TORTURE!!!

  20. Mary Frances says:

    Love the blog – check it regularly, as you have changed the way I look at my scrapbooking (CKU – Do you KNOW what you COULD do? – LOVE IT) did homework and postcard albums…see you in AZ for CE!!
    Thanks again for all you do, the inspiring things that come out of that great mind of yours!!

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