I’m celebrating 50 years of …

Play Doh!

I am doing this by sending out 50 packages of Happy "Play Dough" mail to the first 50 people who comment to this post. But, hold on … you have to share a play doh memory too.
I will choose from among all memories, my favorite and I will send this person the Limited Edition 1.0 oz bottle of Play Doh perfume!  NO KIDDING — I found this at Urban Outfitters in Houston and bought a bottle for me and a bottle for YOU?
I just think stuff like this is so FUN. Target has the special 50-color collection btw, and I’m told you can get "trick-or-treat" sized containers at Costco.

You have until September 29th to vote for your favorite color at www.playdoh.com –
Do something good for your creativity this week — get your hands on some of this!


  1. What a pick me up it was to see this after a long day at work! I remember playing with Play-Doh for hours as a child…and spending hours getting Play-Doh out of the carpet of our apartment when my son was younger. I feel the sudden urge to stop at Target tomorrow and pick up some Play-Doh to re-capture a wee bit of those days (not the carpet-cleaning part).

  2. karen Hobbs says:

    Oh, Playdoh…how do I love thee… let me count the ways…soft, squishy, colorful, smells wonderful, makes playing with your child so much fun for both of you!!
    I miss the Playdoh days.
    Although my kids are now a bit old for Playdoh I still have a big box of cool toys to play with and several cans of “doh”. Guess I’ll save them for the grandkids!and me!!

  3. wow, that brings back memories. And I love all of the great colors. makes me want to scrap them.I let my kids use them when they were small, but in 1 area and not on the carpet. Have you ever tried to get that stuff up (lol).

  4. I LOVE Play Doh! I told my husband that I was going to give it out for trick or treating this year and he laughed at me. He said that all the parents in the neighborhood would hate me because of all the messes that the kids would make with it. But I said that they would be thanking me because I am giving their children a gift of creativity instead of candy that will ruin their teeth – besides they get enough candy anyway.
    Anyway, when I was a child, I loved the Play-Doh set that had the people with the hair that you could cut. It was so fun to instantly watch it grow.

  5. My favorite playdough memory actually is about homemade knockoff playdough. One of my friends made a batch for the first day of preschool that very morning. She dropped it off and went to talk to a couple of moms. One of the helpers stuck their hand out at her and there was pink playdough stuck to each finger tip. So, my friend runs home and grabs half a 5 lb bag of flour to try to “unsticky” the dough. She kept dumping floor and kneading the dough and dumping and kneeding and still the dough was sticky. It never turned out right.

  6. I’ve always loved it as well. Play-doh was a standard birthday party gift for years when my girls were younger! We still have all the cutting and shaping gadgets at the house.

  7. My favorite Play-Doh memories… At home it was using molds to make minature Strawberry Shortcake figures and setting up scenes. At grandma’s house it was making all the cool food like french fries, hamburgers and pizzas. Grandma had all the fun colors! :)

  8. Ha ha…does EATING it count? Not feeding it to myself, but making food for my dolls…and maybe a little brother, lol! ;) Who, me…no, not me!!!

  9. My favorite playdough memory is playing with my 2 year old! :) Watching her sneak behind the chair to take a taste because she thinks I can’t see her … which of course I can! :)

  10. ohh play dough
    what i remember most is the smell – something special about that. When i had my own kids – i loved getting them all the cool accessory things – so i could play with them TOO !!!!

  11. My favorite play dough memory is as a child making things and keeping them out in hopes that they would dry and become a permanent fixure but they always dry up and shrivel!
    Always will remember the smell of play dough. It’s one of those things that stick with you through life.
    Kim :O)

  12. My favorite Play-Doh memory is fairly recent. Last year when we hosted our now adopted daughter from Russia, there were only so many toys we could play with that didn’t have a language barrier. Play-doh was one of her favorites since it wasn’t something she could play with at the orphanage. We had the kitchen set with the oven & molds and we’ve added the fridge too. She had a blast making up food to play with and having “meal times” with her doll & us. We still pull them out & play. Love the tactile squish!

  13. JaLee Rappleye says:

    Play-Doh is an all time favorite for me and my kids. My favorite is birds nests with eggs. I remember making them for hours with my grandma. She does that with my kids now too. Yeah for Play-Dough!

  14. Barbara Brandt says:

    Dear Stacy,
    What a great picture to see, especially all 50 colors. My fondest memory of play-doh has been over the last couple of years. I do not have children but I have nieces and nephews. My 2 young nieces, who now live in California with the rest of their brothers and sisters and parents are play-doh players, just about everyday. When I went to visit them for the last time in Colorado before they moved to California, they both pulled me by the hand one day and said, “Auntie Barb play play-doh with us.” When you hear those words and see their faces, you can’t help but go with them to open those play-doh containers and begin to get your hands around a color of play-doh as they play with a color of their choice. We even got the bucket of cookie cutters out and made “cookies” for everyone else to eat. This family of nieces and nephews has 2 boys and 3 girls. I can remember playing play-doh with each and every one of them as a young child especially. It was one of our special time together.

  15. Cristina Arroyo says:

    I don’t have once specific Play Doh memory, but the scent of it takes me back to 5yrs old. The texture and “play dohy” goodness is fantastic; however, the scent does it for me. I remember being “in love” with Play Doh, you’d always find it in my purse, which was any purse my mom discarded. It was even to the point where I’d lick my Play Doh. Kind of gross, huh? Granted, even as a kid I was clean, I’d only lick, and it was only a small little lick not a wind up and slobber all over the place kid of a lick, a freshly opened piece of Play Doh. Ok, by now I probably thoroughly grossed you all out. lol Ahhhh memories!

  16. I love playing with play-doy…as a child I’d spend hours making play-doh furniture, bird nests and cookies. Even today, I love to spend time playing with my kids and showing them how creative I was!

  17. My 3yo daughter has somehow come up with the term “Play Doh de Gayto” when she wants to play with play doh. She just recently stopped eating it – I can’t really blame her because it does smell delish. My favorite is pushing the doh thru the animals & people to make their “hair” grow.

  18. I LOVE Play-dough. It is a staple in the Christmas stocking (in the toe instead of an orange)! I bought the big pack of play-dough mini’s to give out to trick-or-treaters this year instead of candy – but shhhhh, we live on a quiet street that is very out of the way and we have never, in our years at this house had one trick-or treater (except our daughter) so who do you think that play-dough is for???
    The salty smell instantly sends me back to my childhood when my mom would sit down for hours and play with my sister and I. I can distinctly remember my hands aching SO badly from having rolled and pounded and smashed and smushed play-dough into every imaginable shape – mixed colors to make new ones, and even snuck in a few bites (it smelled SO good to my little self).
    I can’t resist buying my daughter new play-dough every few weeks just to get that first opened smell.
    50 years of play-dough… what a wonderful invention!
    Thanks for the quick trip down memory lane.

  19. I LOVE Play-Doh! I remember creating incredible works of art with my Nana at her kitchen table. I can “smell” the pies & cookies baking in the oven when ever I remember her. Thanks for bringing back a happy memory!
    Of course as a mom, I also remember cursing the stuff as I tried to scrub the ground-in crud out of my wall-to-wall carpet in the dining room when my kids were little.

  20. Alyson Dudek says:

    Hi Stacy
    I just have to say that my fondest memory of play doh actually just happened last week. :) I have a four year old who loves to play with it. I wasnt feeling well last week and I set her up in her room with some play doh to keep her busy. When I realized that 1/2 hour had past without a peep I went in to check on her. When I went her room she told me I was just in time for my party. Since I wasnt feeling well she had set up a little party with her picnic set and made me all kinds of fruits and vegetables made out of play doh. She took so much time to put it together for me cause I wasnt feeling well. That is my fondest memory. Thanks for letting me share and have a great night

  21. I love Play-Doh! I was so jealous of my friend who had the barber shop set….I absolutely loved to squeeze different colors out of the plastic people’s heads. *sigh* Kids now a-days just don’t get it…. Thanks for the memory!!!

  22. After my twins made play-doh in preschool to celebrate National Play-doh day, my son says to me “It smells funny.” How true-nothing smells like Play-doh from the can!

  23. We didn’t have a lot of money growing up but Play Doh didn’t cost much, so I had plenty of it. I used to love the smell. Oh, and the McDonald’s stuff to make hamburgers and fries…so much fun. Loved using my imagination with shapes and colors :)

  24. Judy in Carefree says:

    I’m a grandma three times over and I couldn’t wait until the grandkids were old enough to play with Play-Doh! My daughters had a bit of problem with my love for the “messy stuff” as they called it until I reminded them that we always had cans of Play-Doh around and I let them use all my cookie cutters to make things. I still have a Play-Doh worm that my youngest daughter made out of different colored balls of Play-Doh. It hangs on the “children’s Christmas tree” each year and I keep it in a plastic container in my pantry so Arizona’s heat won’t destroy it.

  25. Babette MacLennan says:

    I LOVE Play-Doh! Nothing can swing you back to when you were a kid like this. the smell…. It is almost as much fun as getting a new box of Crayons!
    Oh and the new colors available now are so cool.

  26. Aaah, what memories this brings, I can smell it now as I type. Who doesn’t have a play-do memory… it is one of those toys that you HAVE to buy for your child so that you can play with it too! But, boy do times change, my daughter has loved playing with the My Little Pony set and the cookie set.. all I remember is rolling it out and making shapes.. hers are more fun!

  27. Play-Doh was the coolest ever! i remember that when i was a wee one, the Fun Factory was one of the first “accessories” that was out for Play-Doh! my favorite was the three-sphere tubes…i just loved making goofy shapes, then trying to braid everything without it falling apart.
    now, my SIL MAKES Play-Doh for her kids. custom colors makes for happy kids.

  28. Oops! I forgot to post my memory. My fondest memory of Play-Doh was a christmas memory. Play-Doh was always a gift Santa left in our stockings. It was tha only time of the year that we received it as a gift.My brother and I always would mix the colors. it was pretty at first, but always ended up brown. what a bummer.

  29. My fondest memory is the smell! Opening that fresh can of Play-Doh, ahhh, I know you smell it too! I remember Christmas 1974, I was 5 years old and I got the Fuzzy Pumper for Christmas! Remember all the little people? You’d put them in the barber shop chair, push the Play-Doh up inside and their hair would grow! Then I’d trim it off and start all over again! Thanks for the happy memories!

  30. My favorite play-doh memory is definitely squishing it through my mom’s garlic press. I would make play-doh hair for HOURS on end, every color under the rainbow. I never made anything with the hair, I just loved the squishing and the beautiful, long, thing strands of hair that came out. Looking back I suspect that it must have looked like I was making pile after pile of Cousin Its, but boy I loved sitting in the kitchen while she cooked and smushing away. :)

  31. Play Doh, there is no other smell in the world like it. I had forgotten how much fun I used to have as a child. Now my daughter loves making “noodles”. We sit for hours rolling out the dough and sqeuuzing it through the press. At the end of the day, I smile when I can still smell the faint scent of play doh on my hands. Oh to be a child again!

  32. My memories of play-doh are first of the homemade kind. My mom used to make it for us and we would play with it for hours! Now I am 23 and I teach the 6 year olds in primary. They love the stuff. My new favorite memories are of teaching my class of Jesus or loving others and watching them create a picture with Play-doh demonstrating their view of the story. Not only is my creativity heightened, I get to see 8 adorable children interpret Christ’s love in their own unique way. Love the stuff..It just makes you want to create. Thanks for posting!

  33. Jan Hillegass says:

    LOVE Play-Doh. Loved it as a kid, although I didn’t get to play with it too often because I always made a mess. But a couple of years at the National PTA convention, this inspiring speaker in a class, had it on a table along with some other fun motor skill stuff, and she encouraged us play with it as she lectured. It was to enourage us to be creative in finding new ways to learn and listen. I think I will pull out some Play-Doh before I create my next scrapbooking layout! Love your inspiration Stacey!

  34. Debbie Foster says:

    Since our family was tight on funds when I was little, my mom would often make “Play-Doh” for us using the basic food colors. The salt made it grainy but we would play for hours. On special occasions, we would receive the real kind. Loved the smell. Loved the can that would keep it moist. Loved the bright colors that the homemade kind could never match. But loved mom most for doing what she could for us. I plan on making play-doh for my child (currently expecting) although it is easily affordable now, just for the memories it invokes of my childhood.

  35. wow – the smell of playdoh just instills memories instantly – even the home made kind that i stuffed up – but i guess my ultimate memory would be a group of slighly tipsy adults playing the playdoh game rapido – oh boy what fun.
    If you havn’t played get your hands on it – its kind of like that drawing game but you have to build your clue from playdoh – heaps of fun – have played with the kids and guess who wins – they do they have creativity when it comes to playdoh i think – but i love the stuff now my kids are older – i love visiting friends with toddlers that smell and that texture just squishing it oh what fun – i can smell it now.

  36. I love play-doh.I have recently rediscovered it since I introduced it to my 2 year old. He is now obsessed with it, and we play with it almost daily.
    I loved playing with it growing up. I still love the smell, that is the main reason we don’t make our own or by generic. It MUST be Play-doh.
    My favorite thing growing up was playing restaurant. We used to make all kinds of tantalizing play-doh dishes out in the kitchen (aka the newspaper on the living room carpet) and then serve it up in the dining room (aka my bedroom) I attribute that to my love of cooking. LOL!

  37. Cyd Houghton says:

    I love Play-Doh, I remember playing with the barbershop set with my oldest son, we would grow and cut hair for hours. Another related memory that stands out is when I began making play-dough because it didn’t dry out. One time I made a batch before we flew from England to the US to visit family, while we were stationed overseas, to keep my 2 year old entertained. At Stanstead Airport outside London, my ziploc bag of red play-dough was examined, then taken to the police post and examined some more. I didn’t know it then but they thought it might be plastic explosives (this was in 1995). I’d hate to think of what would happen today if I did the same thing. In hindsight we can laugh about it. Thanks too for the Target tip, I hope my Target still has some.

  38. I love Play-Doh!
    I think my fondest memory of play-doh would have to be the day that I smashed it and formed into little food piles…and yes…I actually ate some!!! Not the best taste in the world let me tell you, but thank goodness it is non-toxic.
    What a fond memory to recall when my son did very much the same thing!!!
    There are few things as much fun as squishing playdough through tubes and your fingers, and cutting it with cookie cutters!

  39. Ahhhh… play-doh. Love the stuff. Nothing like a brand new jar of it… all soft and mushy. The smell alone makes me happy. My three-year-old calls it “Fluto”. I don’t know if this is my favorite memory of play-doh, but I remember my mom never letting us buy it because it is such a mess to clean up! I’ve discovered that it’s not so bad if you just wait for lots of hours to clean it up. After it hardens, you just dust buster until your hearts content!

  40. Play-Doh is THE toy for the imagination! I remember rolling out all sorts of vegetables and animals. They came out like various-sized tubes but I didn’t care. Now, I can’t wait till my son’s old enough to play with it!

  41. I think my favorite Play-Doh memory was the first time I saw and played with white Play-Doh. It was so much fun to make a bunch of snowmen!
    Later when I had my girls we found some with glitter in it and I got to relive my memory!
    Tammy t

  42. This is so funny because my neighbor and I were just having a conversation about Play-Doh. She doesn’t let her kids play with it because she cannot stand the smell, but the smell totally reminds me of my childhood. My Mom had the Play-Doh easy to get to for us and my brother and I had all sorts of “tools” and used to play with it for hours. That smell always reminded me of summer, but my kids can now play with it anytime they want because it is something I remember fondly. Thanks for the heads-up on the Target pack! Great little gifts for the kids!

  43. I’m a different one when it comes to
    Play-Doh. Didn’t really get into
    this stuff until I became a mom seven years ago. Now 3 young boys of my own, Play-Doh gets its own table during our birthday parties for the boys. The little friends would feel right in place as they
    come in when they see the our Play-Doh “station”.

  44. I know I loved to play with play-doh as a kid, but for the life of me I can’t remember a single thing. I do know that everytime I walk past it I want to buy some. My mom so wants to buy some for my 16 mo old. I know it’s not a memory, but I know somewhere in my brain there are tons of memories of me playing with it.

  45. One of my favorite things about my daughter getting older is that we can now play with Play-Doh! I remember so many childhood afternoons spent creating elaborate characters by mixing all the colors together – which drove my little brother crazy! Now it is amazing to watch my daughter create things – “this a family, mommy,” she told me after making three little mounds of Play-doh to represent herself, her father, and me. Totally made me tear up. I’m looking forward to many more afternoons reliving my childhood and making memories for my daughter… I love this stuff!

  46. I love playdoh, still do… I love the smell, the texture, and at one point the taste (Yeah, I’ll admit it I used to eat it all the time! I was that kid!) I would make all sorts of sculptures with my playdoh, being careful not to mix the colors-so that when I took them apart my colors would remain pure and vibrant! It is silly I guess, but it must be genetic, because my son doesn’t like to mix his colors either :)

  47. We love playdoh! My husband and I play with our 2 year old at least once a day with playdoh. The fun factory is the best! She also loves the Disney Princess molds we have for the playdoh. So fun! My SIL informed me that they have playdoh scented perfume in honor of their 50th annoiversary. Too funny….

  48. One of my favorite things about my daughter getting older is that we can now play with Play-Doh! I remember so many childhood afternoons spent creating elaborate characters by mixing all the colors together – which drove my little brother crazy! Now it is amazing to watch my daughter create things – “this a family, mommy,” she told me after making three little mounds of Play-doh to represent herself, her father, and me. Totally made me tear up. I’m looking forward to many more afternoons reliving my childhood and making memories for my daughter… I love this stuff!

  49. We love play-doh..i will tell you that my children and I still play with play-doh and we have the best time.. I have always played with play-doh and couldn’t wait til my kids were old enough to play with me.

  50. I forgot about how much fun Play Doh was until recently. I bought my 3yr old daughter some; we played for hours at the kitchen table together (we only play in the kitchen – I remembered how it sticks to carpet LOL). The smell is the same. It brought back memories of Play Doh and all the things you can do with it. My girl and I mixed colors, cut things out,etc.; I got to teach her how to make things and use the tools. One of the best times we have had together; it’s funny how something so simple can keep a child entertained for a long time. She is even giving the small Halloween cans out to her school friends (you can get them at Walmart and Sams).

  51. When I was little, we had that press where you slide the template on and then the play-doh comes out in the long shape. My favorite one was the one where you got a whole bunch of skinny “spaghetti” shapes. I think I learned to braid by using those.
    Now, my two toddlers have the coolest little molds where you put a ball of play-doh inside, close the two halves of the mold…and when you open it, you have a three-dimensional play-doh creation. We’ve got farm animals and people. The chicken on the nest is the cutest little thing!
    Love Play-Doh!!! :) (I’m a special ed teacher…and now I think I’m going to do a Play-Doh activity with my students this week in honor of the 50th anniversary. Thanks for sharing!)

  52. Okay, so this is not the best memory, but here it is! My maiden name is Plato, which most people pronounce “Play-Doh.” This was not necessarily a good thing when I was in, hmmmm, probably third or fourth grade. My friends would get teased about always playing with Play-Doh and I got teased a lot too. Loved the stuff anyway, tho’! And like most moms, I have done my share of scraping it out of the carpet!

  53. Wow – Stacey – what memories Play-Doh brings back for me! Oh – the smell alone evokes such emotion in me. Love love love playing it with me kids – especially the barber kit (that I never had as a child) – I think it is so cool to make the hair grow and then you get to cut it! Have a great night! Tracy

  54. Stacy:
    By my count, I’m comment #51, but I just wanted to say how cool you are for brightening up everyone’s day with this COLORFUL diversion. Love those little containers!

  55. Darn, just missed it at #52~!!!
    But I cannot resist sharing a memory. What I remember most about Play-Doh is the smell. It was so compelling, I had to TASTE it. Blech.
    But still… every once in a while I admit I still grab a little piece of my kids’ Play-Doh while no one is looking and give it a tiny lick, just to see if it tastes like I remember… shore ’nuff, it does! Some things never change… Thank goodness!xooxx

  56. Oh boy. When I was about 6 yrs my mom and I were making cookies for my birthday party. We put them in the oven,my mom decided it was a good time to shower and and I played with my play-doh. I decided to make my mom a cookie. I was lucky enough that I did not get burnt when I open the oven, to put my play-doh cookie in there….But I did manage to turn the smoke detector on. My mom thought she burnt the cookies. What to her suprise when she open the ovem and saw it was actually my play-doh cookie that was burning. So when we go shopping for my neice (who is 3)..I always ask if I can by per play-doh…My mother just gives me that look. No play-doh is allowed in my mom’s house…!!
    Only mine…

  57. You asked for memories of Play-doh and as much as I love to play with it, the thing that comes to mind when I hear the word Play-doh is finding it ground into the carpet of my classroom and home. Not to mention finding it on the soles of my shoes, my student’s shoes, and my children’s shoes. :o) Happy Birthday Play-Doh!

  58. Sara Mangan says:

    I still love playdough.My kids have the best time with it.Just a warning though don’t let your kids use the carpet to make patterns on the playdough. At first it seems harmless but once the playdough has been in those warm little hands a while….you have green colored carpet.
    My childhood memory of playdough is that I always wanted to get the playdough barber shop set. It looked so cool. Needless to say with 4 kids in our family I never got to get it. Maybe I should buy it for my girls and pretend I am a kid again.

  59. omg – I love play-doh. . .especially the smell. . .and the way if feels when you squish a new can for the first time. I always liked the white – why? I have NO idea! My favorite memory is making play-doh cookies for my godmother one afternoon, , ,and when I brought them to her, she picked one up and ATE IT!!! Not bit it and spit it out – ATE IT – the whole thing. . .when I was older she confessed it tasted terrible, was non-toxic and she enjoyed the shock-value. . .she was always a little bit crazy. : )

  60. Gotta love playdough! I remember hearing about the playdough perfume. My favorite memory is back when I was 7 and my friend Robby had the barber shop set. Loved growing that hair on those little plastic people then chopping it off!

  61. Michelle Moore says:

    I know I am too late to be in the top 50, but I just have to share the play-doh memory…just the smell of the play-doh takes me back to my best friends dining room table. The warm sunlight shinging in from the big window, the sounds of our children playing in the background, dog noises, tv noises…we were cleaning up play-doh and she made a funny little man. As I spit-laughed (a spontatous laugh out loud with a smidge of spit. heheh) at the funny little man, I was also inspired to make one of my own. The smell of play-doh reminds me of the shared laughter in that warm sunshine. Sadly, Sara lost her battle with cancer, but not before we created a brillant, warm and funny play-doh memory. Thanks Stac for inspiring me to share that memory, for basking in that memory.

  62. My fondest memory: Opening a can of bright blue playdoh 8 years ago with my son. The sweet smell, the mushiness between my fingers brought back so many childhood memories. But that first smell and touch (the first in 20 years!) made the carptet cleaning all worth it (neon blue + beige berber carpet = MESS!)

  63. I know you already have 50 responses (that’ll teach me to go on a walk before checking your blog!), but I thought I’d share a memory, anyway. :0)
    My adult Play Doh memory is of making the Mr. Bill character (you remember the one, from SNL?) with my siblings and putting him in some pretty precarious predicaments. ROFL Oh Noooooooo!

  64. Remember the barber shop? I LOVED playing with this – put the hair inside the plastic person and it pushed through the top and made long spaghetti – like hair (now that I am a mom, I know why my mom HATED when I wanted to play with that particular piece!)
    I love that my son was able to grow up playing with Play-Do just like I did – not many things I can say that about…

  65. You are so FUN!
    You never forget the smell of play doh. I’m such an enabler for my son. I hate it when the play doh starts to get old. So of course we all love the new cans of soft, cold playdoh!

  66. My funniest playdoh memory is my son playing with playdoh. I left him in the kitchen and went to the bathroom, and when I returned, he said to me – “mom, i tink we have a pwoblem”. When I looked at him I saw that he had stuffed the playdoh up his nose. Yeesh!

  67. I have no idea what number I am but I’ll try.
    My first memory of Play Doh is the one-of-a-kind scent. Nothing compares. It’s immediately identifiable. The color, based on an end-of-the-curve baby boomer’s perception, is turquoise.
    Ah, how quickly we can return to our youth!

  68. Play-Doh perfume? Oh my gracious, I can smell it right now, just thinking about it. How funny!
    My poor deprived DH has never eaten Play-Doh. I can’t imagine. I thought every kid had eaten Play-Doh at least once in their lives.
    I may have to check out this Play-Doh perfume. Thanks for the heads up!

  69. Oh, know I am way late but boy did this bring back memories. Playdoh for me – for 35 years. Love it, the smell, the squishiness, the way it gets under your nails. I thought I had made so many playdoh dinners for my parents, till my boys started playing with it. I think I have pretended to eat more of these dinners than I ever made for my parents. Playdoh in the carpet, on the couch, the crumbly dried pieces you find everywhere. I am headed out to buy my boys playdoh tomorrow.

  70. So glad to see that you are back…
    The best memory I have of Play Doh is when I would push it through the tool that looks like a garlic press and make spaghetti, hair, etc. Loved that thing….put in a big gob and out came a handful of little curly Qs…. Love it.

  71. my favorite part of play doh is the smell. every time i’m any where near it i HAVE to, compelled to, driven to smell it!! mmmmm

  72. I didn’t like the smell of whatever my mom made for dinner that night…..so I shoved blue play doh up my nose to block the smell! Did I mention I was about 9 years old? Did I mention I knew better? Did I mention that I had no idea that play doh had a bit of salt or something in it because it REALLY burned my nose. I think of that everytime I see or smell play doh!

  73. I actually loved the smell! (can’t believe there is a play doh perfume!) Won’t be getting it tho … don’t think I love the smell any more! LOL!
    My favorite memory … because there were 5 kids in our family .. Mom made us our own … the recipe that was the stove top method… and she let us each pick a color .. I usually chose purple … few drops of red food coloring mixed with blue .. and I always wanted the deep purple color .. but always got lavender! … then there would be the rules … at the kitchen table only .. on the wax paper only .. never in any other room because of the difficulty of getting dried “Playdough” out of the shag carpet! Oh .. and no eating the play doh! Thanks for the fun memory!

  74. This is so funny! I must be one of the rare few who hates the smell of Play-Doh! Not crazy about the feel of it as you work with it either. lol
    My kids played with it only occasionally, they much prefered clay anyway (thankfully!). :)

  75. I used to play playdoh at my Grandmothers house when she’d babysit. She had this little playdoh barber shop and I’d grow and cut the hair for the little people that would sit in the chair. I found one for my boys a few years ago and they love it as much as I did!

  76. My favorite Play-Doh memory:
    When I was about 7 years old, my babysitter (who was a young teen) and I were opening the cans of Play-Doh and she asked me, “Have you ever eaten Play-Doh?”
    “Ew, no!” I protested (because why would you eat something that smelled so funny?).
    “Here, try it,” she said as she pulled a small bit of it out of the can.
    I didn’t want to, but SHE MADE ME DO IT. It was the saltiest, grossest and strangest moment I had with my toys.
    I continued to play with Play-Doh after that, but it was never, ever the same.

  77. My favorite Play-Doh memory is mixing the colors together to make new and exciting colors. I would play for hours making jewelry with it, rubbing newspaper print over it to place a photo on it – hey I was making memories way back then!
    Thanks Stacy for allowing me some time to play today!

  78. What a “happy” post!!! :) LOVE Playdoh! What is it about this product and Crayola crayons (no other brand really “does it” for me) that makes me want to buy it even though my kids are FAR past the age where they will play with it…guess it is because deep down, I still really want to play with it! :) I know why I “connect” with you! lol

  79. I remember telling my brother that the hamburgers and fries that i made with my play-doh were really good to eat, and i remember having to get the play-doh out of my hair, after he shoved it in there after me telling him that he SHOULD and HAD to eat it. The worst part was I hair below my shoulders and have a sensitive head…and my mawmaw, mom, and aunt would ALWAYS use their fingernails when washing my hair. So NO FUN in that, and I learned my lesson…I moved onto telling him that the mudpies were delicious and he bought it=0) I love watching my ds (almost 6) and dd (2) create with it. And ds is always wanting me to scrap it. AND, nope, it’s not a rumor-they have the trick-or-treat doh at Costco…bought some to hand out, because I’m sure I’ll finish off the candy before then.

  80. Rebecca Baggaley says:

    Oh, wow, 50 years of Playdoh! My favorite memories are being at the kitchen table with my sisters while my mom was cooking. We had playdoh, sometimes, homemade, and old cookie cutters that we’d roll out the dough and cut cute little shapes, animals, everything. My mom gave me the cookie cutters recently and now my 2 little boys play with them–they brought back so many memories to see the little green plastic cookie cutters, like a bunny, with a hole for your finger. Doesn’t make much sense until you see them, but makes me happy.

  81. What fond memories I have of Play-Doh. My all time favorite happened about 10 years ago when my daughter was in middle school. She was doing a project on dinasaurs and fashioned some out of Play-Doh. She wanted to dry them out in a hurry so I suggested we put them in the microwave for a few minutes. OMG… After a couple of minutes the worst smell enveloped the entire house and the dinasaurs caught on fire. What a disaster. We’re standing there with tears rolling down our cheeks from laughing so hard and my husband walks in. He takes a big sniff and goes “What’s for supper supper?” (You see I’m not much of a cook) I can’t look at Play Doh without thinking of this.

  82. How cool! My husband won’t let it in the house for our son since his daughter was able to grind it in the carpet and we never got it out! Not my favorite memory, just a side note! I always loved play-doh! My memories are recent of letting my classes work with it each year! Not matter what, it alwasy amazes them!

  83. Play Dough…I haven’t thought about that in a long time. I LOVE the smell of that stuff. My oldest is 10 and our little guy is only 13 months. I look forward to playing with it along with him.
    My favorite memory was having the cut out shapes of a boy and girl. You could cut clothes for them. I would get all creative and put polka dots on the shirts and pants and strips. I remember thinking it was so funny giving the boy “girlie” outfits. I also really enjoyed my mom playing with me. She would sit at my little kid table and chairs and play right along side with me. I really think she enjoyed it just as much as me….what a nice memory.

  84. I know I didn’t make the first 50 people, but I wanted to share my PlayDoh experience. My mom never let us have it in the house. She hated it. We knew we were not alloed to have it.
    My grandfather took my sister and I out one day and wanted to buy us some Play Doh at the store. We told him we weren’t allowed, but he bought it anyway. We got home and my mom wouldn’t let him bring it in the house.
    Even now as an adult, I still don’t really care for it. It gets all gooey and the colors mix. I’m too type A for all that.

  85. We love Play-doh. My husband is especially happy that we have it now because he ate so much of it as a child that his mom wouldn’t let him have Play-doh anymore!
    We are giving Play-doh for halloween, in fact! We got a cool gigantico pack at Sam’s Club (like Costco).

  86. susan stewart says:

    One day when my son Peter was about four we were talking. I told him how amazing I think it is that the little boy who is him was born out of my body. He thought for a minute, and then he said “Kind of like a Fun Factory?” (As you may remember, those are the machines PlayDoh makes where you load in some PlayDoh and then push down a lever and the PlayDoh comes out in shapes)

  87. Oh my goodness! I love playdoh and have been eying that Target package shaped like a birthday cake for weeks now.
    Playdoh memories . . I remember it as being something we did at other people’s houses! My mom was SOOOOO not a playdoh fan. Neither, as a matter of fact, is my husband. But we playdoh here anyway. I love seeing those pudgy fingers shape,cut and pull that stuff. Probably my favorite memory was introducing my son to his first can of playdoh and watching him squish away.

  88. Angie Patterson says:

    Play doh is THE BEST! I remember that was one of my favorite acivities when I was growing up…However, my best memory was working at a Vacation Bible School for underprivledged children (when I was in college, not too, too many years ago!)…they did not have many toys or things to play with…we gave them the small containers of the play doh and you would have thought that was the best “toy” in the whole world…the happiness and joy that that brought them, and to us…Teaches us that sometimes the simplest “gifts” can mean the most. Thanks for this post and reminding me of that precious memory and memories of my childhood. ** I keep some on hand now! Good stress reliever! :)

  89. My favorite Play-Doh memory:
    My younger brother always had to play with the samething that I was playing with so one day I ate the play-doh so he couldn’t play with it. What can I say I really didn’t like sharing with him all that much.

  90. Gloria Baures says:

    When I was about 4 or 5, so my mom & sisters tell me, I had a fixation about sticking things in various holes in my head. One particular trip to the E.R. was because I got a big ball of yellow play doh stuck up my nose and my mom couldn’t pull it out becuase of all the mucous that was making it slippery. That and I was screaming bloody murder. So we got to the E.R. and they tried pulling it out with some forceps or scissors or something like that. by this time I’m bleeding and half unconscious from crying my head off. I must of fallen asleep, because the next thing I know, my nostril is packed w/gauze and I’m in a wheelchair being taken to the curb for pick up. Paybacks are here because my 3 yr old son has discovered the many places the PlayDoh can disappear in the human body, too. No trips to the ER yet (knock on wood). Thanks for letting me share that traumatic experience in my childhood. I’m going to go rock myself to sleep, now. :)

  91. My favorite play-doh memory:
    When I was a child I made a blue gingerbread ornament. I was so proud of it. My mom even let me hang it on our christmas tree. Each year I would anxiously wait to find it to hang it on our tree … and each year I would also make sure it got put back away. I was so proud of that and happy that my mom would let me hang it on our trees. It did eventually need to get thrown away and I allowed it to happen but I have always remembered that particular ornament.

  92. Well, of course I’m way late to make the top 50, but I’ll share anyway and preface it all by saying what a totally cute idea to send play dough mail. Love it.
    I remember getting into big trouble one Thanksgiving. You see, my sibs and I had made play dough hair with Mom’s really nice garlic press….in July or Aug. then we put it away in the drawer. Mom…not your average gourmet didn’t need or want to use that press until the end of Nov. So she’s ranting and raving about her ruined garlic press and there we sat like little puppy dogs trying to figure out why we were in trouble 4 months later.

  93. Tracy Rizzo says:

    Play doh perfume!
    That reminds me of how my brother(now 30) still loves to smell a new can of playdoh!!Who doesn’t love the beauty of a freshly opened can of white.
    My daughter loves to make birthday cakes with it with real candles, my son likes to give it hair cuts,it helps with fine motor development as well as a sensory activity-he has autism.
    Playdoh is 50 wow!

  94. Meredith Shepherd says:

    I had so much fun reading all the posts – Yeah, I know I should be packing for a trip…AGGGGH.
    Although I have many fond PD memories – thought I’d share this unusual and recent PD story:
    My mom passed away about 6 years ago and my father re-married a lovely lady who is originally from Colombia. She is full of life and has an outgoing, spirited nature. Unfortunately, she had a difficult childhood. She started working at the age of 7 and left her mother & family and live with another family as their housekeeper. She went to school at night and worked & saved to come to America and taught herself English. She never had a childhood or even a doll and her own mother died at a young age.
    Now as an adult, she has discovered her inner child through my father who loves to act silly and play games. Last year, upon discovering that she had never heard of Play Do, we purchased the Hair Cut kit for her for Christmas. (She’s a hairdresser!)
    She loved it! What a delight to see her “playing” with my children and enjoying an American tradition that we take for granted!
    Guess I should scrapbook that EH?
    Happy “Play Do” Anniversary!
    Meredith Shepherd

  95. mmmmm the smell of a new hanfull of playdoh, i love it,

  96. It’s funny that you had this post yesterday because my father-in-law called last night and had the ending to a playdoh memory. To fill you in, my son and my neice were playing nicely on the porch with playdoh and no one thought anything of it until we looked out and saw a rainbow of playdoh smashed into the indoor/outdoor carpeting. I think both my mother and father-in-law were quite annoyed but would never say anything to their grandchildren. Anyway, I have photos to remember the carpet, but otherwise it’s a reminder that is no longer with them. I must do a page now…..

  97. I know I’m late to the party…but had to whisper this – I see I’m in the minority here. I HATE THE SMELL OF PLAY-DOH. How can they make a perfume of that awful smell?!?!? So, so sorry, but I’ve always avoided the odor and feel of that stuff at all costs. Although I will admit fond memories of my little sister’s fuzzy pumper barber shop (is that what it was called?). And even at nearly 7 years old, my daughter can still spend an hour with the gooey stuff. Mixed feelings, I guess :)

  98. Elizabeth says:

    I know I’m waaay past number 50, but I do have a play doh memory and a hint. Hint- don’t ever put play-Sometime proabably 5th grade or so I was doing a project last minute as I often did (actually atill do) and I made tee-pees out of play-doh and then put then in the microwave so they would harden faster… or so I thought. Well, that didn’t work so well and actually they caught on fire and it stunk to high heaven. You can’t imagine. Just about that time my dad came home from work, walked in the front door and said with a completly straight face, “what are you ladies cooking?”

  99. I had the Fuzzy Pumper. In fact, there are probably parts and pieces of that set still in the toybox in my parent’s attic. And I love to give the Fuzzy Pumper set to nieces and nephews and our friend’s kids. I’m sure they’d prefer to keep the Play-Doh mess here, at our house, but I think those kids will remember happy, joyous, GOOD times when they remember their own Play-Doh memories.
    Love it.
    Thanks for taking me back.

  100. ***Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for the play doh…I haven’t bought any for a while and my kids had a blast playing with that tiny pink ball of play doh for an hour!! Thank you!***

  101. I discovered this bit of trivia on cnn.com today and it reminded me of this post…
    Noah McVicker and Joseph McVicker first developed Play-Doh in 1955 as a wallpaper cleaner, but soon discovered it was a hit with children.

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