I’m leaving …

on a jet plane to Houston. Can’t wait to meet new and old friends at CKU. My longtime friend Allison is even coming along (such a happy thing.) I tried to post on September 11th — poured out my heart for like 40 minutes and then in a glitch moment it was gone. Typepad ate it. Wasn’t meant to be.

Since then running around like a crazy woman — NO time. But … I just can’t pass up a chance to wish my friend Kristi Sikora-Blankenship a very happy birthday!

This is a woman that lives and breathes the most important messages behind scrapbooking, a woman that I love and admire. This picture reminds me of Kristi — a bright and beautiful flower amidst the often dark and difficult challenges that are a part of this life.

Here’s a happy image for a very happy person — thank you for your example of enthusiasm and strength. Now, go eat something chocolate and make sure it has some serious ice cream on top!!!!

love you.


  1. The photo is incredible! What a nice tribute to Kristi. I got a very brief chance to meet her at CKU in Boston last month. She is incredibly funny. And I love her enthusiasm for organizing!!

  2. Renee D in CT says:

    Stacy, I wanted to email you directly but haven’t found how to do that, so here it goes….
    First, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazingly inspirational speech at CE. I sat at one of the very front tables and felt as though you were speaking directly to me. About many things I have been processing on my own. I can not say how thrilled I am that there is a movement for the authentic in this obsession (I mean hobby). I have long been frustrated with the feeling that as women we have so much power, not only for ourselves but to help one another and yet we seem to work against each other. Your words touched me with their authenticity and inspiration. I believe that we are the reasons our lives are small and it is small thinking which keeps us in that cage. Dreaming and pursuing those dreams is the way to live big, to live full and completely. By having the fears which shackle us to small lives and having faith in something more we can be afraid and pursue anyway. These are words not often spoken in our society, and perhaps even more rarely in scrapbooking. Thank you, thank you, thank you for speaking them out loud in in such an inspirational manner.
    I will have my fears, face them and step forward so that in the end I will be seen NOT my small life.

  3. I literally want to cry right now!!! I had a post here telling you about my experience with CE az and how much I enjoyed it. (VERY LONG DETAILED POST) Went to check one word to make sure I spelled it correctly and lost the entire thing! :(:(:(
    Okay so, I just wanted to say that your suggestion to sign up was the BEST! I am so glad I did! I had a wonderful time. I thoroughly enjoyed your motivational talk on Saturday. I intend to look back a year from then and pull out my quote. I will have accomplished the goals I set that night and I will hopefully be able to email you and say hey Stacy I did it!
    Thank you!

  4. Have fun down in my neck of the woods! While you’re in Houston, you must find a Papasitos to eat at! Good stuff!!!

  5. Judy in Carefree says:

    Many thanks for the most inspiring address I’ve heard in a long time! Your address was the perfect end to the most fun I have ever had at a scrapbook event. Thank you so much for being part of CE! I also enjoyed being able to have two brief chats with you.

  6. Hi Stacy,
    It wasn’t in the cards for me to attend CE this year but I’ve heard such wonderful comments about your inspiring speech that I wondered if you’d consider posting a copy for your fans who couldn’t experience it in person.
    I hope you have a great trip to CKU!!

  7. Stacy, I just want to echo the comments others have made. As I told you after your address at CE, I felt as though you spoke straight to my heart. I wholeheartedly agree with the person who asked if your speech could be published – I’d love to be able to read it again and again. Your words have stayed with me during this whole week and have, at least for the moment, changed my approach to life to the extent that other people have noticed and remarked on it. In the spirit of passing along the good things in life, I’ve shared the “third thought” and “is this how it’s supposed to be?” with others. The card I picked from the group at our table said, “thou hast seen nothing yet” — and how perfect that was for me. Thanks so, so much for waiting for that “third thought”, and for being the icing on the cake of a wonderful weekend.

  8. Stacy, I wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for your amazing words you shared with all of us on Saturday night at CE. To say that your words were inspiring are an absolute understatement. Your speech was so powerful to us all. I have to admit that as I entered the ballroom that night I was a little bit sad because I knew that our fun CE weekend was coming to an end. But after your amazing speech, my mood was so uplifted. I had so many lightbulb moments as you spoke. I left that night feeling a new enthusasism and zest for life. Little did I know that on Monday after returning home that I’d be facing a new challenge in my life. What I thought would be a routine doctor’s appointment ended up turning into a biopsy and being told that there’s a real chance that I might have cancer. Sadly this is my second cancer scare this year. I tested positive for Ovarian Cancer in Jan and had surgery to have an ovary removed but thankfully it was all clear. But I have to tell you that in addition to my faith in God, your words that you shared with us all on Saturday night have been what has been keeping me going. I’m so grateful that I was able to hear your amazing words right before all of this happened. Much of what you said to us has been on the forefront of my thoughts this week. I love the whole idea of living big and expanding our possibilities. I won’t know for a few weeks what the results are from my biopsy, but I do know that I’m not putting my life on hold for it. I’ve decided to live each and every moment to the fullest. I also refuse to live in fear. I plan on stepping outside of my comfort zone and taking chances on new things. And I’m keeping your words regarding our “third thoughts” close at heart as well. Thank you so much for taking the time to come and speak to us all. I hope you know how much it meant to us and how much impact your words have had on so many of us.

  9. Debbie T in OK says:

    I met you at Simply Scrapbooks in Claremore while you were at the Tulsa CK Convention. I purchased your “The Big Picture” book and you signed it – “So fun to meet you. Be happy and Live Big!”
    Live Big – Wow… Since then I’ve been figuring out what it means to me to Live Big. Thanks…
    Living Big:
    Is learning a new way of scrapbooking and really being excited about it.
    Spending a fun evening alone with my husband.
    Learning something new about anything…
    Encouraging others to Live Big.
    Since reading “The Big Picture”, I’ve purchased it for my two sisters. I’ve read it atleast five times and it seems like I get something new out of it everytime I read it. Honestly, I thought the whole tag thing was a waste of time but I decided to take the time and do as you suggested. It was an awesome exercise for me and I got so much more out of your book by just making notes on my tags.
    There are many things in the book that encourage and help me through everyday life things as we as scrapbooking. Just a few that stand out to me:
    “Let go of a few expectations that cause you stress.” I’m such a perfectionist… What a waste of time!
    Tell it a gazielion ways!
    Thanks for the book – I’m loving it and cannot wait for more.

  10. What a nice photo for such a great lady! I’ve met Kristi a few times (even took a class from her and sat next to her in another one). She has this incredible energy and sparkle. She truly shines!
    Happy Birthday Kristi!

  11. Tammy Vangen says:

    So true about Kristi! She is the best! She not only has the best sense of humor of anyone I know – she has a contagious attitude! She believes in what she is doing and she shares it so unselfishly with others! Happy Birthday Kristi! and have fun at CKU – both of you!

  12. That photo is of a Globe Mallow, a spring flower. Grows abundantly in Arizona, especially after rains.

  13. Wow, Stacy. All I have ‘heard’ is gushing about you and your CE speech the final night of the event. I can’t help but think so much of what you have to say and your hearts’ desire for the people in this industry parallels my beliefs and dreams as well. I am counting down three weeks until I head to Vegas for Memory trends and the CK announcement where I could be their new Scrapbooker of the Year. But, whether or not I ‘win or lose’, I am anxious to meet some of the women you have worked with and grown with in this business. I have a feeling this is exactly where I should be with my story and my creative passions in life. And who knows…if I’m really lucky while in Vegas, I just might get to meet you! Hope so. Continued JOY in all you do in life…family, friends, new baby, scrap stuff…all of it!

  14. hey stacy…
    well, not that i’m surprised to hear all the fantastic comments about your speech at CE, i’ve heard you speak twice so i can only imagine:) i hope if there is ever a transcript available, you’ll post about it so we can all experience it ourselves. hope houston went well, have a wonderful week and an uneventful journey home.
    warm regards,

  15. LOVED having you in Houston this past weekend! your classes were amazing!! thanks so much for all you do! inspiring!
    don’t forget to remind Kristi to enjoy that ice cream with LOTS of SPRINKLES!!!;)

  16. Lynn Villarreal says:

    Hi Stacy

  17. Lynn Villarreal says:

    Hi Stacy,
    I want to thank you for the inspiration you gave us (me in particular) at CKU- Houston. It was great having you here. I was crying with you the whole time, you are AWESOME! I was so emotional and full of enthusiasm that in fact right after class I left my class packet with the goodies you provided and most importantly my notes from your class on my chair. I noted most of what I could remember down, once I got home, but if for some reason you found my packet or have extra notes on your class can you e-mail them to me? I promise to make you some great Mexican food when you are in town next or come up and fix you some when ever you want. LOL. I felt so overwhelmed with my self before your class, now I feel relaxed, ready to actually enjoy “scrapbooking” again. God bless you and your family and the greatest of blessings on your new little girl-soon to arrive here!
    PS If I would have hugged you or vise versa at CKU I would still be crying and would not have let go.
    Love,Blessings Hugs and Kisses,
    Lynn Villarreal

  18. Hi Stacy,
    I was in one of your sessions at CKU Houston. I left very inspired and have been carrying min-journals with me everywhere this week. I have a 5 year-old and he says the most amazing things. I already knew this but after your class, I realized they were being gobbled up like a chocolate kiss-delicious and gone too soon. Now, I find myself sharing them with the daddy and others. Now, I have a concrete place they can live. Thanks for bringing about a cognitive shift that I hope becomes part of who I am.

  19. http://www.mormonmommywars.com/?p=430
    was reading this post and this “Sister W”, her outlook made me think of things you’ve said about stepping back and enjoying family relationships, the important things in life, etc.

  20. Stacy,
    I was the one in your class at CKU Houston who answered that I had to quit mtn bike riding, skiing etc, and that’s why I began to scrapbook after seeing Lisa from a hosptial bed in my living room following 5 back surgeries. That first show was over 8 years ago. Although it certainly didn’t replace those active pursuits, it has helped. I always loved photography and this obviously went hand in hand. What I wanted to tell you albeit a little more privately was your speech lifted a wave of guilt I have been carrying. The reader’s digest version is I made a scrapbook for my mom several years ago, one of my first. Some time later my daughter told me my mom had said that that my scrapbooking didn’t make me an ‘artist’ (she’s a painter) and that it was a waste of time and money. I was crushed. I stopped scrapbooking for a long time. I didn’t stop ‘collecting’. But I stopped getting anything done. Over the last year I have been taking classes anywhere I can, including CKU. Luckily, I took your class and heard you say those magic words or they were to me. ” I am an artist. I am the family historian.” etc. I’ve known all along. I just needed to hear someone else tell me. Thank you,

  21. Hi Stacy,
    I just have 1 question! Where are you? LOL I have been checking your blog a few times a week for the last 2 weeks and though the flower is beautiful it feels like you’ve gone missing coz I’ve been seeing this flower for a while now!! LOL hope all is well with you and your family.
    Anxiously awaiting a new post from you.
    P.S I’d love to meet you if your ever in western australia!

  22. i have heard so many positive and uplifting things from women i have known take your classes, and how you are just hands-down the most motivational speaker! so, i look forward to the opportunity to take one of your classes next year!
    and i too, think the world of kristi, so thank you for such a nice thread of her!

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