Long Overdue ..

Thank you to Terri Musser.

I got to visit Terri’s store just outside Tulsa, when I was there in August and I can honestly say that I have never had such a "sweet" reception as I had at her store, Simply Scrapbooks!

Terri, her staff and several die-hard customers put together a 6×6 scrapbook for me of brownie recipes. Can you believe it? I was flabergasted!!!! It is so DARN cute (and tempting)and its green and white and yellow (happy colors to boot.)


More than all the chocolate, I was impressed by Terri and her project-based approach. She has truly set herself apart as unique in what has become a competitive retail market. Terri teaches a montly workshop featuring a mini-album. Customers get comfortable with new product and technique, but they also FINISH a very hip album — that they can easily adapt to their own collection of photos. I just think this is so cool!

Terry — I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the chance to hang out in your store and make some very delicious memories. I love my little recipe book, the excuse to make brownies and all the fun decorative napkins to serve them on — can’t wait to come back.


  1. Too Cool Stacy!
    And I just wanted to say I bought your book the other day…..and I love it!
    Thank you xxxx

  2. great….now I am craving brownies!
    THANKS! :)

  3. A Brownie Book?!?!? Now that’s LOVE.

  4. billie willsey says:

    Stacy!! The book was made from LOVE for a very special lady.
    We talked about you for a long while after you were here. Your ears should be burned off by now..
    Carol and I are patiently waiting for next year. I really haven’t wanted to take a class there, but I am going to YOURS next year..
    I still can not tell you what a pleasure it was meeting you..
    Any date news on the date for the new addition to your family?

  5. Stacy,
    Thanks so much for your mention of SS and Terri! Terri is such a caring person and does an amazing job of helping all of us! Oklahoma Scrappers are very blesed to have her, and the store is truly a labor of love. She was so nice to let me ride with you all to Tulsa, I was the one in the back seat asking all the questions! Thank you for coming and being your warm wonderful self! Much blessing to you and come back to Oklahoma very soon! Jeane

  6. I’m so glad that you had a great time at Terri’s store! I met Terri online over 8 years ago and we’ve been super close friends since, even though there are many miles between us. I was hoping to come up for your visit, but family obligations had to come first.
    I love Terri’s mini albums. I get as many of them as I can and fill those little treasures up. They’re wonderful for putting in some of my huge stash of pictures in. .. the memories that are extra special to me.
    Hoping to make a visit there the next time you come back.

  7. I say you take pictures of a few pages with your favorite recipes and post them!

  8. Have heard a LOT of good things about Terri all the way down in Dallas! Stacy, wish I could scoop you up and put you in my pocket, you’re just THAT cute!

  9. What a nice, thoughtful gift (aren’t those the best kind of gift?). You’ll remember your trip to that store everytime you look at that scrapbook. :)

  10. Stacy –
    As one of Terri’s participating “die-hard customers,” let me be one of the first to agree with you that she and Simply Scrapbooks are both amazing. That we scrappers have such a wonderful resource here in Claremore, America, is little more than astonishing. Thanks to Terri and her great staff, I can live in a small town in Oklahoma but still be as in touch with all of the current trends and products in the scrapbooking industry as anyone in the country. They are simply fabulous and I feel so lucky to be their customer and friend!
    Enjoy your brownies, especially the Spook-tacularly Easy Halloween Rocky Road Brownies that I contributed — now is the perfect time to try them, and I guarantee they are easy and yummy! (If anyone reading this wants the recipe, just email me :) )

  11. Thanks so much for visiting our Claremore, OK scrapbooking store. Looking forward to your return. Enjoy making all the goodies in your brownie book.

  12. Kelly Lyons says:

    I saw the brownie book at SS and thought it was adorable- love that store even tho I don’t get to go very often (I live in AR).
    My friends and I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Convention Center and you very graciously posed for pics with us. We so enjoyed meeting you, and hope you will come back next year!

  13. Stacy-I did not get to come and meet you at the store but I did do a recipe page for your cute album. Mint Brownie Wedges (Yum) Hopefully you will be back and I can meet you then! Enjoy!

  14. Stacy,
    Thanks for not only for coming to Claremore, but for fresh innovative ideas that spark our imaginations and creativity.

  15. a brownie book ? what a good idea !!!!!! i ‘m going to make a paella book …..
    xxx linda

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