ninety four …

play doh memories — who knew? Isn’t it fun how there are common threads of memory that run through our lives. Play Doh could have been Popsicles, Band Aids, Barbie — or something less "branded" like grape soda, Saturday-morning cartoons or tetherball. Think today about "things" and the memories that stem from them and surround them. Then consider starting your next scrapbook page from that perspective.

If you can, take a few minutes and read some of the memories that have been shared here  — it’s amazing! I am printing and compiling your Play Doh memories. I think I may even send them to Play Doh! Don’t you think they would want to read some of the memories they have created in the lives of  people? Don’t you think that would be a cool birthday present from me? Kiley, our super-duper admin at Big Picture Scrapbooking will be helping me send out our Happy Mail. Watch for her email, and thank you for taking the time to comment and share — you are always so good that way.

I was in an all-day meeting yesterday, so missed my chance to share Wednesday’s Words
when I went to the mailbox last night, Tasra Dawson’s new book Real Women Scrap was waiting for me. I was able to sneak a peek at Tasra’s ideas before publication. I was even priviledged to write an endorsement of her accomplishment. I am so happy for her, as I believe she has put into words many of the life lessons and insights we gain from our committment to scrapbooking — there are so many parallels and she is touching on them in a personal and articulate way.  I’m actually not sure where you can purchase Tasra’s book, but you can probably learn more from her publisher.

I leave with you an excerpt that I support 100% — the idea that we must include ourselves in our scrapbooks …

Years from now, we will look back and regret not letting anyone take a picture of us cuddling with our niece or nephew or standing next to Goofy. Friend and family won’t care if we lack trim figures or flawless faces. As hard as it is to grasp, they want us — just as we are. We need to accept ourselves today the way our grandchildren will one day. We need to care enough about ourselves to take back our time and our lives.  Focus on the positive contributions of your life. There is only one you! Don’t let another moment pass without letting the world enjoy the beauty and mystery that you alone possess.

powerful and true.
Thank you Tasra!


  1. You are so right-friends and family won’t care about trim figures and flawless faces. I try to live my life without regrets, but I have one that is eating at me. Our fourth son was born recently, and I was so worried about how I looked after delivery that I did not get a picture of us in the hospital together. I can’t get that time back, but I can have someone take a picture of us today-me in all my postpartum glory. Thanks for giving me a nudge and reminding me of what is truly important to my children-ME!

  2. Powerful Wednesday Words and worth the wait :) I love trying to accept ourselves the way our grandchildren will…. that is a goal worth striving for.

  3. Wow! I’m once again humbled by your kind words. Thank you for mentioning my book on your blog! In answer to your question, it can be purchased online at Dare Dreamer Press and Signed by the Author. It will be in scrapbook stores and bookstores very soon. Thanks again for keeping it real!

  4. I think Play-Doh would LOVE your birthday gift! How thoughtful of you. :)
    This book sounds like a great read – I’ll be watching for it at my local scrapbook store. Thanks for the heads-up!

  5. I’m trying–to get into the pics that is. Thanks for the reminder that what our families see is not what we see and what they want to see is us, flaws and all.

  6. I’m bad about getting in front of the camera too…but I have noticed that when I relax and let go the pictures are much more flattering than when I am trying to avoid the camera. I need to remember that when its pointed at me!

  7. Very powerful words. I am trying harder to get in the moment, get in the pictures. Just as I have finally realized that my boys don’t care if I scrap every picture of them at a party or at a park, that it is their everyday accomplishments, the getting an A in a class they struggled with, getting a part in a play they really wanted so badly that are important for them to have scrapped and for them to remember. They talk about the times we spend together doing something everyday usual. These are the things I am scrapping now, taking pictures of now and they are loving it. ME TOO. Oh here is another birthday for you – The cartoon the Grince that stole Christmas is 40 years old this year, we are planning a viewing party complete with Whoville food and everything.

  8. I cried so hard reading that quote…I did.
    I have been feeling really blue towards my scrapping. That quote TOTALLY inspired me and reminded me that it’s not a hobby, it’s a legacy that I am leaving.
    Thanks for sharing…

  9. Amen…even on a bad hair day, we need to get in those photos!
    I’m off to see about getting my hands on that book!

  10. I STILL love Play Doh—I remember being so happy when my daughter was old enough to play with it so I could buy some(and play too)—I LOVE the scent of it! Just make me happy and brings back those long ago kid memories in an instant! Such a cool post! Gotta see if I can get my hands on some of that perfume!

  11. I LOVE PlayDoh!! My 6 year old loves it as well! I am just now letting my 16 month old start playing with it as well. What a great idea! Can’t wait to see the book!!

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