Two quick things …

ok where did the last two weeks go? I have tons of fun stuff to report, which I will hopefully get to very soon, but I just have to say two quick things:

one. I just finished reviewing the completed classroom for our new Shadowbox Shoes class and it’s so cool. I’ve done one shadowbox (pictured in my book) but Stephanie does really cool stuff, where she combines family heirlooms with scrapbook stuff to create beautiful displays for her walls. It’s just got me really inspired for my new house — wheels are turning over here. We have a bunch of classes launching tomorrow — all good stuff.

two. Got this email a day or two ago and just have to share it. It’s from Jenna, in my Library of Memories class:

I have always had these great page ideas floating around in my head. You
know the type … "Bad Hair Days Through the Years" or whatever… & I have
not been able to find the pictures (stored in boxes in the closet). A few
weeks ago, Holly Ashby had a contest on the Fiskateers web page. I was able
to find pictures of myself in babyhood, elementary school, high school,
dating, college, etc. It took me less than 20 minutes to come up with all of
these pictures.

I AM NOT an organized person in most other areas of my life, but the Library
of Memories class has really helped me get my act together & 90% of my
pictures out of boxes.

My pages-in-progress binder is actually two full-sized scrapbooks bursting
with partially-completed layouts. But now when I need to have something to
work on, I can flip through the book & find something that I’m in the mood
to finish. Yesterday, I completed three layouts that were four years old!

Ok, Jenna fails to mention that she actually won Holly’s Fiskateer’s contest – how cool is that?
Just wanted to share the good news and a link, so you to go check it out!

Last day of summer btw — I might be just a little excited about this! Pics from our adventures the last two weeks coming soon.



  1. Good for Jenna for entering and winning! And good on you for inspiring her. That is a great testimonial.

  2. Cool contest and congrats to Jenna! What a fun layout!

  3. Wow! Congrats to Jenna! I can’t wait to take this class once you are able to offer it again. You’re class sounds perfect for me!

  4. That is so cool and her page was great!! Please say you are going to offer this class again. I really am hoping to take it!

  5. Ok, not fair! When will you offer your class again??? I missed registering by a day or two at the most and I can’t quit kicking myself. I have been trying to organize myself and just can’t get it right. HELP! I love reading litle snippets of the class though!

  6. Wendy in MD says:

    I hope you will be offering this class again soon. I was so disappointed that I missed the registration period. Sounds like a great class…I love reading about your LOM in the BPS book!

  7. On my knees begging…
    Please, please hurry and offer the LOM class again before the piles in my scraproom take over the entire house. One more sheet of cardstock and I fear the whole thing might just explode!

  8. I agree with everyone else:
    PLEASE offer that class again. It’s a PUBLIC SERVICE to us. :)

  9. Judy in Carefree says:

    Stacy, thank you for being a Creative Escape sponsor and for your very inspiring speech las evening!

  10. Jenn Gibson says:

    Um–did I hear that right at the end of Scrapbook Memories today?????? Please tell us soo!!!!!

  11. Stacy, I was truly inspired by your talk at Creative Escape. I hope to accomplish that goal I have tucked away in my wallet now. When I do, you will be the first to know. Thanks for the encouragement and motivation!

  12. Thank you for your generous donations at Creative Escape. At this event, it was the first time I ever heard you speak. Thank you for sharing so much. I left the event truly inspired by you!

  13. thank you for posting the thread about the hair contest from fiskateers! i joined last month, and have been enjoying their fun site chalk full of info ever since! and what a compliment to you!

  14. So enjoyed all the hair layouts on the blog! Love your blog! Have a wonderful week!

  15. Michelle Payne says:

    Hi Stacy,
    Just had to drop you a note to tell you how much I enjoyed your talk at CE. You are such and inspiration to all of us. You are an amazing speaker. Love how you incorporated prayer and the scriptures into your speech. You have no idea how much your words uplifted so many women in the room. You are a VERY special, warm, caring person. I’m so lucky to have had the opportunity to hear your heartfelt words.

  16. Stacy, couldn’t find your email address to send this to you directly..I have a lot to say. First of all, as a needlework designer with a focus on antique reproduction and folk art samplers I have turned my nose up at scrapbooking for years. I thought it was only for women who were way too involved in their children’s lives and had to photograph every single moment, cut the photo out into a shape of a heart and cover pages with “sweet” pink and purple stickers and such. I’ve rushed past the scrap book aisles at craft stores and felt quite superior that I wasn’t going to be hooked into a fad. Then I took a class this summer from Barb Adams and Alma Allen of Blackbird Designs on journaling. Okay, I can journal. What I didn’t know was how easy it is to add really cool stuff to really cool books, add glazes, sand the edges, rip off edges of paper, add brads (who thought all this stuff up???) and fabulous ribbon and ta da….an awesome book that really tells a story. When I came home and continued to work on my stitching journal, I started to look for paper. Then I found web sites. Then I found YOU! I can’t begin to express my appreciation for you and your collegues that have truly inspired me since June. I can’t get enough! I am now printing old pictures from slides to make books for my siblings for Christmas. I’m starting journals for friends that we send back and forth. I look at my house, husband, dogs, kids, stitching, antiques….all in a different light. I kick myself for being such a snob! Why haven’t I been doing this since my children were young? Man, I have a lot to do. So I am learning. Reading books and magazines, reading blog after blog (what fun!), even just watched the movie Scrapped. I am taking classes on your Big Picture web site. And today I received your book The Big Picture and am loving every bit of it. Thank you so much for sharing yourself, your life and your passion. It is helping me to be more creative in my business and helping me to enjoy my life even more. You are AWESOME!

  17. Barb Brandt says:

    Dear Stacy,
    I wanted to let you know that Rhonna Farrer has Creativity Days, 10 of them, on her blog. I don’t know if you have seen them or not, but thought I would let you know. So glad again to hear about your new little one. I just want to let you know that you really made an impact with several of the women that were guests as part of your visit to my home. Thank you for that. Your visit will be always a lasting memory in my life. Have a great Friday and weekend. Love, Barb Brandt

  18. My sister and I so enjoyed you at CE, you have always been such an inspiration to us.
    You had taken a picture of the two of us and I was wondering if I could get you to email it to me.

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