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So …just ate fish and chips at Bills with Sarah inWestbrook, CT –Good stuff.Having a memorable time here at Sharon Cooke’s clubhouse. She’s got a sweet thing going (that sounds so weird) but I’m serious. This is like a retreat – technically, I think it is a retreat. I’ve hung out with 30+ gals for two days, been fed great food and learned so much. Love you scrapbookers – you make great company. Friday night, I had each attendee stand up and tell everyone how long she had been scrapbooking and what her current favorite product is. For some reason I was struck by how beautiful each woman is – there is a light in scrapbookers’ eyes, a glow that I have to believe comes from the passion inside and the love we so closely feel for what we do. It’s just plain cool.

Here are some pics:


Here’s the group. I’m staying btw at the Water’s Edge resort, on Long Island Sound

this means, for those of you west of the Mississippi, that I can look across the water and see Long Island.

I would really like to share a few more photos with you — like the cute one of Jamie and her adorable daughter Riley — however, my friend typepad.com is stressing me out and I’d much rather scrapbook.

see ya.

off to Memory Trends on Tuesday.

btw, my computer died. I’ve lost all data — this is not the end of the world, however it does mean I’m feeling much less connected. It is at the Apple hospital and will return to me in 7 to 10 business days.


  1. Glad to hear you are having fun. I’ll have to email Jaime and have her show me some pictures. I met her through BPS and we’ve become good email pals!

  2. Have a great time and hope to run into you at memory trends/
    Kim…with Krafters Purse lady…Terri Gordon

  3. Hey! I am so bummed about your computer for you — I know I’d feel cut off without mine. Don’t worry, though!! Travel safely — and have fun! :)

  4. stacy,
    i am so sad about your computer…mine crashed a month ago with 6,000 pictures on it. it was an apple too and they retrieved it for a mere $2,000! yipes! Good luck to you…and enjoy your time at memory trends!

  5. Melissa Cavanaugh says:

    Hi Stacy
    I have to tell you, you just continue to inspire me!!! After your secret class (I have pics to e-mail you) at CE and your AMAZING keynote speech…well my respect and admiration for you just continue to grow!!!
    I remember reading your book for the first time, and thought, wow, who’da thought to scrap a page about bad hair days? You freed me from the chronological trap (and the guilt) I had myself in…
    Anyway yesterday, I walked a 5K, (race for a cure, susan G komen foundation), not a marathon, but a start. Also finally had a chance to enroll in Laurie’s graduation book class. Thank you for everything…you rock!

  6. Sorry to hear about your computer. I hope it’s up and running sooner rather than later… and hopefully they will be able to miraculously be able to recover some of your data. And have a GREAT time at Memory Trends. :-)

  7. Best wishes to your computer for a speedy and thorough recovery!! I check your blog almost every day and I love to read about your adventures!

  8. Kristen Huta says:

    I can not thank you enough for such a great weekend. I am completely reenergized and motivated to create again. You have once again reminded me that the best ideas, pictures and moments come from everyday life. My boys think I am nuts with all of my questions for them, but I love it!!

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