go now …

Ok, Heidi Swapp’s A Year to Remember Class is open for registration.

go now.

We are limiting the number of students because, registered students will be receiving packages in the mail, throughout the year! I know the fee may seem high, but trust me — this class is going to be soooo good, not to mention life-changing. Think of all that Heidi has done and is doing and has learned and all that she wants to share with you. She has come a long way and she is always up to something. This year, you have the chance to acquaint yourself with her in a whole new way.

Working in this industry isn’t easy — in fact, it’s tough. It’s hard to maintain a balance, to maintain a personal life and an identity. You want to please all the people, all the time and even though you know that is impossible, you still want to try. I guess I’m just trying to say that there aren’t very many women that have the kind of integrity and passion that Heidi has — and I for one am floored that big picture scrapbooking gets to be a part of her vision for 2007.

I would go now.


  1. Oh wow! Congratulations, Stacy! I am so excited for you and your family on the upcoming arrival of your daughter. And I just registered – thank you!

  2. Ceci Ortiz de Hurtado says:

    I am IN!!!
    Good luck tomorrow: the BIG DAY!

  3. I want to soooo bad! I can’t pay it all at once. When I went to register, that looked like the only option. Is it possible to pay it monthly?

  4. Hi, I’m in the UK and desperate to sign up though keep getting avs error billing address doesn’t match given address. I’ve tried all sorts of combinations.
    Please help? Thank you.
    ( kathyb on BPS )

  5. Just signed up as soon as I read this on your blog! I’m so excited for this class and this unique opportunity. I have loved… and I mean **LOVED** every class that I have taken over at BPS!

  6. Is there anyway we can pay montly? It would be soooo much easier on my budject.

  7. Congratulations on your new arrival…what a wonderful journey this little being will take you and your family on…here is a blog of a woman who has had her new baby girl home from China for 3 months…it is all about her journey…http://sweetbabyjenna.blogspot.com/

  8. You never stop, do you?! I am enrolled in Heidi’s class and am soo….excited – though not nearly as excited as you and your family are this week. Enjoy tomorrow and live every moment of the day to its fullest.
    Peace :)

  9. All signed up for Heidi’s class at BPS.. This isn’t going to be BIG – this is HUGE! LOL Can’t wait for class to start! Thanks for the wonderful classes and for securing such an inspiring woman like Heied to do this class!

  10. Judy in Carefree says:

    Signed up, but I am more excited to hear about your new arrival! As the mother of two daughters and two granddaughters…you will love every minute. I was also lucky enough to add a curly haired blue eyed blonde grandson to the mix and I am one happy lady! Enjoy every moment and take more pictures than you think you should!

  11. Brenda Awuah says:

    Hi Stacy — I have been anxiously awaiting the info on this class, but cannot sign up since it’s one lump sum….Is it possible to break it into even two or three payments?

  12. Would love to sign up, but the cost is a factor. Can’t do it on a teacher budget. Just not happening.
    Enjoy your new little one when she arrives!

  13. Gotcha Day is as memorable and celebrated as much as birthdays. Congratulations! It brings back fond memories of when we got Alexa in China. Enjoy the moment, I know you will. Can’t wait for the pictures. Donna M. in Buffalo, NY

  14. Oh I am soooo sad I wanted to do this class so bad but it comes at a bad time my doggie had a big vet bill…sigh!!!

  15. Would love to sign-up, but wish it was a quarterly like DD’s classes were…I’ll just have to see what the next few months bring and take a chance that it doesn’t fill up..hard right before the holidays.

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