I made the airport in …

20 minutes this morning. This should not happen. My flight left at 5:00 a.m. and for some reason I have issues reconciling time early in the a.m. I got up at 2:30 and thought I had plenty of time. I had to shower, dress and finish packing a few things and then do the office/studio walk-through to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything. I looked at the clock and it was 3:30, thought to myself “I’m doing great,” when in fact I should have thought “Time to go!” Next thing I know, it’s 4:00 and my brain kicks into gear – I’m supposed to be at the airport now. Needless to say I have set a new record. Anyway, check out my new bag. It’s a Mimi and I LOVE it!

Ok, technically this is not my bag, but I don’t have a picture of my bag. Mine is green however and suede and I packed it up last night – it’s a padded place for my laptop and places for everything else too – even a great little pull-out compartment.

I’m headed to Utah for some meetings and … a very special photo shoot to celebrate our 5th anniversary. Can you believe it? Simple Scrapbooks has completed five years with our November/December issue – which btw, I got in the mail yesterday. Yours in coming soon.

Tomorrow I head to Connecticut to the Scrapbook Clubhouse for a Big Picture Weekend. Doesn’t that sound like fun? It will be my last store visit this year, so I’ll savor every minute.

I have so much to say and so much that I want to post about — but no time now. Be sure to look again at all the classrooms opening tomorrow at Big Picture Scrapbooking. There is still time to sign up. We have classics, like Doing it Digi and  All Boxed Up, lifestyle stuff like What’s in Your Bucket and our new continuing education track with Laurie Stamas — I can’t get over how great this class is. It is about so much more than just building a graduation album. I love it. My super cute sister Darci is teaching a brand new class, Darci Loves Doodlebug — our first ever behind-the-scenes class focusing on wonderful companies in our industry. You really shouldn’t miss this one — it comes with a surprise package in the mail!

Oh, one more thing — just want until you see what Scrapbook.com is doing to make shopping for BPS classes even easier (hint: little stores dedicated to each classroom) I simply cannot get over the amazing collaboration that goes on in this industry when there is a shared vision for great things!  Speaking of GREAT things — heidi’s class description will be up very soon. You’ll get to hear a voice file from heidi, telling you about why she wants to teach this amazing year long class. OK, see … so much to share.

Gotta go (literally and figuratively)
Get my rental car, hit the road and see my team!!!!!!


  1. Jan in AZ says:

    Safe travels, Stacy. Connecticut in October – what could be better? Have a wonderful trip.

  2. Enjoy your travels Stacy! If the mail was quick enough, there should be a little package waiting for you in Utah from me!

  3. Have a safe trip!
    Can’t wait to hear more about heidi’s class!

  4. yes, that mimi tote is very cool. i love mine! and i’m looking forward to hearing more about heidi’s class! have a great trip!

  5. Stacy,
    i will see you in CT. Cant wait!

  6. Ohhh…can’t wait to get the scoop on Heidi’s class – especially dates and cost. I’m also interested in the dates and cost for your Library of Memories class. I want to take both yours and Heidi’s classes so I need to plan my schedule and budget! Thanks!

  7. Judy in Carefree says:

    Stacy, my little can of turquoise Play-Doh arrived and I have a very happy grandson, but he only got the Doh as Grandma Judy ate all the candy! Thank you so very much!

  8. Wow! 20 minutes! You had a couple of close ones back in the day but never 20 minutes. I’m impressed!
    Have fun at the store visit. See you next month!!

  9. Safe journeys!
    Hug all the gals at SS for me… :)

  10. Stacy…I see you are having a backstage party at the CK Convention in Seattle…just curios is it “lecture” only? And if so are you speaking on the same topic you did at CE? I hope you do get this…wasn’t sure how to email you!!!

  11. hi stacy – is it the digiscrap laptop tote u got? if so, how much was it i have been looking for a bag for my new (6 month old) homeless laptop and its sooo cute but i can’t find a place!
    Can u tell me how much urs was and where ya picked it up? nothingo n the mimi website! Thanky! and phew! on making it to the airport:)

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