Love this team …

of beautiful, strong, dedicated and very talented women!

We have so much fun together!

Have you read our blog?
Angie is the editor and it’s really good.  Check it out!


  1. Love the Simple Blog! It’s fun to see the back stage of the magazine…:)

  2. They are very awesome ladies and I am SO loving the Blog too! Great job gals!
    TODAY IS THE DAY FOR YOU! Lots of prayers and blessings coming to you and your family! HOORAY!!!!!!!

  3. Jaime Jackson says:

    Riley and I LOVED meeting you a few weekends ago in CT.
    Also–your ADDIE letters inspired me to get to Micheal’s last night and do the same with the word PLAY for Riley’s playroom!
    I know you can’t wait to see her and neither can we!
    Thanks for sharing and can’t wait to hear from you when Addie is finally in your arms!

  4. Colette in ABQ says:

    Stacy— I have a child adopted from Korea and I totally remember the day I got the call! So excited when I read the blog and saw you were going on the 20th to the BIG meeting of your precious daughter. I remember it like it was yesterday and it has been 6 years. Will be a huge blessing to your family!! Good luck and get those pictures out asap!!!!

  5. Major congrats on your new addition! She is simply precious! I landed on your blog through this long line of surfing collage artists & blogs! Beautiful work and MOST beautiful family!!

  6. Clique TV?
    Did they really film you at 3 a.m.? How often is that the time when you have a moment to scrapbook, esp. considering your 5-9 preparation for the day?

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