Yeah I’m Home!

My computer came home too — everything is totally gone! Wiped out. All Apple geniuses baffled. Lesson learned and it’s all OK. The saddest losses for me — my Creative Escapes presentation (gone) and about 1,000 pictures (gone) Needless to say, I will be paying more attention to "backing" things up. I don’t really think all those pictures are completely gone, as I have done some backing up of those. They were just the ones on my laptop, so many of them are duplicates of those on my desktop — either way, as we become more and more comfortable with digital tools and storage, we have got to remember how quickly it can all go bye-bye.

Trying to put up Halloween and prepare a nursery all in the same day and I keep finding other "corners" that need my attention — do you ever get Saturday anxiety, where you feel the day slipping away, knowing that you aren’t going to accomplish the to-do list, or even half of it?!  This happens to me, when I’ve been traveling and have missed a Saturday or two. Mom’s need Saturdays that’s all there is to it. It’s beautiful fall weather here though and am I’m going to Home Depot on my scooter in just a few. I’m rather certain that will alleviate some of the anxiousness.

I thought Memory Trends was GREAT. I didn’t go to CHA Summer this year, so I found even more than most to be tickled about. Have to say, that as long as I’ve been doing these trade shows, I still love them!!!

Don’t have tons of time just now, but have to share some of my Best of Show list:

1. QuicKutz — the new compact, super-light 4" roller press die cut machine (getting the idea that maybe I should have asked exactly what this thing is called — but even nameless it’s cool.) I haven’t been much of an alphabet die-cutter — to much effort to pull out my tool, find and return the dies to their little slot or sleeve in the notebook, etc…  But now, the machine is cute and compact enough to leave out, accomodates bigger dies and most important for me — there is this new, darling white cubby-shelf thing that holds little alphabet die storage tins. You’ll have to see it and trust me as soon as I make the purchase, you will! It will hang next to my other ABC drawers (the apothecary cabinet from Pottery Barn)

2. Maya Road — I think they are "owning" the chipboard thing. New mini-books and a thinner version that allows layering without too much bulk. Adorable little chipboard box with a window that holds a 3" book — it’s perfect for projects like the one I taught in my Colorful You class at  BPS. Also love their ribbon and new ribbon charms.

3. Bazzill Bling — same awesome cardstock, beautiful  new shimmer — you’re going to love it. Bazzill has also introduced the "Chemistry of Color" setting themselves up to be the Pantone or at least a very cool extension of Pantone in the Scrapbooking industry. This color kit, that will include annual forcasting information is intended for designers that would like to align their products with Bazzill cardstock — this makes me very happy, as I think it will open up wonderful opportunities to broaden the education of color industry wide.

4.  My Book (with an "eye" for the "y") — Great new adaptable and totally scrapable planner. There’s a small (4×6) and a medium-sized one (about 6×8) Made by a company in New York that specializes in city diaries with maps and all kinds of great info, these little customizable date books are full of great reference info. It’s not the magnitude of a Franklin or Memory Dock by any means, but I for one need something upstairs by the phone and this is it! I just really like the whole concept and the design and the darling girls behind it all.

5. American Crafts — they are just rock solid in the design department. Memory Trends was all about new and improved pens — which I love, whether for handwriting or doodling or whatever. Plus, all the stuff from the summer show that I missed — felt flowers, more ribbon, more rub-ons, more brads — wow. And then of course there’s great paper lines with names like Play — each design named for a game or activity we all played as kids (from tic tac toe, to i spy and square ball) I just seriously love this company.

I could go on and on, and hopefully will find time to post pictures and other things I saw very soon. I think the biggest thing of all, was our own (Enthusiast Media) announcement of Clique TV — and I have much more to tell you about that!!!


it’s coming in about two weeks and I think you are going to really like it!


  1. Stacy J~
    What a treat to snap a quick pic with you and get a hug in real life. Thanks for that. I was overwhelmed in the very best way with my first trade show (and being a ‘real scrapper!’) and met some amazing people in addition to falling more in love with this new direction that my life seems to be headed these days. So sorry about your computer. But your spirit shines through regardless. Can’t wait to see what this Clique TV is all about…fun! And in case they’re looking for tv personalities…well, I just might be available. {wink} =)

  2. So when will Addie be home? Must be soooonnnnnnn!
    Glad to know you’re back home safe & sound. And yes, every mom must have her Saturday or the whole week can go awry.
    (I really love the word ‘awry’ – it’s just exactly what it means to be)

  3. I had my computer at the “doctors” as well about a month ago. And every thing was lost as well. I lost everything..including resume..important docs.. I was sad..but..yup..I took it as a leason learned..!
    I am glad you are home…!!!

  4. Oh goodness… What a week for computers! I dropped my laptop on the floor and wiped my hard drive, so please know I am feeling your pain. :(
    I cannot BELIEVE that we were within a few hundred yards of each other and did not meet — I hung with the Simple crew on Wed. and went out for dinner with the team — and MISSED YOU!
    Next time.

  5. Stacy,
    How awful about your Computer. Your absolutely wonderful Creative Escape presentation…I just can’t believe it…I was so inspired. We talked after your presentation…I also have a daughter adopted from Korea (grown now) and would love to “talk” more. Hope to hear from you soon.

  6. Glad you are home safe and that your nursery is coming along! We’re sending prayers and happy thoughts your way. Hugs!!
    p.s. I already pre-ordered the QK tins and white storage cabinet! :)

  7. Damon Crawley says:

    The QuicKuts product is called the Revoltuion

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  9. wow. thank you for the update on your faves from MT. i look forward to actually attending one of those shows sometime soon! we’re preparing our nursery too, while trying to do a million other things…that find our way into taking attention away from the baby’s room. so, i hear you there!

  10. Stacy,
    I did it….I signed up for your backstage party on Friday in Bellevue. I am anxious to meet you and to get “inspired” to scrap…I’m mostly a card maker and have done books for other people…but none for me…I can’t wait!

  11. Stacy you rock!! I saw you several times and wanted to say Congrats on your upcomin new arrival, but you were so official and busy and “in charge”.. I got a bit intimidated! The QK tool is called the Revolution (as stated above) and their storage system is called the Magpie! LOVE me some QK! HUGZ

  12. I just saw the Clique TV video. I HAVE to ask. Where did you get the green journal/planner you have in the begining while you are having your quiet time. It looks like just what I need!!

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